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How To Quit Your Day Job And Launch A Bakery

Low Carb CRAB CAKE Battle The BEST Keto Crab Cakes Recipe!

If youre an avid baker who impresses friends and family with your ridiculously delicious, gooey cookie bars, you might want to think about a career in baked goods. Perhaps it seems impossible when youre whipping up dozens of crazy colorful sweet treats in your tiny apartment kitchen, but as Melissa Ben-Ishay, founder of Baked by Melissa, can tell you, sweet dreams do come true. This week, in our How to Quit Your Day Job series, we chat with Melissa about how she turned her love of cupcakes into a successful bakery.

Meet The Bakery Pro: Melissa Ben

Before launching the popular Baked by Melissa, Melissa worked full-time in advertising. But getting fired in June 2008 from a New York City advertising firm turned out to be the start of a wonderfully creative and fulfilling career. Within days of being fired, I started baking cupcakes for events and one-off cupcake orders I received out of my apartment, says Melissa. Melissas older brother Brian, now the CEO of Baked by Melissa, suggested she consider turning her cupcakes into a company. Eight years later, Melissa is no longer frosting her fanciful mini-cupcakes in her apartment. Instead, she shares her treats with her loyal fan base through her 14 locations in New York City and via shipping nationwide.

I Frequently Found Myself Saying These Literally Dont Even Taste Keto You Have To Try This

They offer a huge variety of keto treats from brownies, bear claws, cheesecakes, pound cake, Swiss rolls, twinkies, macaroons, and the list could go on and on and on!

Their Strawberry White Chocolate Chip Doughnuts are completely OUT OF THIS WORLD! They may not look like much, but one bite out of this doughnut and I was doing my happy taste buds dance . Everything from the texture to the flavor was spot on!

Even my kiddos & significant other who are typically turned off by keto treats absolutely loved our Wholesome Keto Treat delivery! The yo-yo cookies were also a huge hit with everyone and my middle son was obsessed with their coffee cake cheesecake!

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Introducing Keto Cake Delivery

If you are looking for keto cake delivery shipped to you, youve arrived at the right place! The newest addition to ourspecial orders is our made-to-order Ketolicious Cakes. A keto birthday cake delivered is the perfect addition to your celebration or any special occasion!

These Ketolicious Bake Shop cakes are 8, triple-layer cakes with your choice of cake and frosting. The cost of each cake is $65 plus shipping and handling.

Our delicious cakes are keto- and diabetes-friendly, gluten- and sugar-free. Made with only wholesome ingredients, this is your healthier version of a dessert with all the flavor and none of the guilt.

Each cake is made-to-order especially for you by Ketolicious Bake Shop.

Every effort will be made to accommodate your request. If we can accommodate your request, you will be emailed the total cost of your order along with a link to a password-protected page from which you will be able to finalize your order and process payment. If we cannot accommodate your request, we will notify you as soon as practical.

If you are interested in ordering, please complete the pre-order form and be sure to submit it.

Note: Toppings may vary.

Immediately upon receipt, place the cake in the refrigerator for 7 to 10 days or freeze up to 6 months.

For the best flavor, leave out on the counter for 2 hours prior to serving.

Allergen Alert: Our cakes are made in a facility that uses eggs, nuts and dairy.

Our Commitment To Keeping You Safe

Keto Survival Sweets Pack by Nadia Cakes

Safe and sanitary food preparation, packaging, and delivery have always been, and will always be, top priorities for Oh, Hello! Keto Bakery. We understand that these are unique times and we are committed to paying exceptional attention to the little details that will keep our customers and employees safe. Thank you for trusting us and for all of your ongoing support!

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More Chocolate Keto Desserts

While this keto lava cake is definitely a top tier dessert, we have tons more sugar free chocolate dessert recipes on our site. Try our:

  • Ice Cube Peanut Butter Cups With only 1g of net carbs per peanut butter cup you really cant go wrong. These cups are perfect for all our Reeses lovers that want a sugar free dark chocolate peanut butter cup.
  • Dairy Free Keto Hot Chocolate Prefer to drink something sweet so you dont over indulge? Our dark chocolate hot cocoa is the perfect solution, and the best part is that its also dairy free!
  • Keto Chocolate Chip Muffins Need one final super indulgent recipe thats gluten free, low carb, and fits seamlessly into your keto diet? Our keto chocolate chip muffins are exactly what youre looking for. We like baking up a batch of these on Sundays as a family.

Our blog is full of a never ending supply of desserts, and that goes for chocolate ones too. Try all of our chocolate keto recipes and let us know what you think!

What Makes Cardnl A Keto Bakery

When looking for a proper Keto Bakery you need to ensure all of the items are made with ingredients thatll never raise blood sugar.

Keto is a health protocol where participants avoid excess carbohydrates. As youre probably well aware, you cant really eat bakery goods without significantly raising blood sugar. Unless you use the proper ingredients thatve been tested and vetted through experience.

Weve written all about the ingredients we use and avoid on this page: About Cardnl + Free Keto Resources

Ingredients make a world of difference and we have a long list of ingredients we dont trust or use.

Please share:

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Keto Cake Flavor And Frosting Choices

On the pre-order form, you can choose your cake flavor from carrot, chocolate, lemon or vanilla and also select your frosting from: cream cheese, chocolate, lemon, peanut butter or vanilla. You pair your favorite cake flavor with any of our decadently delicious frostings for the perfect combination!

Make This Keto Peanut Butter Cake

Ackroyd’s Bakery – We Ship Nationwide!

Chocolate can be confusing on the keto diet. For that reason we have created a guide to keto chocolate.

We know that most of you are Reeses fans, or chocolate and peanut butter fans at the very least, so if you want to relive your days of enjoying Reeses cups you should make our Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake!

Recipe can be quickly added to MyFitnessPal Search KetoConnect Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake

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Baking The World A Better Place

Here at Annas Keto Bakery we believe your health and taste are two things that should never be compromised.

All our products are made with the highest-quality ingredients that are gluten-free, sugar-free, low carb, coeliac-friendly and diabetic-friendly.

Our range of products include dry rubs, easy baking mixes, freshly baked goods from brownies and cookies to dough balls and bread rolls and more. All these products are now available to be shipped straight to your door.

Here Are All The Flavors I Tried:

  • Cinnamon Crumb Cake my favorite among all of the muffins! Im a sucker for cinnamon crumb cake and this made me feel like I wasnt even eating keto!
  • Vanilla Coconut second favorite runner-up! This flavor is moist and I absolutely loved the chunks of coconut in each bite!
  • Double Dutch Chocolate if youre a chocolate lover, youre going to be feasting on these! Even my kiddos loved them!
  • Strawberries & Cream such a refreshing flavor! They used real chunks of strawberry which added really great texture to each bite.

Orders of $70 or more ship FREE

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Christmas Early Bird Special

A $266 value – These treats will ship FIRST and in time for Christmas! Get two 4-packs of Keto Brownies , two 4-packs of Keto Cupcakes in seasonal holiday flavors, two 4-packs of Chocolate Mug Cake Mixes, 2 bags of Candied Pecans, our Top 100 Keto E-Cookbook, entry into our Silver Hall of Fame, a custom Sweet Keto Bakery T-shirt, a spot on our exclusive VIP List , FREE SHIPPING and a cool Sweet Keto Bakery Wrist band to show off to your fellow keto friends. all shipped to your door just in time to save you from the temptations of the holidays!

What Makes Cardnl Different


Our size and how we make our baked goods are what sets us apart from other Keto bakeries. Were super small , we have our own commercial kitchen facility, and we dont outsource anything to a third party. And even thought were not diabetics, we often wear a CGM to test each and every ingredient and product we sell. Weve been testing products and lifestyle via CGM since 2018.

This page outlines several of Cardnls bakery Macros and Ingredients. Know exactly what youre eating.

Cardnl is a 100% Gluten, Soy, Corn, Peanut Free Kitchen.

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What To Serve With This Easy Keto Lava Cake Recipe

Now that we can make keto lava cake im sure youre wondering what you can top this tasty treat with to stay within your low carb diet. There are now a lot of brands who make delicious keto sugar free ice cream that can be used as a lava cake topping.

Some of our favorite keto lava cake toppings are from:

  • Enlightened This is probably top tier sugar free ice cream because they have so many super indulgent flavors you dont even miss real ice cream.
  • Halo Top Halo top recently launched a keto line that is low in net carbs and uses cookie doughs made of ingredients like almond flour and powdered sweeteners.
  • Rebel Creamery Rebel is one of the first keto dessert/ ice cream companies that only makes keto products. Its available nationwide now in almost every Walmart making keto easy for the masses. And topping keto dessert recipes even easier.

These are probably the most popular varieties and best keto options for ice cream if you are someone looking to indulge without messing up your diet. These are even great options for topping other keto recipes like a mug cake, not just our delicious chocolate lava cake.

Wholesome Keto Treats Bakery Has The Largest Selection I Came Across

*Ships fresh Monday-Thursday.

Everything I tried from Wholesome Keto Treats bakery was absolutely incredible! In fact, every time I tried a new treat, I was trying to get the whole family to try them. LOL!

I frequently found myself saying, These literally dont even taste keto you have to try this!

They offer a huge variety of keto treats from brownies, bear claws, cheesecakes, pound cake, Swiss rolls, twinkies, macaroons, and the list could go on and on and on!

Score free shipping with code SHIPFREE39 on orders of $39 or more!

*Valid until 8/29

Score 25% off with code HIP2KETO5 with no order minimum!

*Valid until 8/29, not valid on sale items

Out of everything I tried, their strawberry white chocolate chip doughnuts were my favorite & completely OUT OF THIS WORLD! To be honest, I didnt think they looked like much, but when I bit into this doughnut I was doing my happy taste buds dance . Everything from the texture to the flavor was spot on!

Even my kiddos & significant other who are typically turned off by keto treats absolutely loved our Wholesome Keto Treat delivery! The yo-yo cookies were also a huge hit with everyone and my middle son was obsessed with their coffee cake cheesecake!

It gets better, friends. Wholesome Keto Treats even has savory breakfast foods.

Oh, and did I mention they have giant keto cinnamon buns too? Dont worry, those can ship to your door too, friends.

Use code SHIPFREE39& score free shipping on orders of $39 or more!

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What Is Happening To Keto Businesses During Covid

Theyre suffering!

Meet Michelle from The Omaha Bakeryin Nebraska. She started offering Keto baked goods after switching to eating Keto herself with the hope to finally find a relief to her chronic pains. Keto gave her a new life. And helped her shed 120lbs!

Michelle has been a professional and trained baker for over 30 years, was on the Food Network and took on the challenge of perfecting Keto baking once this lifestyle became her new norm.

How has her Omaha Bakery been impacted?

Less walk in customers and what saddens her the most, less chats and talks about Keto, baking and her customers Keto journeys. Where in the past online orders and shipping were an extra, this is now becoming the main focus. Without it, businesses like hers might not make it through these difficult times.

Scroll down to see everything you can order from her – through Facebook Messenger for now – until their online store goes live.

List Of Keto And Low Carb Friendly Bakeries That Ship


The list is a start to capture Keto friendly and Low Carb friendly and specialized bakeries that currently offer shipping. They are listed in alphabetic order.

These are all US only.

The recommended items to order – marked in bold – come from the members of the as well as .

Missing one? Add a comment and let me know and Ill update the list!

Bakers Dozen Box – March 2020

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Get 80th birthday cake – Cake by Cakes for Fun_by LaLuub from

Buy cakes online for birthday / get together. We think everyone should have a chance to celebrate their birthday with their favorite dessert, regardless of whether

Get Cat Cakes â” Decoration Ideas | Little Birthday Cakes

Watch Cat Cakes â” Decoration Ideas | Little Birthday Cakes from

418 calories, 14g fat , 35mg cholesterol, 266mg sodium, 72g carbohydrate , 3g protein. Aside from the cheerful gathering , the hallmark of a standard birthday is the wonderful birthday cake and candle blowing.

Watch Funny Pictures â” March 14, 2016

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The instant support from the cake shop is also making the service popular. 418 calories, 14g fat , 35mg cholesterol, 266mg sodium, 72g carbohydrate , 3g protein.

Watch 30 Unique Batman Birthday Cakes – 9 Happy Birthday

Episode +15 30 Unique Batman Birthday Cakes – 9 Happy Birthday from

We have a selection of celebration cakes, classic cakes and brownies available for collection and london and nationwide delivery. Whether it is for girls or for boys, there are tons of crafted creations available like mickey mouse cakes,

Watch Minnie Mouse cake – Cake by Leksandra – CakesDecor

Episode +17 Minnie Mouse cake – Cake by Leksandra – CakesDecor from

Brownies For Birthday Cake

lightly and evenly press batter in pan brownies for birthday cake. A cake forms the most important part of a birthday celebration. Here at konditor we’re on a mission to spread joy through cake! Fold in chocolate chips and coconut.

Funny Pictures â” March 14, 2016 from

The cake delivery is not a hurdle anymore and you. Recommended video more from taste of home. Cool completely on a wire rack. lightly and evenly press batter in pan. Whether it is for girls or for boys, there are tons of crafted creations available like mickey mouse cakes, All of our cakes & bakes are handmade to order in our own kitchens using the finest ingredients. While the adults have handsome treats of their own, we can all agree that the kid’s happy birthday cake usually tops the rest. The online cake delivery in is the most popular option nowadays.

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Making A Keto Chocolate Lava Cake

Begin by making your frozen peanut butter disk. In a mixing bowl combine peanut butter and sweetener . Pour the peanut butter mixture into a parchment paper lined mini springform pan. Freeze until solid.

In a separate bowl combine the butter and bakers chocolate by melting them in the microwave

Add the heavy cream, egg, and stevia drops to the chocolate butter mixture. Set aside.

Mix together the erythritol, cocoa powder, coconut flour, and baking powder in a separate bowl. Combine the dry and wet ingredients, mixing to get a smooth batter.

Pour half the batter into a greased ramekin or mini springform pan. 4 springform pans work well for this recipe. Then place your frozen peanut butter disk in the center and top with the rest of your batter. Make sure the peanut butter doesnt run out into the edges if you decide to not freeze a disk ahead of time.

Bake the gooey lava cake for 13-15 minutes at 400 degrees. The edges should be set, but the center will be jiggly and look like its not fully cooked.

Serve right away with some sugar free ice cream. If you used a springform pan you should be able to just move it out onto a plate.

Awesome Blossom Bakery Offers Delicious Baking Mixes That Are Easy To Whip Up At Home

Real Life Keto (With Chocolate &  Wine)

*Ships soon after ordering.

Sometimes just having a couple of FANTASTIC goodies is all you need. Quality over quantity, am I right? I caught this company when they were super up and coming last year so Im thrilled to share them again after testing out their latest mixes and even took note of their gorgeous new packaging.

Theyre located in Cincinnati, Ohio, and have their baked goods in various Ohio locations. Lucky for the rest of us out-of-towners, theyre now available for national shipping too! Their chocolate chip cookies and brownies came out spectacular and it was an extra special treat to enjoy them while still warm. Both their brownie and chocolate chip cookie mixes are gluten-free, low-carb, sugar-free, & grain-free.

I first tried their brownie mix, which can even be prepared dairy-free, so I was ecstatic about that! They were easy to whip up & I LOVED their rich texture! Again, I felt like I was cheating on keto! Plus, you just cant beat fresh, warm gooey brownies right out of the oven, so theres that!

Next up was their chocolate chip cookie baking mix. I wasnt sure these could possibly get any better than their brownies, but holy keto these babies blew everything out of the water! Id even go as far as to say theyre the best keto cookies Ive ever had!

Warm, chewy, and absolutely did NOT taste keto. In fact, I could see myself baking these for my annual Christmas cookie bake-off and not even telling a soul theyre keto because theyre THAT amazing!

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