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The Best Almond Flour Pancakes

Fluffy Almond Pancakes | Gluten-Free & Keto Recipe

You might remember that Ive shown a few pancake recipes that use different flours- like these oat flour ones and these coconut flour ones, but neither of them tastes as good as these.

There are so many almond flour pancake recipes out there, but none of them come close to achieving the texture of a classic wheat based pancake.

These ones, however, are the real deal. They take less than 5 minutes to fry up and have the best flavor.

Not to mention, they nail it in the texture department- thick, fluffy, and perfectly soft in the middle.

By the way, these pancakes are naturally gluten free and grain free, and you can easily make them keto friendly.

Oh, and if you are after some other breakfast ideas using almond flour, try the coffee cake or muffins they are absolutely delicious.

Almond Flour Health Benefits

What are the health benefits of almond flour? Since almond flour is just ground almond it has the same health benefits as almonds.

Almond flour is rich in nutrients as well as being 100% gluten-free, high in fiber, low carb, and is a high source of protein. Here is a little breakdown below.

1 ounce of almond flour :

Heres the thing, almond flour is higher in calories than wheat flour because remember its just ground almonds. And nuts are higher in calories and fat, but its good fat.

So even though the calories are on the higher side, its a far superior choice over wheat flour.

Keto Pancake Recipe Overview

I made these pancakes recently just to see how a almond flour pancake could taste. I was actually quite surprised in a very good way. Not only did they taste great, they were easy to prepare and cook. They seemed to have a little crispiness on the outside while still tender inside. Something a regular pancake never did for me.I used butter and a blueberry sauce topping for my pancake here and got to say, these will probably be my go-to home recipe whenever making pancakes from now on.

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Notes On Nutritional Information

Nutritional information for the recipe is provided as a courtesy and is approximate only. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the nutritional information given for any recipe on this site. Erythritol carbs are not included in carb counts as it has been shown not to impact blood sugar. Net carbs are the total carbs minus fiber.

How To Know When Almond Flour Pancakes Are Done

Joe Duff

After pouring the batter onto the griddle or into the pan, wait until the batter starts to bubble, thats how you know its ready to flip. Trust mewait until the bubbles appear otherwise it can be disastrous.

Once the keto pancakes with almond flour has been flipped over, wait until the other side has turned golden brown, then transfer to a plate.

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Is Almond Flour Or Regular Flour Better For Pancakes

Which flour is best for pancakes depends on your dietary needs.

We are all used to traditional pancakes, the ones that you get at your favorite breakfast spot. They are delicious, but obviously, they arent a very healthy option.

Almond flour keto pancakes can be a bit more of a challenge to make if you have never used almond flour before, but its such a great healthy flour. It is more nutritious and its perfect for most diets, except for those who are allergic to nuts.

Tips To Make Perfect Paleo Pancakes

  • Tip 1: Scoop out 2-3 tablespoons of pancake batter into the pan, not more! I know that a regular pancake recipe calls for 1/4 cup batter per pancake, but for this paleo pancake batter, it will be too much. The batter spread out quickly, so you dont need to add more batter or the pancakes will be super thin and giant.
  • Tip 2: Make sure the pan is warm/hot if too cold, the batter wont set quickly in the pan and the pancakes over-spread.
  • Tip 3: Wait for a few minutes before adding the second pancake batter to the pan. As I said, the batter spread a lot, so its better to wait for the first pancake to fully spread, then scoop out the second one. This prevents the pancakes from spreading and touching each other, ending up with one large pancake.

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Coconut Flour Pancakes Vs Almond Flour Pancakes

I tried some with coconut flour that were horrid. I mean, truly horrid. Coconut flour is great, just not in keto pancakes.

All the coconut flour pancakes I tried came out dry and the texture was just too far from a regular pancake.

My next foray into low carb pancakes was with almond flour. I tried some where you whip egg whites into stiff peaks and fold in they almond flour.

And they tasted like weird fluffy egg whites with syrup. Again, they just didnt taste like a REAL pancake.

I eventually decided to try my own almond flour version based off of regular pancake measurements with added cream cheese.

However, I threw it in the blender to smooth out the batter since the ingredients are a little different.

I nervously poured out enough batter for my first keto pancake and it looked pretty good.

I took it out of the pan, slathered it with butter and hit it with a dab of my personal favorite sugar-free syrup and JACKPOT.

Jorge seriously gobbled up the entire first batch before I had eaten more than a couple of bites myself!

He was so impressed that these Low Carb Pancakes didnt taste like anything other than regular pancakes.

So I decided to try them out on my toughest critics, Ellie and Lyla.

If two almost 3 year olds like them, then they truly pass the keto pancake test!

I topped their pancakes with butter and regular syrup and set them down without saying a word.

They gobbled them up and were quickly trying to steal bites off of our plates!

In The Case Of Having A Low Carb Pancake Mix You Will Need For 3 Pancakes:

EASY KETO PANCAKES! How to Make Almond Flour Pancakes
  • Three tablespoons of the mixture
  • One tablespoon of Cream Cheese.

How Many Carbs are in Low Carb Pancakes?

Our Keto Pancakes with Almond Flour are great additions to Breakfast for Diabetics. One pancake contains only 2 grams of carbohydrates, which is incredible compared to a standard pancake with 22 grams of carbohydrates. Of course, there are a minimum of carbs in cream cheese and almond flour, and therefore, it is the perfect choice for avoiding blood glucose spikes.

How many calories are in Low Carb Pancakes?

Considering all of the great ingredients included in this keto pancake recipe, you are getting a perfect 47 calories only for a portion, which is one pancake.

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Flavor Combinations For Almond Flour Pancakes

  • Banana Almond Flour Pancakes: Leave out the applesauce and add 1-2 mashed bananas to the batter. This will add a significant amount of carbohydrates to the recipe though so it may not be best for low carb and keto diets.
  • Vegan Almond Flour Pancakes: Replace the eggs with either chia eggs or flax seeds.
  • Berries: Berries have the lowest amount of carbohydrates when it comes to fruit so they are a good choice. Consider using sliced strawberries, blueberries, or raspberries. They can be added directly to the batter.
  • Chocolate chips: There are some chocolate chips and cocoa nibs that work on a low carb diet. Consider using no sugar added dark chocolate chips, cocoa nibs, or sugar free chocolate chips.
  • Nut butter: To add more protein, you can add nut butter directly to the batter or spread some on top. When adding it to the batter, melt it slightly in the microwave before so it is easy to stir into the batter.
  • Nuts and seeds: Nuts and seeds are a great way to add crunch and protein to the mix. Add them right into the batter or serve them on top.

How To Make Pancakes With Almond Flour

This section shows how to make keto pancakes with almond flour, with step-by-step photos and details about the technique. For full instructions, see the recipe card below.

  • Make almond flour pancake batter. Add all dry and wet ingredients together in a bowl, then whisk.
  • Cook. Heat a pan with a little oil over medium-low to medium heat. Pour circles of batter onto the pan. Cover and cook.
  • Flip. When bubbles form on the edges, flip and cook another 1-2 minutes or until browned. Remove and repeat with remaining batter.
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    Easy Keto Pancakes With Only A Few Ingredients

    One of my favorite things about this recipe is that it is low carb, keto, paleo, gluten-free AND super easy to make. What makes it even better? Only six ingredients for the pancakes .

    Most of these common ingredients will be in your kitchen if you’re cooking keto recipes on a low carb diet. For the sweetener, you can just go with your favorite option. I used erythritol but feel free to substitute it with any no-carb sweetener you like. You can also adjust the amount of sweetener depending on how sweet you enjoy your pancakes .

    Fluffy Keto Almond Flour Pancakes

    15 Brilliant Dairy Free Keto Pancakes Almond Flour

    Last Updated on November 6, 2021 by Toya

    You will love these easy fluffy keto almond flour pancakes that are made in minutes with just a few ingredients for a very satisfying keto breakfast.

    Pancakes are a staple keto breakfast recipe of American cuisine, but when youre on the keto diet, making fluffy pancakes is not always possible.

    This is mainly because keto friendly flours are gluten free and quite heavy and do not work in the same way that wheat flour works. Therefore, many keto pancake recipes may actually end up really dry.

    Thankfully, after many attempts, Ive finally come up with some delicious keto pancakes with almond flour that are very fluffy! In fact, these are some of the fluffiest keto pancakes Ive made to date!

    This pancake recipe is guaranteed to produce almond flour pancakes youll want to make over and over again and these are definitely brag-worthy pancakes that you can even serve to your family for breakfast.

    Also, I recommend that you try out these other easy keto breakfast recipes for more ideas.

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    Fluffy Keto Almond Flour Pancakes Tips

    You can use any granulated sweetener you would like the nutrition information below is calculated using erythritol but you can use a monk fruit sweetener or allulose like I did. If you do use allulose just be warned they brown up fast and can go quite dark to the point they look burnt! So if you do use allulose cook them at a lower temperature for a longer time.

    Apple cider vinegar might seem a bit weird but the addition of that along with the baking powder is what makes these fluffy keto almond flour pancakes live up to their name. A nice little chemical reaction aerates the mix to make them fluffy!

    These pancakes are pretty sweet so you can eat them without syrup if you like or you can put less sweetener in them and top them with a keto syrup totally up to you!

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    Low Carb Keto Pancakes

    My families love of pancakes has been well documented on this blog over the years, but never has a recipe been considered low carb or healthy.

    Today that all changes with these fluffy KETO PANCAKES!

    Jorge and I have been doing the low carb diet thing for a little while, but we were desperately missing our favorite Sunday breakfast pancakes.

    I was still whipping up pancakes for the girls for breakfast and the smell was slowly KILLING me.

    So I started off on the hunt for a low carb pancake recipe that we would love and actually look forward to eating.

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    Diets This Recipe Is Good For

    These keto pancakes with almond flour are great for so many people on so many different diets. Here is a quick list and breakdown of who its acceptable for and how to make it acceptable for your dietary needs:

    • Dairy-Free: Almond Pancakes do not have any butter in them, and we use almond milk instead of cream or milk. So its perfect for anyone with a dairy allergy.
    • Sugar-Free: I think its pretty obvious by this point that all of our recipes dont use any added cane sugar. But instead, we chose to use sugar-free maple syrup instead. But you can use erythritol sweeteners such as Monkfruit, Swerve, Allulose, and Stevia.
    • Low Carb/Keto: Since the sugar is replaced with a low carb sweetener and flour with almond flour they are definitely low carb
    • Paleo: If you are trying to make paleo almond flour pancakes, thendepending on how strict you are, you may not feel comfortable using erythritol which is what our sugar-free maple syrup has in it. So instead you can choose to use real maple syrup instead.
    • Candida Friendly

    Making The Perfect Keto Pancakes For Breakfast

    Keto Pancakes in 1 Minute | EASY LOW CARB Almond Flour Keto Pancake Recipe!

    Its a good idea to use a non-stick pan. If you dont have that, you may need to lightly coat the pan with butter or oil to keep the batter from sticking.

    I like stacking my pancakes as they come off the pan as it helps keep them warm. Keto pancakes can dry out if you leave them to cool on a wire rack so the best way to keep them warm and ready to serve is to cover with a kitchen cloth and place in a warm oven.

    When having pancakes in the morning, you really have to serve them with butter and syrup. There is no other way! My favorite syrup that I like to use is this Walden Farms Calorie Free Syrup. It works brilliantly for pancakes and is the best syrup replacement for people living with diabetes.

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    Can You Eat Pancakes On The Keto Diet

    You absolutely can enjoy pancakes on a keto diet! Low carb flours, like almond and coconut flour, make recreating your favorite keto baked goods and breakfast items possible.

    These almond flour pancakes are based off my delicious Keto Waffle Recipe. Blending almond flour with eggs, coconut milk, and coconut oil makes a magical combination. These are a fluffy pancake with a lightly sweet coconut flavor.

    Pan fry these in coconut oil and top them with berries, and youve got a healthy keto breakfast the whole family will enjoy!

    This healthy low carb pancake recipe is made with simple ingredients you most likely have on hand so skip the keto pancake mixes and make your own fresh version!

    What Are Keto Pancakes With Almond Flour

    These almond flour pancakes are the best fluffy almond flour pancakes to start the day. If you are looking for healthy pancakes for kids, its also a great recipe!

    They contain lots of protein and fibers to keep their little tummy full until lunchtime. Honestly, everyone loves this simple almond flour pancakes recipe in my house.

    In addition to their amazing fluffy texture and nutty-sweet flavor, they are super easy to make.

    This recipe is much easier to make than my keto coconut flour pancakes since almond flour is easier to work with than coconut flour.

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    Keto Infused Iced Tea

    Cold brewed Keto Infused Iced Tea – Keto Drink is the quick and easy way to give our lifestyle varieties of flavored Low Carb beverages, that are healthy and tasty. No more Keto Iced Tea at Starbucks or anywhere else. Make it at home and enjoy it fully. Mix flavors for your Keto Lemonade you admire the most.

    What Ingredients Are In Keto Almond Pancakes

    Keto Almond Flour Blender Pancakes
    • Almond Flour Be sure to use ground blanched almond flour, and not almond meal.
    • Almond Milk Unsweetened is the keyword, you dont want almond milk that has added sugar.
    • Baking Powder This is what will help the pancakes to rise and be fluffy.
    • Maple Syrup My secret ingredientI chose to use some sugar-free maple syrup as our sweetener of choice.
    • Vanilla Gives a nice little flavor.

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    How To Make The Best Keto Pancakes

    The key to making these keto pancakes is to stick to the ingredients and methods here for the best results.

  • Place all the ingredients, except the ghee and toppings, into a mixing bowl and whisk well. Set aside for 5 minutes.
  • Place a nonstick frying pan over medium-low heat.
  • Once warm add about 1 teaspoon of ghee to the pan, followed by ¼ cup of pancake batter, per pancake.
  • Place a lid on the pan and cook for 2-3 minutes, or until the tops have set and small bubbles appear. Flip and cook for 1-2 minutes uncovered, or until cooked through. Repeat until all the batter is used up.
  • What Are Keto Pancakes Made Of

    Keto pancakes are made similarly to regular pancakes, only they use low carb flours, like almond flour and coconut flour.

    Low carb sweeteners like monk fruit sweetener, stevia, and erythritol are healthy options.

    Eggs add protein, and using a low carb milk, like coconut milk or unsweetened almond milk, are recommended.

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    How To Prepare Keto Pancakes Recipe Cooking Guide

  • Mix all dry ingredients in a mixing bowl and whisk to blend all evenly.

    Mix Almond Flour + Salt + Brown Sugar + Baking Powder

  • Add the milk, egg and melted butter while vigorously whisking to blend all into a creamy batter. Let the mixture rest for 10 minutes to allow almond flour to become hydrated. Imagine cooking rice in a rice cooker it takes a while for the rice to become tender and hydrated, and almond flour is similar in its ability to absorb.

    Easy Keto Pancake Recipe When Ready.

  • Preheat a frying pan with oil, until hot. Spoon dollops of batter into the pan and let them cook until bubbles appear and start to pop. Flip the pancakes and cook until done. Remember that almond flour may not hold together as well as traditional flour, so just be a little careful when turning.

    Easy Keto Pancake Recipe When Ready.

  • Repeat this process until the batter is used up or make some easy keto crepes since the batter is interchangable.

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