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Best For Fitness: 8fit

Cronometer, the Best Keto App – Dr. Berg

For those looking to incorporate fitness into their keto journey, 8fit can help you do so. With a focus on whole-body wellness, 8fit believes that exercise is a cornerstone of any weight loss plan. This makes 8fit ideal for keeping track of your fitness and health goals in one place. Along with meal planning and macro tracking, 8fit also provides users with efficient workouts. The best part? Most of these workouts do not require users to purchase any additional equipment.

While 8fit is not a traditional keto app, it does allow users to track macronutrients, including carbohydrates and net carbs. This fitness-focused app also has nearly one thousand nutritionist-approved recipes. Two standout features of 8fit are the diet filter, which helps users build out a healthy keto meal plan, and the shopping list feature, which helps users plan an efficient trip to the grocery store. Users can also access tips and tricks on nutrition and fitness, workout plans, meal plan templates, and instructional videos. When it comes to keto apps, MyMacros+ falls on the more expensive end of the spectrum. A yearly plan costs $60.


  • Not all recipes are geared towards a keto diet

Key Features:

  • Workout plans for every type of user
  • Custom healthy meals and diet plans
  • Calculate daily calories
  • Educational resources

Bottom Line: While you may have to pay an expensive yearly fee, 8fit is a great app for those looking to integrate fitness into their keto journey.

Conall Major Keto Apps Reviewedclusion

The best keto apps help you see results, but what works for you may not work for someone else and vice versa, so its important to be open-minded as you explore these apps. Check out the different features. They may be similar across platforms, but the presentation of the information can vary wildly. Because of that, you want to make sure you feel comfortable with the interface before you invest in a premium subscription. The paid versions will help you customize your keto diet and weight loss goals in more ways without being distracted by constant ads.

Once you get in the habit of using keto apps, youll learn what works and what doesnt. As you notice the weight drop off, youll become more confident in your goals. The best keto apps can help keep you motivated, pushing forward when youre tired or hungry. They offer a community of like-minded individuals who can help you feel supported through your journey. The best keto apps are more than just trackers. They also help teach you so you can learn more and make smarter choices with or without the app. You can be your healthiest self when you use the best keto apps.

Best For Integrating Fitness: 8fit


  • Not all recipes are geared towards a keto meal plan

  • Expensive to access Pro version: $30 for 3 months or $60 for 1 year

  • Auto renew can lead to unexpected charges

8fit brings the best of both worldsfitness and nutritiontogether. The fact of the matter is that you cant out-exercise an unhealthy diet, and nutrition alone wont get you to all of your goals, especially if toning or building muscle is in the mix. With 8fit, you can keep track of your fitness goals and your nutrition goals in one organized place.

While not necessarily built just for keto fans, 8fit allows you to track macronutrients, including carbohydrates and net carbs. With nearly a thousand nutritionist-approved recipes, you can use the diet filter to build out a healthy keto meal plan on 8fit and then use the shopping list feature to plan your trip to the grocery store.

On 8fit, youll find educational content on nutrition and fitness, research-backed workout plans, meal plan templates, instructional videos, and much more.

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Stupid Simple Keto Diet App

With the Stupid Simple Keto Diet App, the name says it all. For every meal you log, the app breaks down your macros and displays them in easy-to-digest visuals.

There are more simple features to like about this app. For instance, you dont need to query a massive database to log calories or carbs.

Nope. Adding foods to your daily tally is as easy as clicking an icon. Just tap images of almonds, avocados, steaks, and other keto-friendly foods and the meal is logged.

And yes, all the standard features apply: a barcode scanner, a workout tracker, grocery lists, a goal setter, and even a tool to track water consumption. Plus the app will ping you if you approach your daily carb count.

One final feature deserves a special mention: the food bank. The food bank lets you bank calories so you can save up for a special event or a cheat meal. This comes in handy over the holidays.

Rating: 4.7 on iOS, 4.3 on Android

Price: Free, with in-app-purchases available

Best For Beginners: Senza

Images Collection of Keto Diet: Keto Diet App Reviews
  • Nutrient data is entered by users so it’s not always accurate

  • No option for other users to edit inaccurate nutrient data

Senza values simplicity, making it an ideal keto diet platform for beginners. With the introductory 5 Days to Keto program, Senza guides you through the transition from your current dietwhich may be carb-heavy if youre used to eating a typical western dietto the keto diet without making you feel miserable.

In your Senza Food Journal, youll track carbs and net carbs, as well as other keto nutrition metrics such as glucose and ketones. You can scan barcodes, search restaurant menus, or select from more than one million keto items in the food database. On top of those great features, you can track mood and sleep, and connect Senza to your Fitbit or Apple Watch to integrate other metrics.

Oh, and if youre traveling? The apps Keto Radar feature maps out keto-friendly restaurants near youno more sifting through hundreds of Google search results to find a compliant restaurant.

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Is A Keto Diet Healthy

Following a keto diet may help you lose weight, which can lead to improved overall health. Research shows that keto diets may help improve cholesterol, blood pressure, and fasting blood sugar levels and can lessen the symptoms of metabolic syndrome,type 2 diabetes, and polycystic ovarian syndrome. This diet also may help with some seizure and neurological disorders.

However, a keto diet severely limits your consumption of carbohydrates, so it can be hard to reach your recommended daily intake of nutrients such as fiber, and other vitamins and minerals that youd get from eating fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. When looking at weight loss plans, there are other options, even among low-carb diets, that are more effective at helping you meet nutritional goals.

Before starting a keto diet, you should carefully consider the pros and cons and check with your health care providers, especially if you have an underlying health condition. Together you can determine if the keto diet is right for you.

Best Keto Apps In 2022 You Should Try

Have you noticed that the start of this year basically flew by? We didnt either. Its time to start preparing that 2022 summer beach body. Starting early is key!

If youre interested in losing weight, youve probably heard a thing or two about the ketogenic diet . Its all the rage right now!

If youre interested in adopting the ketogenic lifestyle, we compiled a list of the best keto diet apps. To make it easier for you to choose, we also ranked the keto apps from best to, perhaps, not so good. We made our decisions according to strict selection criteria .

So dont wait any longer and kickstart your keto journey today!

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How Did We Choose The Best Keto Diet App

When looking into the best keto apps, choosing the most popular ones among keto dieters was vital. We wanted to make sure that we were reviewing the actual best apps to help you with your keto diet journey.

Here are our criteria for the best keto diet apps:

  • Science-based approach and expert consultation
  • Personalization options for diet plans
  • Available tracking metrics and keto recipes
  • Focus on overall health and not just counting calories
  • Actual user reviews
  • What features do you get vs. the price point

This way, you can be sure that the keto app youre choosing is actually the best for your feature, metric, and price needs.

Ketones And The Brain

Keto App Review, My Favorite Keto App

Now that we discussed how the ketogenic diet came to be a popular mainstream diet, lets talk about how it actually works. Most of us know that carbohydrates are your bodys main source of energy, but you may not know that it is not the only source of energy. Carbohydrates come foods such as grains, vegetables, sugar, and fruits, among others. You can also get energy from proteina good source of which is meat, and also fats such as olive oil. We call carbohydrates, protein, and lipids macronutrients because humans need these nutrients in large amounts.

When you restrict carbohydrates in your diet, your body must rely on other nutrients to obtain the energy it needs to run. The ketogenic diet uses large amounts of fat with modest amounts of protein to fuel the body. The fats you ingest when carbohydrates are deficient in your diet are metabolized in your liver into ketones to use as energy in your brain and body.

If youre asking yourself why your body has this alternative way to make energy when carbohydrates are generally found in plentiful supply in nature, its a good question. The answer comes down to that big mass of cells located in your skull, your brain. Your brain utilizes massive amounts of carbohydrates to function around one-fifth of all the energy your body uses in a day. Thats an incredible amount of energy for something that only weighs around 3 pounds.

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What Is The Keto Diet

Although simple in its essence, the ketogenic diet is actually quite complex due to the series of processes that it can trigger in the human body, if done exactly right. The goal of this diet is to trick your body into going into a state called ketosis, where it uses stored fat as a source of energy instead of carbohydrates.

However, if youre not careful enough and overload with calories, your body will try to get rid of some of them, but the other part that doesnt get burned or eliminated is stored as body fat, in case you might need it someday.

Ketosis is a state where your body starts burning away body fat instead of carbohydrates, which is what you can achieve by following a keto diet. The principle behind the keto diet is quite simple: a major source of energy comes from carbohydrates, so the keto diet eliminates almost all carbohydrates from your daily meals, replacing them with fat and protein.

So if youre going to follow a keto diet, you should expect that a lot of carbs will be cut off and replaced with fats. You could still consume SOME carbs, but the percentage is negligible. An average daily keto meal would look like this: 70-80% fat, 10-20% protein, and only 5-10% carbohydrates. These values should add up to represent your total daily calorie intake.

How Much Do Keto Diet Apps Cost

Some keto diet apps are free or charge a very small fee to download, but youll have to make in-app purchases to get access to premium features. Most offer a monthly or yearly subscription fee, which can range from approximately $2 to $10 per month. The more expensive keto diet apps usually offer more advanced features, including customized food plans, recipes, and access to a community of other members.

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We Help App Developers Take Advantage Of Our Latest Hardware Technologies

We help app developers take advantageof our latest hardware technologies.

We give developers the tools and support to build cuttingedge technologies into their apps right away which means theyre yours to enjoy right away. Like when an app uses Face ID or Touch ID for secure access while keeping the underlying authentication data from your face or fingerprint private. Or when a game controller syncs up easily with a new game on your iPhone. And with our innovations in augmented reality and machine learning, youll be seeing even more amazing features in the years to come.

Apps Must Adhere To Our Guidelines

Complete Keto Diet Food List  Keto Diet

Apps must adhere to our guidelines.

When you download an app, it should work as promised. Which is why human App Reviewers ensure that the apps on the App Store adhere to our strict app review standards. Our App Store Review Guidelines require apps to be safe, provide a good user experience, comply with our privacy rules, secure devices from malware and threats, and use approved business models.

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How Do I Use Myfitnesspal For My Keto Diet

We love it for its incredibly large library of generic and brand-name food facts, along with the ability to simply scan a barcode to pull up its nutrition details.

MyFitnessPal is great for keeping a food diary and viewing the breakdown of your food intake. You can manually adjust your desired macros, though dashboards pertaining specifically to keto are only accessible through a Premium subscription. New users can take advantage of the free first-month trial to test out the high-end features of a paid subscription. After the trial, the charge to continue using the paid features is either $19.99 monthly or $79.99 yearly.

I love My Fitness Pal because its free and it has a pretty extensive database of foods already in their system, especially fast food. It seems like they have a lot of Keto modifications in the database, but you have to keep an eye on it as some are wrong, but there are usually a few options that are correct. Angela, Hip2Save team

This will always be my favorite app, mainly because of how big the database is! Plus, I love the recipe function. I can put in all of my ingredients then split them evenly, AND you can share them with your friends. When my husband & I did P90X way back in the day, I would make these homemade protein balls, and it was so convenient to put the ingredients into the app as a recipe and share with my husband. Then he could just add how many he was eating in his own account. Alana, product reviewer

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How Do I Use Ketodiet For My Keto Diet

Users can log their food intake through manual selection or the barcode feature. The app uses color-coding to let you know when one of your macro counts is going over your recommendation. The stat on your chart will turn red if you go over your macros or orange if you are coming close. Dont forget to log your liquid intake and exercise too! The app is tracking your progress so youll know when youve reached your goals.

You can also find some delicious free recipes in both the recipe and blog sections. Each recipe comes with photos, ingredients, nutritional info, and instructions.

The free version will provide you with the basic tools you need to monitor your macros, but the premium version has a few useful features too. For $35.99 a year or 5.99 a month, you can have access to advanced tracking features like blood glucose and lipids, a helpful keto diet guide, and a restaurant search that lets you find keto-friendly foods when you eat out.

The premium app also gives you access to ALL the recipes which you can filter by allergies or categories like quick,vegetarian, or Low FODMAP. If the premium subscription isnt in your budget, dont sweat it. Occasionally, the premium recipes are published to the blog and you can score them for free!

I have used the Facebook KetoDiet Support group and the keto app for 2 months and lost 15 lbs, love it! Rose, product reviewer

Apps Help Unlock The Full Potential Of Your Apple Devices

Keto Diet App – Filter Recipes Based on Allergies, Categories & More – [iOS 12.36]

Apps help unlock the full potentialof your Apple devices.

Apple products use industry-leading technology to bring apps to life so you can experience more of the amazing things your devices are capable of. Thanks to hardware and software designed to work together, you get more out of your apps from things you take for granted, like supersmooth scrolling, to seeing how a new sofa might look in your living room before you buy it.

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Best For Tracking Nutrients: Mymacros+


  • Internet isn’t required for food logging

  • Large database of over 5 million foods

  • My Circle feature lets you connect with friends on the app in real time

  • A body fat estimation calculator is now available

  • Macro Coach guides you on which food choices to make

  • It costs money to download the app, and you have to pay an additional fee to unlock the full features

  • Some functionality is better on the iPhone versus Android phones

  • It’s not always easy to find the foods you’re searching for

MyMacros+ has held a steady reign in the nutrient-tracking world, due largely in part to its massive food database and simple app interface. With MyMacros+, tracking your meals is no longer frustrating and time-consuming. Rather, its easy, quick, and honestly quite fun when you see all of your great progress.

MyMacros+ isnt strictly a keto diet app, but it does support everything a keto follower would need. For instance, you can log all of your macronutrients, including carbohydrates and net carbs, protein, and fats. The app supports the logging of other nutrients that are important to the keto diet, too, such as sugar and fiber.

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