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Is Soy Sauce Keto Friendly

10 Keto Southwest Inspired Recipes [Low-Carb Mexican Food]

Because soy sauce is used in Asian cuisine, it is essential to understand its importance. When dining out, it is a good idea to request unsweetened soy sauce on the side to help you manage the type and amount of soy sauce you eat. Soy sauce is typically low in carbs and can be consumed on a keto diet.

Is Mexican Queso Keto

Mexican cheese dip, often called queso, is made from Velveeta and should not be eaten on a keto diet. To make keto-approved Mexican cheese dip, use full-fat melted cream cheese and salsa with no added sugar.

Queso is almost entirely a Texas phenomenon.

Queso, in Spanish, just means cheese. But in Texas, that usually means a melted cheese sauce for dipping chips in. That could mean melted Velveeta cheese and a can of Rotel tomatoes if you want to go traditional.

But many higher-end Mexican restaurants blend a variety of melting cheeses combined with homemade salsa. My personal favorite is called queso fundido, which is a blend of real cheeses with chorizo .

But to start with, lets look at the carbs in Velveeta:

As you can see, it has only 4 grams of carbs per 30 grams.

But how much is 30 grams and how much queso would 1 person typically eat in one sitting?

30 grams equals about 1 oz. Most restaurants serve queso in small and large portions. A small is probably 8 oz. and a large is probably twice that.

If youre like my family and me, well get the large portion, which amounts to about 4 oz per person.

So if youre counting carbs, that alone is going to be 16 grams of carbs.

Since we know most people on a keto diet want to eat between 20-50 grams of carbs for the whole day, blowing 16 just on one appetizer at one meal is probably not a good way to go.

And thats not even counting the salsa or Rotel tomatoes which would typically have about 5 grams of carbs per half a cup.

Of The Tastiest Keto Mexican Recipes

Whether you want a low-carb taco or you are trying to find some side dishes, these keto Mexican recipes hit the spot!

Please don’t ask me to pick out my favorite Mexican food because it is nearly impossible! I can tell you that each choice hits me differently, so it pretty much depends on my mood.

Sometimes, I want a crunchy taco. Other times, I crave the cheesy goodness of a quesadilla!

The biggest downside to eating at a Mexican restaurant is that it’s all carbs. Sure, there are fajitas and guacamole, but if you really want to enjoy low-carb Mexican foods, it’s so much tastier to make the recipes at home.

That is why I created this list. You will find so many amazing recipes here – enough to make your own feast!

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How Many Carbs Can You Have On A Keto Diet

Depending on how much research youve done on the ketogenic diet, you may already know that there are a few variants. Some variants allow cheat days with unlimited carbs, though a strict keto diet probably wont.

Although there are several types of keto diets, just about all of them only allot up to 50 grams of net carbohydrate per day.

Its important to note that this carb allowance refers to net carbohydrates. Net carbohydrates are the total amount of carbohydrates that can be absorbed by the body. Since dietary fiber and sugar alcohols arent metabolized like most carbohydrates, they are not counted as net carbohydrates.

So to calculate the net carbohydrates in any food, simply subtract dietary fiber and sugar alcohols from the total carbohydrate count.

Tips To Eat Keto Foods At Mexican Restaurants

Keto Tacos Recipe

If youre following a ketogenic diet, eating out at Mexican restaurants can be a bit of a challenge. There are many delicious dishes that can be easily modified to fit your keto diet no matter what restaurant you go to. Here are some tips for sticking to your keto diet while enjoying a meal at a Mexican restaurant:

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Low Carb Guide To Eating Out: Tacos

Today were talking about one of everybodys favorite low carb meals: tacos! Whether you stuff them with beef, steak, pork, or just veggies, theyre one of the easiest meals to keep keto friendly when youre eating out.

Tacos, like all Mexican food, is so flavorful, you wont even miss the carbs! Especially when things like guac and cheese are involved, yuuuuum.

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Add These Keto Mexican Recipes To Your Keto Meal Plan

As you can see, there are lots of low-carb swaps you can make for your favorite Mexican recipes. Just remember to mimic the taste – add lots of peppers, spice, and a few splashes of lime juice. You are going to love these recipes!

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First published on February 28, 2019. Post updated on April 14, 2021, with additional recipes and images.

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High Carb Mexican Food

Mexican cuisine is known for its use of fresh ingredients, bold flavors, and colorful presentation. Common ingredients in Mexican dishes include beans, rice, corn, peppers, onions, and tomatoes. Mexican food is often spicy, and can be high in fat and calories. However, there are many healthier options available that are just as delicious. For a lighter meal, try a grilled fish or vegetable taco. Or, go for a hearty bowl of black bean soup. Choose whole grain tortillas instead of fried ones, and skip the sour cream and cheese toppings to reduce calories. With a few simple changes, you can enjoy all your favorite Mexican dishes without all the guilt.

Pin Low- for future use. My favorite dishes contain more carbs than others. Theyre not as high in sodium as Mexican food, but theyre significantly lower in calories. Gluten-free ingredients are also available in many of my favorites. You can shred green chile beef in the slow cooker or Instant Pot, then make a Green Chile Shredded Beef Cabbage Bowl right out of the pot. layered Mexican casserole with chicken and cauliflower rice is delicious layered Mexican casserole with chicken and cauliflower rice This recipe is ideal for low-carbohydrate meals because it uses low-carb tortillas.

What Mexican Food Is Keto

Top Mexican Food Dishes to Order Keto

All of your favorite Mexican foods can be made Keto with a little adjustments.

You’ll love tacos, nachos, fajitas, and more with just a few recipe changes without sacrificing the flavor.

Note: If any of these recipes mentioned tortillas or rice, you would just substitute with lettuce wraps, cheese shells or cauliflower rice.

These recipes are great because they are easy to make and full of flavor but they would also be enjoyed by your entire Cinco de Mayo party guest list, even if they don’t follow the Keto Diet.

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Best Keto Mexican Recipes

If you love Mexican flavors but hate carbs, take a look at this list of tasty but healthy keto Mexican recipes.

The ketogenic diet is known as an easy-to-follow diet thanks to its emphasis on protein and fats.

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And things just got even easier with these delicious keto-compliant recipes.

You can go keto and still enjoy all the dazzling sweet, spicy, sour, and aromatic flavors of Mexico with these dishes.

Best of all, nothing on this list tastes remotely like diet food!

Easy Pressure Cooker Shredded Chicken Taco Meat

Paleo Flourish

Ingredients: chicken breasts, bell peppers, onion, paprika, garlic powder, cumin powder, chili powder, ghee or coconut oil, salt, black pepper.

The chicken in this recipe has a real Mexican flavor, thanks to the spices, and can be made as hot as you like by adjusting the amount of chili powder. You can also add different colored peppers to enhance the look of the dish. Shredded chicken is perfect to serve with salads or as a filling for wraps and the pressure cooker cuts your cooking time right down. You can fill it and forget it till the timer is done!

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Vegetarian Taco Stuffed Avocados

If you are trying to cut down on meat consumption or need a low-carb, vegetarian-friendly Mexican option for friends and family, these stuffed avocados are exactly what youre looking for.

For the filling, you will combine hemp seeds, cauliflower, walnuts, cheese, and taco seasoning to get that mouth feel of taco filling without missing out on any of the flavor. As with the stuffed taco peppers, you can serve each serving as an appetizer or scale it up for a full meal.

You can also use this recipe to make vegetarian-friendly tacos. Simply swap out the corn or flour tortilla for a keto-friendly option.

Healthy Mexican Recipes For Dinner

Mexican Waffle!

Here are some popular options to make next time you want delicious, healthy Mexican food for dinner! Any of the meats can be served over greens for the healthiest choice, but over rice or inside corn tortillas works as well. Dont forget the toppings! Popular options include shredded cheese, sour cream, jalapeño, red onion, tomato, fresh cilantro, and a fresh squeeze of lime juice.

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Can I Eat Flour Tortillas On Keto

Flour tortillas should not be eaten on the keto diet. Even most of the tortillas labeled low-carb still have upwards of 19 grams of carbs per tortilla making them unacceptable for most people on keto. A lettuce wrap is a much better option.

But lets examine it a little more thoroughly.

Mission is a well-known brand of flour tortilla. Personally, I dont buy them because they usually have bleached flour, hydrogenated oil, and at least some varieties of theirs have, or recently had baking powder with aluminum in them. All those are proven to have negative impacts on health, so I avoid them.

But, in terms of carbs, 1 white flour tortilla of normal taco size contains 26 grams of carbs.

If you consider that in 1 meal, a tortilla-lover is likely to consume 2-3 tortillas, its not hard to see how that blows your keto diet.

Think corn tortillas are better?

Youd be right! Again, using the nutritional info on Mission tortillas, each tortilla contains only 10 grams of carbs. As a complete aside, I personally dont eat corn tortillas unless they are made fresh as otherwise, they can be as tough as old shoe leather.

BUT, from a keto standpoint, you could probably get away with 1 corn tortilla IF you are well established on your keto plan, and are carefully watching everything else you eat.

If you do decide to go for corn tortillas and want to make some low-carb enchiladas, its crucial to know how to soften the tortillas so they dont crack or split.

Want To Make Low Carb Nachos At Home

What if we told you that you could make nachos at home, that are low carbs, high in protein and just outright delicious?! Well, with our Protein Pizza Base Mix, you can do just that.

With our easy Low Carb Nachos recipe, whip up some low carb tortilla chips that have only 3g of carbs per plate! Add your source of protein , cheese, guacamole and other low carb condiments for your guilt-free nachos.With the same Pizza Base Mix, you can also combine the best of both worlds and create a fancy Low Carb Nacho Pizza. Were going loco for these!!! You can also find some of our other keto Mexican recipes including our take on a burrito bowl, salsa and Mexican Stuffed Capsicums.

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Warm And Comforting Dishes

Here are the dishes that will keep you warm and toasty during the colder months:

For a thicker and more flavorful chicken soup, check out this dish.

10. Chicken Enchilada Soup A Chicken Soup Like No Other

Thick, hearty, and flavorfulthe enchilada soup is unlike any other chicken soup youve tried.

Instead of a clear and thin broth, this soup has an orange to reddish color and a thicker consistency. Its also made creamier, tastier, and spicier with the addition of:

  • And avocado slices.

Keto Tip: Skip the tortilla chips.

You need to check out our next selection because no Mexican dish will ever be complete without it.

Keto Pork Carnitas With Lettuce Wraps

Taco Casserole â Mexican Casserole â Low Carb Keto Recipes

Keto Summit

Ingredients: pork shoulder, olive oil, dried oregano, lime juice, cumin powder, chili powder, smoked paprika, onion, garlic, chicken broth, lettuce leaves, lime wedges, parsley, salt, pepper.

One of the good things about using a slow cooker for this dish is that you come into the house after a busy day and are welcomed by the aromas of spices and you just know you are going to enjoy it! All you have to do is shred the meat and serve with homemade guacamole and lime wedges for a traditional delicious Mexican meal.

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Authentic Keto Fajitas Recipe

The best authentic keto fajitas recipe is one that is simple and easy to follow. This recipe is perfect for those who are new to the keto diet or are looking for a delicious and healthy meal option. The fajitas are made with chicken, bell peppers, onions, and spices, and are served with a side of guacamole and sour cream. This dish is sure to please everyone at the table, and is a great way to introduce friends and family to the keto diet.

The Keto Authentic Chicken Fajitas are extremely simple to prepare, and they are both delicious and quick. These are made with tender chicken breasts with the perfect amount of bell peppers and onions. Joanie makes her recipe in a single hot skillet and can easily switch from stove-top to table in 15 minutes. Make your own Keto Authentic Chicken Fajitas with all-natural seasonings and use them to make delicious Mexican-flavored dishes. It is best to cook the chicken at a high heat in order to preserve its moist and juicy texture. When combined with our avocado, topped with cilantro and lime juice, your family will be wowed. Were one of the many companies that participate in Amazons affiliate program. Amazon.com will direct you to its website after you click on a product or an Amazon ad.

Keto Margarita At Restaurants

Theres no need to miss out on happy hour just because youre following a keto diet. Many restaurants now offer keto margaritas, made with sugar-free syrups and low-carbohydrate alcohols. Whether youre out with friends or enjoying a date night, a keto margarita is a refreshing and delicious way to stay on track.

A keto restaurant is a place that focuses on nutrition. To get the lime flavor, the skin of a margarita is responsible for its flavor. With a price tag in the form of sugar, this ubiquitious orange liqueur will surprise you. To provide some kind of chord to the lime, the orange flavor is used as a deterrent. My margaritas lime flavor and orange flavor are distracting, as is the fact that the lime is a pure expression of the fruit. Its also difficult to make this drink without using lime agua fresca as well as lime juice. As a final touch, I add Tajin, a Mexican seasoning made up of chile powder, dehydrated lime, and salt, to my glass. Lime is everything about this recipe for amarillos, so it goes with lime agua fresca, a 100% pure lime recipe. Because this drink is intended to be served on the rocks, ice melt should be considered in the preparation.

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Mexican Recipes Adjusted To Low

These are some delicious Mexican recipes that include a few ingredients that may be “carby.” Listed after each recipe is the substitutions you will need to make to lower the carb count.

  • Quick Tuna Tacos: Replace the corn tortillas with low-carb tortillas.
  • Rompope : Use a sugar substitute such as Splenda instead of the real thing.
  • Agua Fresca: Use strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, or other berries for the fruit and use a sugar substitute.
  • Mole Sauce: Eliminate the masa and use xanthan gum to thicken it.

Tacos With Corn Tortillas

Deliciously Easy Chili Beef

If youre flexible with your carb intake, consider traditional tacos made with corn tortillas, which contain fewer carbs than ones made with flour about 7 grams of net carbs per small, 18-gram tortilla .

With careful planning, you may be able to eat a few regular tacos within your daily carb limit.

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Tools Needed For Keto Cinco De Mayo Recipes

Many of these recipes use common tools that you have around the house, but a few of them use an Instant Pot or an Air Fryer.

If you don’t have either of these I recommend picking them up because they are so useful in cooking Keto Recipes.

Here are 45 of our favorite Keto Instant Pot recipes. There are so many brands and sizes available and Amazon.

Making Mexican Food Keto

You already know that the answer to are tacos keto? is no. But what if the restaurant down the street makes perfectly-seasoned tacos? The truth is that with an easy substitution or two, you can make many Mexican classics into new low-carb favorites.

Here are some ideas for creating keto options at a Mexican restaurant:

Choose a chip substitute. Almost all sit-down restaurants that serve Mexican food include a basket of tortilla chips with pico de Gallo salsa on the side. To make this a keto Mexican dish, as your waiter if the restaurant serves chicharrones. These are pork rinds, a keto-friendly chip substitute with virtually no carbohydrates. Some restaurants may let you bring your own pork rinds.

Alternatively, you can ask for low-carb vegetables like broccoli, zucchini, celery, or jicama to dip in the salsa for a memorable keto Mexican appetizer!

Choose a meat or seafood dish. Most keto-friendly Mexican options are dishes centered on meat or seafood. In particular, grilled chicken, steak, or other meat is a good choice, as is any meat cooked in a skillet. Carne asada is a great example, as is Mexican sausage.

To make a dish like this keto, ask if its possible to substitute the rice, beans, and/or flour tortilla in a meat dish with keto-friendly vegetables. Most restaurants will offer a steamed or pan-seared vegetable medley they can substitute. If you cant substitute extra vegetables, see if the restaurant offers side salads.

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