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Fad Diet Showdown: Paleo Vs Keto Vs Whole30

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Are you looking to burn stubborn body fat and get ripped fast? I have the solution: Ketogenic Intermittent Fasting!

…Sarcasm aside, fad diets for weight loss are rife these days. It doesnt take much scrolling through social media before youre inundated by influencers and health gurus who claim to have the best diet for getting shredded and targeting stubborn belly fat. Heck, just look at the periodicals next time youre checking out at the supermarket and youll see some of the silliest fad diet claims you can imagine.

As of late, the three most popular fad diet trends are the ketogenic diet, paleo diet, and Whole30 diet. While fad diets seem to come and go in waves, these three are not likely to fall off the radar any time soon.

But does this mean they are credible? Well, not necessarily remember that there is no single cookie-cutter diet that is ideal for all people. If theres one thing that nutritional science has made evident over the years, its that energy balance is by far the most important factor when it comes to health, longevity, and body composition .

And sure, there is good evidence that the keto diet may have a handful of health benefits, but its certainly not the optimal diet for everybody. If anything, keto appears to be most appropriate for type-2 diabetics and possibly epileptics .

The preceding statement is not saying that fad diets dont work, since they absolutely do…for some people.

Keto Vs Whole: How The Two Diets Compare

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In the world of low-carb eating, two diets youll often see being compared are keto vs Whole30. One reason for this is that both eliminate sugar, grains, legumes, dairy milk, and a couple of other high-carb foods. But the similarities end there.

Upon closer look, youll notice keto and Whole30 are two very different approaches. They have different aims, histories, and metabolic effects. One of these also underwent greater scientific scrutiny than the other. However, this doesnt necessarily mean one is better than the other. It all boils down to personal preference and your ability to stick to a diet.But if youre having trouble deciding which one to follow, read on to find out about the difference between keto and Whole30.

  • In Conclusion
  • Pros And Cons Of Paleo


    Much like the Whole30, the paleo diet requires that you eat your food straight up, without toxic additives and chemicals. This can be extremely beneficial for your health and wellness. Your skin will glow. You will feel amazing and have endless energy. Perhaps the best part about the paleo diet is that it quickly becomes easy to sustain for the long haul, especially with all the paleo-approved products that have hit the market in recent years.


    Like Whole30, you will have to commit to meal prepping most of the time. Ingredients and pre-made paleo-approved snacks and alternatives may be much more expensive than wheat flour or sugar. While there are a few options for an occasional adult beverage, drinking alcohol is mostly a no-go on the paleo diet.

    So, whether you have been debating Keto vs paleo, Keto vs Whole30, or simple, which diet is the best for weight loss? it all boils down to what goals you are looking to accomplish. Happy dieting!

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    What Is Whole30 And How Does It Compare To A Keto Diet

    Thirty days or roughly one month can seem like a long time or a short time period, depending on how you look at it. Youve probably heard about the Whole30 diet in health and fitness circles. Whole30 means sticking to a specific eating plan for 30 days to see how you feel! What exactly is Whole30? How does the Whole30 plan compare to a traditional ketogenic diet?

    Paleo Vs Keto Vs Whole30 How The Diets Measure Up During Training

    Whole30 vs Keto Diet: What

    Given what we know so far about Paleo vs. Keto vs. Whole30, you may have some questions as to how youre going to consume all of the required carbohydrates to keep your energy levels up.

    Well, its true, youre going to have to steer off the beaten track in terms of your nutrition if youre going to follow one of these nutritional programs. However, that doesnt mean that you have to sacrifice performance, compared to athletes on a more traditional nutritional plan.

    Lets start with Paleo. Its true that most people will suffer a drop-off in performance in the first couple of weeks after starting a Paleo diet. However, remember we mentioned earlier that CrossFitters, some of the fittest athletes on the planet, subscribe to the Paleo way of living?

    Paleo allows you the flexibility to eat natural sources of carbs, including sweet potatoes, bananas, and some squashes. Eating these things before and after workouts will replenish your energy resources, alongside the ample stocks of proteins youll be getting with the abundance of lean meat.

    Paleo also encourages you to ramp up your portion sizes, or at the very least, not restrict them. This means you can scale up your meals in line with your training no more starving yourself on fad diets.

    Its true that fat may provide more sustainable energy than glucose, but you are severely restricted in the sources of energy you are allowed to consume, especially during and immediately preceding workouts.

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    What Can And Cant I Eat With Paleo

    As well soon discuss in the pros and cons of Paleo, unlike Whole30, there is no central guide or standardised rulebook. This allows for a degree of flexibility in interpretation which for many is a good thing!

    Just remember, the golden rule of Paleo is to eat as your ancestors did. Therefore

    Forget about grains. When you go Paleo, they will become but a distant memory. Why?

    Well, its kind of linked to the above. Our bodies dont really digest grains well, and this can lead to bloating, illness, skin conditions, and other pretty nasty things. This is all down to a little thing called Gluten.

    Ah, youve heard of that!

    As it turns out, theres a good reason why gluten-free products are proliferating in the market. Gluten, found in things like rye and wheat, and therefore found in breads, pastas, biscuits and just about everything else you thought you loved from the supermarket, is not good for our bodies.

    Yep, even your comfort foods are out to get you.

    Youre also going to have to scrap additional sugar , and processed foods are a no-go: a hunter gatherer wouldnt be able to nip to Tesco for a pepperoni pizza, so neither should you. Similarly, milk and dairy is off the list. Although there were dairy-producing animals in the olden days, hunter gatherers werent prone to running up to cows and sucking on their udders.

    If youre feeling a bit demoralised right now, stick with us.

    Which Diet Is Right For Youketo Or Whole30

    Keto and Whole30 can be useful for jumpstarting your weight loss or adopting healthier eating habits. But because both eating plans are restrictive, theyre often tough to stick to, Pflugradt says. Just as important, neither has been shown to be effectiveor safefor the long-term. Nutrient deficiencies are a big deal with both diets, she adds. For instance, you might miss out on calcium or fiber by avoiding dairy, legumes, or whole grains.

    Thats not to say you cant be successful following a keto or Whole30 eating plan. The key is eating a balanced diet that ensures you get the nutrition you needand doesnt leave you feeling deprived. Working with a registered dietician can help, says Pflugradt.

    And no matter what diet you choose, remember: Consistency is key. Before starting any diet plan, these included, you have to be honest with yourself and ask yourself if you can truly see yourself sticking with the changes you are making for life, says Palinski-Wade.

    Get the best keto diet results with these tips from experts.

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    The Abcs Of The Ketogenic Diet

    The Keto diet is explosively popular right nowand with good reason. Dozens of studies have proven its benefits in helping to fight against obesity, diabetes, cancer, epilepsy, and even Alzheimers disease. It is important to note that a keto-friendly diet may not be ideal for everyone due to the potential effects on cardiovascular and liver function that we outline later, and you should consult with your physician before undertaking such a lifestyle change.

    But first, what is the keto diet, exactly? Its similar to Atkins and low-carb diets, but its also a high-fat diet. According to the National Institutes of Health, A ketogenic diet primarily consists of high-fats, moderate-proteins, and very-low carbohydrates. The dietary macronutrients are divided into approximately 55% to 60% fat, 30% to 35% protein and 5% to 10% carbohydrates. Specifically, in a 2000 kcal per day diet, carbohydrates amount up to 20 to 50 g per day.

    A macronutrient is a carb, fat, or proteinand this is important, because the keto diet, if done exactly as designed, relies heavily on your understanding of macros and reading nutrition labels.

    The entire goal of ketoagain, if done properly and to its full extent, rather than taking principles of itis to get your body into a state of ketosis.

    Other general risks include liver problems, nutritional deficiencies, constipation, and fuzzy thinking, according to Harvard Health.

    What Is The Whole30 Diet

    Why raw, paleo and keto diets are stupid

    As the term implies, the Whole30 diet removes unhealthy foods for 30 days . Its an elimination diet that cuts out grains, legumes, sugar, artificial sweeteners, all types of alcohol, dairy, and food additives like monosodium glutamate , carrageenan, and sulfites.

    The Whole30 diet is a good option for those who want to make better food choices and avoid digestive issues resulting from food intolerances.

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    For instance, lactose, which is found in dairy, may cause abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhea, and joint pain in sensitive individuals . Another example is gluten sensitivity, which triggers symptoms like bloating, brain fog, diarrhea, and fatigue within hours after eating grains .

    Because you eliminate grains and other unhealthy foods from your diet, Whole30 may lead to more benefits, such as:

    • Weight loss
    • Improved gut health
    • Clearer skin

    After the 30-day elimination period, you may start reintroducing food groups one at a time dairy, for instance and closely observe their effects on your body. An example would be adding back heavy cream to your morning coffee or having cheese as a snack.

    If you dont experience digestive issues, cravings, skin problems, headaches, and decreases in your performance, you can keep all the foods youve added back . If not, then its best to avoid these trigger foods indefinitely.

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    Paleo Focuses More On Ideology While Keto Focuses On Macronutrients

    One of the key differences between the paleo and keto diets is the ideological message, or lack thereof.

    The paleo diet places a heavy emphasis on lifestyle choices beyond just the diet. It explicitly encourages a specific style of exercise and mindfulness in daily activities to accompany the dietary pattern.

    One of the mainstays of the paleo lifestyle is to incorporate short, intense periods of exercise into your routine. This style of physical activity is thought to reduce the stress that may accompany longer workouts.

    Other methods of stress reduction encouraged on the paleo diet include yoga and meditation.

    When paired with the diet, these lifestyle practices are intended to support the total wellness of your body and mind, leading to better overall health.

    While the paleo diet regimen is very specific, it doesnt place any emphasis on macronutrients at all. You are permitted to eat as much protein, fat and carbohydrates as you want, provided youve chosen them from the set list of allowable foods.

    Keto, on the other hand, doesnt have an associated ideology or lifestyle component. While it does encourage choosing healthy food sources, the main focus is macronutrient distribution.

    Any other implemented lifestyle changes alongside the keto diet are the up to the individual and are not part of the diet regimen itself.

    Whole30 Vs Keto: Which Is Better

    Currently following a typical American diet? Trying either keto or Whole30 is a potential opportunity to eat healthier. On Whole30 youll definitely reduce processed food and largely increase your fruit and vegetable intake, says Erin Palinski-Wade, RD, CDE, author of Belly Fat Diet for Dummies. Its possible to eat better on a keto diet tooprovided you fill your plate with healthy fats and nonstarchy veggies instead of foods rich in saturated fat like bacon or cream. Balance is key on a keto diet, so you should strive to add more plant-based, keto-friendly foods to your menu, she says.

    What if you you have a specific goal in mind? Heres a look at which diet might be a better fit if you want to

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    Origyms View: How To Approach Your Nutrition Using Paleo Keto Or Whole30

    If youre at all worried about how a change in nutrition is going to change your body, and the effects it will have in terms of exercise, we suggest trialling the Whole30 diet. The strict parameters of the program allow you to identify exactly which foods are negatively affecting your ability to perform, and which are crucial with regard to your chosen sport.

    Having completed, or at least trialled, the Whole30 plan, our suggestion is to transition to Paleo. For many, this is a natural progression, and the proven application of Paleo within fitness contexts gives you the confidence that you can improve your previous levels of fitness.

    That added flexibility also allows you to adjust Paleo eating to whichever sport it is that you are competing in. Strength training? Eat more protein during recovery periods. Marathon training? Load up on natural carbohydrates in the lead up to longer workouts.

    In our eyes, Keto is probably not the best move for those serious about improving their fitness. Like everything, it might work for some, but for the majority, the drawbacks and restricted nature of Keto will not align with their everyday lives, as well as their fitness plans.

    Differences Between Whole30 Diet And Keto

    These Are the Key Differences Between Keto and Whole30

    Even if they seem pretty similar, they have some differences between them.

    Calorie tracking and macros

    The biggest difference is the concept of both diets. The Whole30 approach doesnt count calories or macronutrient content. It focuses entirely on the type of foods that you are choosing. While keto also promotes choosing natural and cleaner foods, it does focus on calories and macronutrient content.

    On a typical keto diet, you have the macronutrient breakdown of 5-10% carbs, 20% proteins, and 70-80% fats.

    Lifestyle vs. eating cleanse

    Another big difference between them is the duration of the plan. The keto diet is considered to be a lifestyle. You can do the diet long-term. Meanwhile, Whole30 is more of an eating cleanse that lasts for only 30 days.

    Whole30 vs. keto on ketosis

    Finally, a ketogenic diet will put you in ketosis, while Whole30 usually will not.

    While it is possible to enter ketosis when following Whole30, it probably wont happen by accident. You can still eat all the fruits you want, plus you dont control how many carbohydrates you eat. So while you may be eating less carbs than before, unless youre making a conscious effort, your carb level probably will not be low enough to reach ketosis.

    On the other hand, keto promotes ketosis by mindfully restricting carb intake.

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    A Focus On Whole Foods

    Based on what was discussed earlier in this article, Whole30 and keto recommend eating foods in their natural state.

    Although they can be restrictive in certain areas for example, Whole30 may include all fruits while keto only permits low-carb fruits like berries the bottom line is that both diets consider highly processed foods harmful to health.

    Evidence suggests that highly processed foods increase a persons risk of becoming overweight or obese. On top of that, it raises your likelihood of metabolic syndrome, which refers to a group of conditions that may lead to coronary heart disease, diabetes, and stroke .

    What Are The Drawbacks Of Paleo

    A contentious drawback of Paleo, in some peoples eyes, is that there is no central expert to refer to. This means, with some more obscure ingredients, Paleo enthusiasts can often be found arguing whether something is Paleo or not on online forums.

    There are, however, a couple of go-to experts who can be referred to when youre in need of some advice. These are Dr Loren Cordain, whom many consider to be one of the founders of the modern Paleo movement, and Robb Wolf, a former student of Cordain, and author of The Paleo Solution.

    As with all nutritional changes, there is also the danger that you will go through an initial period of feeling sluggish and lacking in energy. However, as your body adapts to the lack of carbs and sugar, it will begin to use up fat to produce energy. As we will soon discover, this process is called Ketosis, and it is the foundation of success in the Keto Diet.

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    Keto Vs Whole30 Which Diet Is Healthier

    A Keto diet has often been recommended for people that want to lose some quick weight within minimal time.

    The whole journey is being supervised and monitored by a health expert to ensure the desired results without any side effects.

    Even doctors and other health experts have found this diet highly efficient in controlling the risk of various heart diseases and type- diabetes.

    So, it can be said that the Keto diet is quite perfect for people that want to lose weight under clinical supervision.

    On the other side, the same cannot be said about the Whole30. Looking into the latest US News and World report, the plan has been kept at the bottom of the annual diet ranking.

    Health experts and physicians have found this plan exceptionally hard to follow.

    Moreover, the elimination of whole grains and beans from the diet has made it deficient in dietary fiber that is quite significant for our digestive and immune systems health.

    Also, people that consume more fibers are less prone to various types of illnesses and health issues.

    So, according to the same medical and fitness experts, a month is not enough to reset your entire digestive system all of a sudden.

    Hence, the plan must be followed while keeping all the risk factors and side effects in mind.

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