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Christow Waterproof Garden Storage Box With Lockable Lid Plastic Wood Effect Outdoor Storage Box

Review Keter Eden 70 Gallon All Weather Outdoor Patio Storage Garden Bench Deck Box

Heres another cheaper option if youre trying to save your money for other things this summer. Priced at £49.99, this is one to consider if youre not feeling spending too much. Puts this bench as one of the cheapest of the selection. It holds 190 litres, which does explain the price. Although its worth comparing this to the 300 litres of the GSD storage box . The Christow shows signs of being a quality unit like the Rockwood with arms to support the lid a nice touch considering its bargain basement money.

The main difference between the two is based on looks. First impressions: this box is very attractive, especially as you can choose colour. The options are black & grey or mocha & dark brown. I would go for the second one as it is very nice. In terms of the material, its a plastic/aluminium combination with a wood effect. Both benches at this price are plastic, but this might take the looks edge because of the attractive wood effect.

In terms of assembling, you do need to have a bit of strength on you to join some of the pieces together. But, apart from that, the assembly isnt too bad. Good for storage, although you cant fit as much as some of the other storage benches. Again, this is understandable for the price.

Overall it rounds off the garden storage bench article nicely its a sensible bit of kit for the pricetag.


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Sumatra Deck Box Assembly

Assembly procedure regarding the majority of deck box varieties is becoming a purchasers dream with their very straightforward construction process. Within an hour this garden storage box should be unpacked, checked, built and situated in the desired location serving to its full potential.

Fast Efficient Assembly

11 straightforward steps detailed with illustrations are presented within the instructions requiring assemblers to work their way through the steps in order implementing whats shown.

Construction operation regards interlocking the wall and floor panels together and snapping into place whilst a few screws are included for fastening the hinges, pistons and security clasp to the box finalising the build, requiring the use of a household screwdriver.

Unfortunately a few deliveries havent supplied instructions which is baffling whilst a few unlucky ones have received damaged parts. If any parts are broken regarding poor delivery conditions, ask for a replacement as resin constructions seldom work correctly when damaged.

Keters Sumatra Deck Box page includes measurements, more information and assembly downloads if you are the unfortunate one not to receive them.

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Style Convenience & Comfortable Seating

Hudsons garden storage bench equips the patio with a smart addition, delivers convenience in storing a diverse range of outdoorsy accessories meanwhile the interior is purposely designed to throughput freshness & eliminate the progression of clammy environments developing mustiness, therefore ideal for storing bulky seating fabrics.

Assuring weather-resistance to counteract rot is Duotechs incentive along with exhibiting the style of brushwood, courtesy of a uniquely formulated polypropylene mix meanwhile sturdy enough to comfortably support two adults.

Combining Hudsons two years of warranty assurance with Duotechs quality of construction, sublime looks, immunity from decay, ultra low-maintenance and favourable feedback, its certainly captivating interest.

Hope Hudsons outdoor seat delivers inspiration for your outside storage-bench ideas.

Until the next weatherproof storage seat review,


Sumatras Sturdiness And Features

Keter Eden 70 Gal. Outdoor Garden Patio Deck Box Bench in Beige and ...

Our deck box decision geared around seating cushion and patio accessories storage concluding in a stylish appearance to compliment the patio surroundings, a flat lid for table-top services and a sturdy body suitable for seating ability providing summer advantages when guests visit whilst superb services are delivered at barbecue times.

Gas Shock Pistons Deliver Easy Access

The Sumatra delivers these choices to high appraisal: A flattish lid provides a suitable surface for placing food and drinks on top, ideal for barbecue times and drinks on the patio whilst the sturdy structure is suitable for seating 2 adults as the images show providing the advantage for additional bench seating when required.

Inclusive of gas shock pistons adjoining the lid to the box generates easy access, start to open the box and the gas shocks take over opening the lid fully ajar. This automatic opening with stay-open design feature delivers a straightforward use in terms of acquiring storage especially when hands are full.

Another huge advantage where pistons are concerned relates to providing support for the heavy lid preventing the full weight slamming shut on fingers, this cautious approach is advantageous regarding serving as a kids toy box whilst delivering the benefits in organising the quickest of garden tidy-ups.

Sumatra Provides Seating for 2 Adults

Flat Lid Provides Table-Top Services

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Weather Resistant Yet Flimsy Construction

As we mentioned before, the Keter Eden Patio Storage Bench is made from a type of plastic resin. This material is super weather resistant and perfect for the outdoors. By design its nearly impervious to rotting and warping from the sun, plus it doesnt absorb water and can last a lifetime with little maintenance. The only issues is, it was just too thin for the job. To us, it felt like the kind of cheap plastic used to build kids toys. Not something durable wed want to rely on for a long time.

That being said, once assembled it was pretty sturdy and when we loaded it up with patio accessories we were sure they wind wouldnt take it away. Thats a good thing because there were no anchors or tie down points. You could always drill holes in the base to anchor it down, but with the flimsy bottom wed not recommend it. If you planned to use this on a lawn, you can opt not to install the bottom and instead leave it open. While this will decrease the structural stability a bit, itll leave your grass it a bit better state of health.

Elegant And Modern Look

The main redeeming feature of this patio storage bench is just how great it looks. With an elegant yet modern design, the Keter Eden Outdoor Patio Storage Bench looks amazing in just about any situation. It has contemporary wood-contoured armrests and a beautiful backstyle bench. Plus the two color choices of brown or beige work with nearly any decor. The video below shows you just a taste of the patio bench in action.

If you simply have to have an incredibly visually appealing patio storage bench and arent too concerned with durability, this one just might be the right choice.

We do want to note that the Keter Eden Patio Bench doesnt come with cushion. Wed suggest you buy the Pillow Perfect Indoor/Outdoor Annie Bench Cushion to complete the look. Otherwise youll just be sitting on a hard plastic surface.

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Plastic Storage Boxes For The Garden

A favourable solution emerging across many homes regarding where to harbour the ever increasing amount of outdoor gear we keep accumulating enabling to create more space indoors has been verified by introducing the accomplished solution, stylish plastic storage boxes for the garden.

Sumatra Deck Box

This sleek design of storage facility has many uses whilst situated in various locations either indoors or outside. Many opt to purchase additional deck boxes once they realise the potential service one delivers. Its a common occurrence to see in excess of two and three scattering homes due to their presence being efficacious in organizing more space indoors.

We have friends and family that adore whats offered through their effective storage solutions, accommodating sporting equipment, outdoors shoes & boots, a fab haven for kids toys delivering an uncluttered space in minutes. Garages, entrance halls and conservatories are popular locations for a deck box presence indoors.

Outside potential is huge, like the storage of gardening equipment, lawn supplies, swimming gear, barbecue paraphernalia and patio accessories including more delicate fabrics like seating cushions. Examples of popular locations are situated poolside, around a barbecue area, on a balcony, excellent for tight garden spaces whilst their attraction embraces a patio with modish flair.

Keter Sumatra Deck Box

Sumatra Deck Box Measurements

Is the KETER Eden garden storage bench really worth it??

The Sumatra deck box is designed with 135 Gallon / 511 Litres internal storage capacity. External and internal measurements are presented below to check with your desired location and storage ideas whilst seating weight and internal storage weight capacity are identified:

Sumatra Deck Box Measurements

Sumatra Deck Box Weight Capacity

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Rockwood Garden Storage Bench Box Large Keter Resin Furniture

If youve got a lot to store, the Rockwood is the storage bench for you. Boxy in shape, it holds up to 570 litres. This is your typical storage box more of a box than a bench but still sturdy so you could definitely still sit on it. Even spruce it up with a cushion or two.

Solid brown wooden design looks very attractive for a storage box and it also comes in grey too. Size-wise, it could fit up to two people comfortably. Although it is quite high with a height of 62 centimetres, so maybe not for the short-legged among us. Does triple-up as a useful garden table though. I have to say the most important thing is the internal measurements after all you bought this for space, no doubt:

Rockwood internal box size

Now, theres talk among some of my customers that sometimes water can run along the lid when its lifted. The thing with storage boxes is that even if theyre waterproof, with this design there is going to be some water collection on the lid which is going to drip down, the GSD handles it pretty well because of the curve this is flat and so more useable it seems like theres always a trade between usability and practicality as well as aesthetics! Sorry about that but its really the case. This isnt a deal breaker though its a simple case of wiping the lid. Apart from that, no damp garden tools! And talking of tools you can easily whack the same lock you use on a shed on the clasp and its secure.

wheelie bin storage



Keter Solana 70 Gallon Storage Bench Deck Box

Select a Color

Do you need secure storage that doesn’t waste valuable garden space or cheapen your decor? Keter’s 70-Gallon Solana Storage Bench is both a spacious outdoor storage solution and a practical, beautiful garden bench. The Solana provides enough seating room to accommodate two adults and makes a perfect deck box, romantic garden resting spot or functional, space-saving indoor storage box.


  • Exterior: 54. 6 in. L x 23. 4 in. W x 32. 8 in. H / Interior: 50. 4 in. L x 19. 7 in. W x 15 in. H
  • 70 gallons of extra hidden storage underneath the seat
  • Made out of all weather-resistant resin with an appealing wood-look texture
  • Weather-resistant polypropylene construction prevents rusting, peeling and denting – unlike real wood
  • Provides comfortable bench seating for two or three with a weight capacity of 551 lbs.
  • Works with standard padlocks, which are sold separately
  • Elegant natural wood look texture to fit any outdoor patio décor
  • Perfect place to store outdoor patio furniture cushions, outdoor toys, pool accessories, and beach towels

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Hit Or Miss Quality That Should Be Easy To Assemble

When we first pulled this patio storage bench out of the box we were pleased to see that it came with fairly easy to follow instructions. Youll only need a Phillips screwdriver to fully assemble the unit and it should only take an hour or two to complete. However there have been quite a few reports of pieces that didnt quite snap into place and we found those to be true. Before diving into the details, take a look at this video demonstrating how to assembly the Keter Eden Storage Bench.

During assembly we ran into a few pieces that simply would not go where they were supposed to. Eventually we had to manhandle them into position and were debating about buying some L-brackets for added support. We also found the included screws to be a tad too short for comfort. While they did the job, wed have liked a bit higher quality hardware. After all, the snap locks are only so you can fully assemble it with the screws. Once in place the hardware should take most of the strain and weight.

One good quality we wanted to note was in case the color wasnt quite what you were after, the unit can easily be painted. Just grab a can of Krylon 2422 Fusion for Plastic Spray in your desired color and paint away. There are a ton of ways you can customize it and there is no reason it cant match the rest of your patio decor.

Gsd Waterproof Plastic Garden Storage Bench Box

Keter Eden 70 Gallon All Weather Outdoor Patio Storage Garden Bench ...

If youre looking for a cheap option, this garden bench offers a lot for the money priced at £45 and well well deserving of joint top budget pick. Giving this one the edge for assembly because there wasnt much. Easy to assemble and all clicks together. No tools are needed! Thats the biggest bonus of all when compared to all other units in this review and is standout on that point alone. Personally I like to have a back on my bench but if you can live without or placing this against the wall then its an absolute bargain, even more so when you consider just how strong this thing is:

Onto the durability. Its definitely waterproof and very sturdy holds up to 300kg so can easily be sat on. Its can be outside in the downpour and everything inside will still be dry. Its definitely passes the test for storage and you can thank the design for that. Whilst it makes for less comfortable seating, the curve definitely ensure water runs away. Combine that with the lid that slots over the top so water can leak down the sides and you have a very sensible storage solution for bargain money:


The picture style instructions make for a pretty easy assemble. Most stumble across a bit of a roadblock when it comes to slotting in a couple of the parts but youll got there in the end Id say its on par with my top pick Keter Eden Bench for this element of the review. A pretty smooth putting together.



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Keter Eden 70 Gallon Storage Bench Deck Box

  • LARGE CAPACITY: 70 gallons of extra hidden storage underneath the seat
  • RESIN CONSTRUCTION: Its made out of all weather-resistant resin with an appealing wood-look texture
  • DURABLE AND STRONG: Weather-resistant polypropylene construction prevents rusting, peeling and denting unlike real wood
  • EXTRA SEATING: Provides comfortable bench seating for two or three with a weight capacity of 771 lbs
  • LOCKABLE: Works with standard padlocks, which are sold separately

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Summary Keter Eden Outdoor Patio Storage Bench

Overall the Keter Eden Outdoor Patio Storage Bench is a wonderfully looking, functional piece of outdoor furniture. If you get lucky and have one that goes together nicely youll most likely enjoy it. With such a large 70 gallon storage capacity and good looks it has a lot to offer. However due to the many inherent design flaws as well as the possibly nightmarish assembly wed recommend you get the Suncast PB6700 Patio Bench or Suncast ELEMENTS Loveseat with Storage instead. They are simply superior units and you wont have to worry about misaligned parts, thin plastic or troubles of any kind.

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Rowlinson Rattan Storage Bench Grey

Last time I had this ranked third it must have been a bad day and my eyes all wonky when I wrote the review last time how can I seriously place this so far down the list when aesthetically it is the best by miles! Every now and then you have a bad day I guess but thats fixed now:

Its Rattan! The big material of the moment. Unsurprisingly, the Rawlinson Rattan Storage Bench is on the pricer side of storage benches. This bench is the most expensive out of this selection and Im putting that simply down to the rattan look. Nice colour too. Whilst I do very much appreciate my Keter Eden Bench, how it loses in style to this by some serious margin. The only question is, are you ok with knowing youre buying style that wont last as long? If yes, this is the one

For me on the money front, its worth it as it looks good and doesnt look cheap At 120 x 60 x 90 centimetres, its a decent size and comfortably fits two adults sat down. Also, its very comfy which is a big bonus the one other thing you have to question is the value when compared to other rattan garden furniture though .


The first thing youll notice when unpacking this is the wood its not bad. Youre expecting rough and low quality to reflect the price but I think its fair to say its better than the money your paying hence finding its way to my best budget pick!



  • For the money looks superb
  • Nice and comfy cushion provided too


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