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STAY ON TRACK with these EASY KETO DESSERTS in under 5 minutes!

What makes our low carb keto desserts taste better is that they are sugar-free, which means that with a low glycemic index, you avoid sugar spikes and crashes. They are also gluten-free, so our treats are safe for anyone with Celiac disease, and the low net carbs will curb your sweet tooth while staying on top of your nutrition goals.

Our famous donuts contain whey protein, coconut oil, and combinations of coconut flour, almond flour, erythritol, and lakanto monk fruit sweeteners. Our cookies contain the same flour combinations and sweeteners, eggs, and butter. We guarantee 100% satisfaction also, great news: they are kid-approved.

Can You Eat Fat Sanx Keto Cookies On The Keto Diet

The table of nutritional information shows you that these cookies have 2 grams and 1 gram of net carbs per cookie. This makes the cookies easy to fit into a keto diet or a low-carb diet.

When you look into the ingredient list, you can see that they do not have any sugar, they are also grain-free and they are gluten-free. They are sweetened with keto-friendly sweeteners- stevia and erythritol.

The only non-ketogenic ingredient is the vegetable glycerin, therefore they are not strictly ketogenic.

However, they are a great snack option for those who are on a low-carb diet or a non-strict keto diet.

Where to buy: You can order them on their official site or on and you can also find them in stores such as Vitamin Shoppe and Whole Foods.

Best Keto Desserts To Buy For Weight Loss

The keto diet is hard enough as it is, so when it comes time to treat yourself, take a load off and stock up on store-bought keto desserts. When we were putting together our list of keto desserts to buy, we kept one main thing in mind: every product had to have fewer than 5 grams of net carbs.

How do these brands turn typically high-carb, high-sugar treats into keto diet marvels? They do so by substituting sugar with sugar alternatives like monk fruit, stevia, allulose, or sugar alcohols. Additionally, to get that net carb count further down, store-bought keto desserts will often have some type of added fiber, like chicory root fiber or nuts.

Without further ado , here are the 10 best keto desserts to buy for weight loss.

Nutrition per 1 bar : 230 calories, 21 g fat , 70 mg sodium, 11 g carbs , 3 g protein

Net carbs: 1 gram

Enlightened’s Caramel Dark Chocolate Peanut keto ice cream bar may be the most indulgent of the keto desserts to buy on the market. Smooth, caramel-flavored ice cream is rolled in crushed peanuts and then dipped in keto dark chocolate, giving this sweet a harmonious balance of sweet and salty flavors. If bars aren’t your thing, Enlightened also makes some of the best keto ice cream pints.

Nutrition per 1 ounce : 150 calories, 13 g fat , 0 mg sodium, 9 g carbs , 5 g protein

Net carbs: 2 grams

Nutrition per 8 pieces : 140 calories, 14 g fat , 140 mg sodium, 10 g carbs , 4 g protein

Net carbs: 2 grams

Net carbs: 3 grams

Net carbs: 2 grams

Net carbs: 2 grams

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Duncan Hines Walnut Fudge Brownie Keto Cup

Duncan Hines has a Keto line of cups that are becoming a favorite on the market. They make sweet, tasty cups without adding sugar. The cups are microwave-ready, so 1-minute in the microwave is all it takes for you to enjoy a warm, sweet flavor of cake or brownie.

They have 3 different keto cups and those are Walnut Fudge Brownie Cup, Keto Birthday Cake Mix, and Double Chocolate Keto Cake Mix. However, the most ketogenic out of the three is the Walnut Fudge Brownie cup, because they dont use maltitol in it.

Choc Zero Dark Chocolate

Top 20 Yummy Keto Desserts to Buy

We have good news for all the chocoholics out there. YES, you can enjoy chocolate during the keto diet.

Just make sure you are consuming high-quality dark chocolate with no added sugar.

Dark chocolate is good for you, but its even better when it isnt packed with sugar or sugar alcohols.

Choc Zero tastes like heaven thanks to natural sweetener called monk fruit.

Of course, it’s all-natural, non-GMO, soy and gluten-free and it contains ONLY 2 grams of net carbs. That’s crazy. It’s mandatory for any ketoer, who has a sweet tooth.

Serving size: 1 ounce Calories: 120 Fat: 10g Protein: 1g Net carbs: 2g

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Where To Buy Keto Desserts

With the ketogenic diet becoming more and more popular, pre-made desserts have been easier to buy. The easiest place to buy them is online or large chain stores like Walmart. Walmart has keto cakes and muffins that are in their bakery section, and several frozen desserts too, like ice cream and pudding.

To see what is available to you, google keto desserts near me with location settings turned out. Google will then be able to direct you to the closest location where these desserts are available.

Order Our Bundles For Flavors Galore

Num Gourmet Desserts offers refrigerated bundles that you can order so you can create and customize your perfect pack. Our small refrigerated bundle fits from 4 to 6 desserts, or a sample pack of your choice for only $13 with flat rate shipping. Our large bundles fit multiple sample packs or up to four 6-packs of your choice. Large bundles fit up to 24 desserts total for just $18 with flat rate shipping.

We have created healthy snacks that everyone can enjoy, no matter your lifestyle. Whether you are diabetic, keto, gluten-free, macro-counting, or calorie-counting, our delicious desserts will fit into your diet perfectly. You dont have to feel guilty or deprived when you enjoy Num Gourmet Desserts.

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Kais Bakery Is My Favorite Place To Grab Keto Bagels For Breakfast & They Have A Monthly Cookie Subscription

*Ships fresh on Mondays & Tuesdays.

Kais Bakery is another outstanding keto bakery I recently tried and you can now visit and shop from their flagship location in Houston, TX!

My favorite thing I tried from their keto bakery was by far the everything bagels! They are just 4g net carbs, with a whopping 25-28g protein, and holy keto, theyre SO AMAZING! Again, the fact theyre even keto totally had me fooled!

Ketosis: Burning Fats Instead Of Carbs

celestinol on TikTok

Our metabolism converts carbs into glucose. Reducing carbs means a shortage of glucose sooner or later. When glucose is no longer available, the liver starts to produce ketone bodies. In order to achieve that, the liver converts fats into fatty acids and then to ketone bodies. Ketone bodies now serve as a source of energy.

To put it in a nutshell: During a ketogenic diet the metabolism is reprogrammed and starts burning fat reserves instead of carbs. As long as carbs are available, the body always chooses carbs over fat as they are the more comfortable source of energy. So the body will keep a fat reserve.

The daily amount of fats consumed should be at least twice as high as the total carbohydrate and protein content. In the course a ketogenic diet, no more than 50 grams of carbohydrates may be consumed daily in order to get into the state of ketosis. This includes, of course, any cakes or desserts consumed.

If you want to follow a ketogenic diet, your nutrition ideally has this distribution of nutrients: Only 5% carbs, 35% proteins and 60% fats.

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Best Keto Protein Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars

Satisfy your craving for chocolate and peanut butter while keeping your net carbs count in check. This delicious gluten-free treat is like nut butter marries protein cookies to make a keto-friendly chocolate bar with only 3 net carbs per serving.

Seriously there is nothing like the combination of chocolate peanut butter. Made with whole foods and sugar alcohols, it will soon become your favorite keto dessert.

Awesome Blossom Bakery Offers Delicious Baking Mixes That Are Easy To Whip Up At Home

*Ships soon after ordering.

Sometimes just having a couple of FANTASTIC goodies is all you need. Quality over quantity, am I right? I caught this company when they were super up and coming last year so Im thrilled to share them again after testing out their latest mixes and even took note of their gorgeous new packaging.

Theyre located in Cincinnati, Ohio, and have their baked goods in various Ohio locations. Lucky for the rest of us out-of-towners, theyre now available for national shipping too! Their chocolate chip cookies and brownies came out spectacular and it was an extra special treat to enjoy them while still warm. Both their brownie and chocolate chip cookie mixes are gluten-free, low-carb, sugar-free, & grain-free.

I first tried their brownie mix, which can even be prepared dairy-free, so I was ecstatic about that! They were easy to whip up & I LOVED their rich texture! Again, I felt like I was cheating on keto! Plus, you just cant beat fresh, warm gooey brownies right out of the oven, so theres that!

Next up was their chocolate chip cookie baking mix. I wasnt sure these could possibly get any better than their brownies, but holy keto these babies blew everything out of the water! Id even go as far as to say theyre the best keto cookies Ive ever had!

Warm, chewy, and absolutely did NOT taste keto. In fact, I could see myself baking these for my annual Christmas cookie bake-off and not even telling a soul theyre keto because theyre THAT amazing!

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Can You Eat Rebel Ice Cream On The Keto Diet

If you look into the table of the nutritional information you can see that Rebel Ice Cream is very easy to incorporate into a low-carb or a keto diet. The ice creams we used as reference stand at 1 gram and 2 grams of net carbs per serving, along with a good amount of fat.

Ingredient wise, this brand uses ketogenic sweeteners and fibers. But, they do have one ingredient that is not keto-friendly and that is the vegetable glycerin. While it does not raise blood sugar rapidly, it still does affect blood sugar.

Apart from the one non-ketogenic ingredient, their other ingredients are ketogenic, but still ice cream is a processed food, and therefore it is not strictly keto-friendly.

Overall, the Rebel Ice Cream is a great dessert option for those who are on a low-carb diet or those who are not on a strict keto diet.

Where to buy: You can order Rebel Ice Cream online on their official site, and you can also find them in-store at Whole Foods, Walmart, Kroger, and other common grocery stores.

Atkins Endulge Nutty Fudge Brownie Bar

20 Keto Desserts To Buy At The Store For Your Sweet Tooth

Moist chewy brownie bar with a rich chocolate coating and walnuts. The perfect keto dessert to buy and keep in your bag for those sudden sweet cravings. This store bought keto dessert has over 1000 5*star reviews so you know you wont be disappointed by them!

Per Serve: Calories: 170 | Fat: 12g | Protein 7g | Net Carbs: 2g

So there you have it! These are the very best keto desserts to buy!

Just keep in mind not to overdo it with the desserts because they are all so delish its hard to stop at just one. The key to any diet, including keto, is moderation so keep that in mind when enjoying these desserts.

Hope you got some ideas for healthy store bought keto desserts and never have to cheat with a junk food dessert to fill your belly while on the go.

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Diy Keto Cupcake Kits

Want to test out your Pastry Chef Skills? Stuck at home – Need a Healthy Date Night Or just want a fun activity for the kids? Wholesome Keto supplies the cupcakes, frosting, and a set of assorted sprinkles for you to assemble at home! Everything is provided for you to frost your cupcakes like the pros!

  • Keto Fudgy Brownies – Salted Caramel Cheesecake Brownies – Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Low Carb, Keto & Diabetic Friendly
    Regular price
  • Keto Fudgy Brownies – Plain Brownies – Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Low Carb, Keto & Diabetic Friendly
    Regular price
  • Keto Fudgy Brownies – Peanut Butter Brownies – Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Low Carb, Keto & Diabetic Friendly
    Regular price

    SaleSold out

  • Keto Brownie Variety Box – Gotta try them ALL! Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Low Carb, Keto & Diabetic Friendly
    Regular price
  • Keto Fudgy Brownies – Walnut Brownies – Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Low Carb, Keto & Diabetic Friendly
    Regular price

    SaleSold out

  • Keto Peanut Butter Blondie Bars – Peanut Butter Brownies – NUT FREE, Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Low Carb, Keto & Diabetic Friendly
    Regular price

Peanut Butter Protein Wafer Crisps

Atkins offers a range of low-carb dessert options that can work with the keto diet as well. These Protein Wafers are no exception at only 4g of net carbs per serving. They contain milk and plant proteins, along with zero-calorie sweeteners, to keep you full and in ketosis. Despite their light and crispy texture, theyre quite filling. Grab these at stores like Walmart or Target, or order online to save even more time.

Nutrition per bar: 190 calories | 14g fat | 4g net carbs | 10g protein

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The 10 Best Keto Desserts You Can Buy Online

@bougiebakes All Bougie Bakes cookies are baked fresh to order and are always gluten-free, dairy-free, and sugar-free! #fyp#TurboTaxAndRelax Jersey anniversary – Malcolm B

It can be difficult to find keto-friendly desserts in stores, which is why buying keto desserts online provides you with more variety and information in terms of ingredients and reviews. Check out these 10 keto desserts to order online with just a few clicks:

Slimfast Keto Fat Bomb

5 Easy Keto Dessert Recipes in 5 Minutes!

The Slimfast Keto Fat Bomb snacks are a great way to enjoy a dessert without the unnecessary carbs.These keto bombs are filled with MCTs and they are designed to motivate your metabolism.

They have a few different flavors and kinds and some of those are their snack cups, fat bomb shots, squares and bars.

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Can You Eat High Key Mini Cookies On The Keto Diet

When you look into the table with the nutritional information you can see that they are very low in net carbs, standing at 1 gram and 2 grams. This makes them extremely easy to add to a low-carb or a keto diet.

You can see in their ingredient table that they dont have any non-ketogenic ingredients. They also dont use any cane sugar or corn syrup and they dont use any artificial sweeteners and artificial coloring.

All the sweeteners they use are ketogenic- erythritol, stevia extract, and monk fruit extract.

Overall, High Key Mini Cookies are a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth if you are on a low-carb diet or on a keto diet.

Where to buy: You can find them on their official site or on or you can find them in common grocery stores such as Whole Foods.

Keto Cheesecakes To Buy

Youll be surprised to learn you can ORDER specialty keto, low carb, gluten-free and paleo desserts ONLINE when you want something store-bought and arent up for making a cake or dessert yourself.

These are fantastic specialty dessert options when you need something amazing for a special event like a birthday, anniversary, party, Valentines or during the holidays.

These are 5 star rated cheesecakes that not only come in salted caramel pecan, but you can also order them in key lime, pumpkin, strawberry cream, mocha hazelnut, and MORE!

Check the price here

For those times you want a semi-homemade treat but dont want to start from scratch, this low carb decadent chocolate fudge mix with chocolate chips will be exactly the right thing to have on hand.

This is the #1 best seller in brownie mixes!

Check the price here

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Atkins Protein Meal Bar

The taste of Atkins bars has gotten waaay better over the last years.

The texture is moist and chewy, some even found that it reminds them Snickers but not as sweet.

But the best part is that it’s packed with fiber, which you are probably lacking during keto.

Atkins bars are keto-friendly when eaten in reasonable amounts. A perfect treat if you are camping or just a quick snack before dinner.

Serving size: 1 bar Calories: 170 Fat: 12g Protein: 7g Net carbs: 2g

What Makes Cardnl A Keto Bakery

20 Keto Desserts To Buy At The Store For Your Sweet Tooth

When looking for a proper Keto Bakery you need to ensure all of the items are made with ingredients thatll never raise blood sugar.

Keto is a health protocol where participants avoid excess carbohydrates. As youre probably well aware, you cant really eat bakery goods without significantly raising blood sugar. Unless you use the proper ingredients thatve been tested and vetted through experience.

Weve written all about the ingredients we use and avoid on this page: About Cardnl + Free Keto Resources

Ingredients make a world of difference and we have a long list of ingredients we dont trust or use.

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