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Are Rice Cakes Low Carb

Easy Keto Meals with Miracle Rice

Since they are made from puffed rice, rice cakes will be lower in carbs than cooked rice. However, before we are tricked by their low carb content, we must also consider what rice cakes lack.

Since they are almost 100% net carbs, rice cakes will increase your daily carb count without adding any healthy fats, protein, fiber, or micronutrients to your diet. In other words, even the lowest carb rice cake products are not a good option for keto since they add empty carbs to your diet and nothing else.

Rice Cake Product
  • Mushroom rice

Rice Substitutes On Keto Diet

While you might not be able to enjoy bowl-fulls of rice while following the keto diet, there are some rice substitutes you can dine on instead, including the following:

Cauliflower rice. Probably the most popular substitute for rice is cauliflower rice. All you need is a food processor or cheese grater and youve got a low-carb rice substitute.

Its only got 5g of carbs per 100g serving, compared to 28g of carbs for rice of the same serving size. You can even use cauliflower rice as part of a low-carb pizza crust recipe that involves a little mozzarella and parmesan cheese.

Cauliflower may help to improve digestion, balance hormones, lower inflammation, and even lower the risk of certain cancers. Its also loaded in vitamins C and K.

Cabbage rice. Easy to find at all grocery stores, cabbage is cheap and low in carbs at only 6g of carbs per 100g serving. Again, all you need is a food processor to shred the cabbage into tiny pellets resembling rice. Saute the cabbage rice with all sorts of different spices and herbs to mimic the taste and texture of real rice.

Cabbage is chock full of nutrients, including iron and vitamins C and K. Its also a powerful antioxidant that may protect against certain cancers and heart disease while promoting good vision.

Shirataki rice can be found in most health food stores and makes a great low-carb substitute for regular rice. Use it in your pilaf, stir-fry, or even in soup.

Can I Eat Rice Once A Week On Keto

Removing rice from your diet entirely can be challenging, and many low-carb dieters wonder if enjoying it sparingly is possible on a keto diet. Unfortunately, even adding rice once per week can limit your progress on keto.

Some people find that they need a cheat day once a week or once every other week to maintain their psychological well-being, as carbohydrates affect our mood and sometimes even our outlook. If youre in the cheat day camp, you could somewhat safely have a cup of rice or so once a week, but we recommend using keto test strips to ensure that it doesnt bring you out of ketosis for too long.

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Is Rice Allowed On The Ketogenic Diet

Technically, it is not keto-friendly. As seen in the nutritional content, rice is very high in carbohydrates. But, you can potentially include it even if you are following a ketogenic lifestyle. You just have to be very careful with the portion size. You wont be able to have a whole bowl, but you may be able to work in a very small amount.

If you dont take precautions, it is very easy to use up your daily carbs just with this grain. This would prevent you from adding healthier carb sources like veggies, nuts, and seeds. Even though these foods are very low in carbs, they do contain small amounts that count towards your daily total.

So, make sure to always measure the portion you are going to have and subtract it from your total carb intake of the day.

If you are following a modified keto diet, you have a broader range to add carbs into your eating plan, and this means that you have a greater chance of adding it to your meals without a problem.

Carbohydrates Are Too Plentiful

Keto Cauliflower Fried Rice

Rice Paper Rolls should be avoided while on the keto diet due to their high net carb content .To stay in ketosis, keep your daily net carb intake between 20 and 30 grammes. Using this keto macro calculator, you can figure out how much net carbs you should eat every day as per your health.

You could also try other low-net-carb dishes.Low-carb, high-fat foods include avocado, salmon, and ghee.Carbohydrates are abundant despite the clean ingredients.Sweeteners, oils, and food additives are regarded some of the most typical keto items to examine.

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Is Rice Low Carb Why Isnt It Keto

The primary reason rice is problematic for those looking to maintain a state of ketosis is that its naturally high in carbohydrates. As you likely already know, ketosis is achievable by limiting carbs in your diet and forcing your body to use fat as a fuel source instead.

Since our bodies naturally prefer to default to carbs as a fuel, you risk abandoning your state of ketosis anytime you consume carbs, including rice.

Ways To Make Your Keto Diet Meal Plan Healthier And More Balanced

When properly planned, the keto diet can be a healthful diet, says Elia. Five tips for making it work:

1. Dont get stuck in a rut. In any diet, variety is the spice of life, says Elia. That means varying your foods every day, rather than sticking with the same things every day. That can be tough when on a more restricted diet, but looking at keto cookbooks and blogs can help you branch out.

2. Make carbs count. Keto may be a very low-carbohydrate diet, but that doesnt mean the cardinal rule is try to avoid carbs. Its about maximizing the carbs you do eat. In every food choice, ask yourself this question: ‘What is the value of the food Im about to consume?’ says Elia. Make sure carbs are nutrient-dense. That means nuts, seeds, and avocado not a small cookie.

3. Focus on quality. In a diet where youll be eating a lot of fat and some meat, you want to focus on buying the best-quality food you can afford, says Glassman. For example: Buy wild seafood, organic eggs, and grass-fed butter and steak, she says.

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Top Keto Foods Questions

How low carb is keto?

Keto is a low-carb diet, not no carb. How many carbs can you eat in a day on keto? This can differ depending on you and what your health goals are, you may want to stay below 20 grams of net carbs per day. Learn about how many carbs can be appropriate for you

How much fat do you need to eat?

There is actually no amount of fat you need to eat, even on a keto diet. However, aim at adding enough fat for flavor and enjoyment and to keep calories from going too low. Guide: How much fat should you eat on keto?

Can I eat a vegetarian keto diet?

Yes. Especially if you eat eggs and dairy , its definitely doable. Vegan keto is more difficult Learn more and find inspiration here

Can I eat a dairy-free keto diet?

Sure. Its not necessary to eat dairy to successfully eat keto . A dairy-free keto diet can be very effective. Learn more and find recipes

Can I drink alcohol on a keto diet?

Yes. But make sure its an alcoholic drink that is low in carbs, like dry wine. Check out our full guide to keto alcoholic drinks

Can I eat fruit on a keto diet?

Sometimes if you choose low-sugar fruits and keep portions small. The best keto fruits are blackberries, raspberries and strawberries. Enjoy about one-half cup of any of these, either alone or with a bit of cream. Delicious! Full guide to keto fruits

What About Rice Noodles: Are They Low Carb

Keto Rice | Gluten Free | 0g Net Carbs

Rice noodles can be thought of as long strips of net carbs .

More specifically, one cup of rice noodles comes packed with 44 g of total carbs and 42.2 g of net carbs .

Rather than skipping noodles altogether, there are plenty of keto-friendly alternatives you can try. Well learn more about them after we uncover the truth about rice cakes.

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Nutritional Information For Rice

Now, let’s analyze white rice‘s nutritional information so we can answer the question: is rice keto diet friendly?

One cup weighing 158g has 205 calories, 0.4g total fat and 45g of total carbs. It has 0.6g of dietary fiber, meaning it has 44.4g of net carbs. Additionally, it has 1.6g sodium and 4.3g protein.

Why You May Want To Reduce Carbs

Although a low carb diet isnt right for everyone, people may choose to reduce their carb intake for many reasons.

For example, research shows that low carb diets may support weight loss as effectively as other popular eating patterns, such as low fat diets. All the same, low carb diets may have limited efficacy over the long term (

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Prepare Cauliflower Rice In Bulk For Meal Prep

I bulk prep cauliflower rice just like I bulk prep broccoli as a quick and easy low-carb staple to have for the week. This strategy saves me a lot of time and makes meal prep a breeze.

Make a big batch of this rice alternative and store in an air-tight container in the fridge for up to 4 days after cooking.

Add it into salads, soups, and casseroles or just serve it with lots of salt and butter as a side dish.

Is Wild Rice Black Rice Or Brown Rice Low Carb

Can You Eat White Rice On A Keto Diet

Though brown rice, wild rice, and black rice are all richer in micronutrients, fiber, and protein than white rice, they are still packed with too many carbs to fit into a low-carb diet.

As you can see, wild rice is the lowest carb rice. However, with ~32 grams of net carbs in each half-cup, itll be challenging to fit it into a low-carb or keto diet without cutting out other nutritious keto-friendly foods.

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Reduced Overall Disease Risk

A review including 21 meta-analyses concluded that whole grain intake can be beneficial for the prevention of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and colorectal, pancreatic and gastric cancers 16. Thats because our digestive system needs fiber to stay healthy. However whole grains like brown rice also contain antioxidants that help reduce disease risk.

Rice Glycemic Index Value

Glycemic index is a relative ranking given to food that ranges from 0 to 100, with pure glucose at 100, and corresponds to how much the blood glucose raises two hours after consuming the food.

The GI of boiled white rice is 73 ± 4, and the GI of boiled brown rice is 68 ± 4 which means that both white and brown rice are high GI foods.

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What Rice Can You Eat On Keto

There are different types that you can find. Not only are they different in texture, but they also vary in their aroma, texture, and color.

They offer similar nutritional characteristics. They are high in carbs, moderate to low in fiber depending on the type, and low in protein and fat.

Any option you choose to add to your meals, remember that you need to measure the portion size so you dont go overboard with your total daily carb intake.

Now lets talk about the different types of this great grain.

Length and shape

  • Long grain. It has a light and fluffy texture.
  • Medium grain. They tend to stick together, and are tender and moist.
  • Short grain. Sticky texture .


  • White. The most processed type. Most of the fiber and some nutrients have been removed.
  • Brown. It takes longer to cook, but it has more fiber and more nutrients.
  • Forbidden Black. It has a nutty flavor and is packed with nutrients.
  • Wild. High in protein and lots of nutrients.

Then there are different types you can use. All of them are good options, and you can add them in small amounts as long as you measure the portion.

  • Arborio

Honey Or Sugar In Any Form

Keto Pilaf | Gluten Free Rice Alternative

Youre probably well aware that foods high in sugar, such as cookies, candy, and cake, should be limited if youre on a low carb diet.

However, you may not realize that natural forms of sugar have as many carbs as white sugar. In fact, many of them are even higher in carbs when measured in tablespoons.

Here are the carb counts for 1 tablespoon of several types of sugar (

  • Agave nectar: 16 grams
  • Honey: 17 grams

Whats more, these sweeteners provide little to no nutritional value. When youre limiting your carb intake, its especially important to choose nutritious, high fiber carb sources.

To sweeten foods or beverages without adding carbs, choose a low carb sweetener instead, such as stevia or monk fruit.


If youre on a low carb diet, you should limit your intake of sugar, honey, maple syrup, and other forms of sugar, which are high in carbs but low in other important nutrients.

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What To Serve With Cauliflower Rice

Cauliflower rice is the perfect side dish for Asian inspired recipes like Ground Beef and Broccoli Stir-Fry and Keto Ground Beef Stir-Fry.

Got chicken on hand? Try our rice with Keto Garlic Butter Chicken Bites from Keto Cooking Wins.

If you have our keto training manual, The Ketogenic Edge Cookbook, you know how useful cauliflower rice can be on a keto diet. It is a great thing to add to family-friendly low-carb recipes to provide a familiar rice-like bulk to the meal.

In our cookbook, we pair some of our favorite keto recipes with cauliflower rice like:

  • Mamaâs Best Meatballs

Spaghetti Squash Has A Startlingly Hearty Taste Without The Carbs

You’ve probably heard of spaghetti squash, but did you know the USDA says that one cup of the stuff has justseven carbs? It’s the perfect substitute when you’re craving something warm and hearty like rice.

In case you’re wondering, you don’t have to put spaghetti squash through any fancy machine to make it from those lovely strands. Simply halve the squash, roast it, and drag a fork through the cooked flesh. The strands appear as if by magic.

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Rice Benefits For Health

Rice contains B vitamins , vitamin E, and A. There are many trace elements without which the normal performance of the body is impossible, namely: phosphorus, potassium, iron, zinc, calcium, selenium, and iodine. It also contains important amino acids and is free from gluten, which can cause allergic reactions. Lets take a closer look at the beneficial effect of vitamins that rice contains.

How Much Can You Have On A Keto Diet

Low Carb KETO Cauliflower Rice Recipe

The serving size depends on your carb intake for the day.

For example, if you are staying below 50 g of net carbohydrates per day, a good portion size of this food could be 2 tablespoons . This would give you 6 g of net carbohydrates.

Keep in mind that you need to measure and deduct how many carbs you have from your total daily macro requirements. This is to ensure that you wont surpass your target and accidentally get yourself out of ketosis.

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Rice Contains Over 85% Of Your Daily Manganese

Brown rice contains over 85% of the recommended daily amount of manganese. Manganese plays a key role in antioxidant and enzyme functions, which help metabolize the food you eat. It also improves cognitive functioning, reduces the risk factors associated with diabetes, and can help encourage weight loss.

Manganese plays a vital role in the health of your bones, liver, pancreas, and kidneys. This mineral also prevents blood clots, regulates your blood glucose levels, and can reduces the effects of premenstrual syndrome.

How To Eat Rice On Keto

On keto, you can only eat rice during the one to two carb-up days on the cyclical version of this diet. Otherwise, youre advised to stay away from rice when following a low-carb diet such as keto. Another exception is the targeted ketogenic diet where you eat more carbs right before or after your workouts. The goal of this is also to replenish muscle glycogen and help with muscle recovery.

Here are some steps you need to take if youre planning to include rice as part of your carb refeeds on the CKD or TKD:

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A Keto Replacement For Rice

Cauliflower rice provides the familiarity of rice with an array of micronutrients and keto-approved low carbohydrate levels.

In 100 grams of raw cauliflower, there are 25 calories per serving. This comes from 2 g protein and 5 g total carbs with 3 g net carb.

Knowing how to replace staple grain-based dishes makes me feel confident I can succeed on a low-carb diet. I can cook healthy low-carb food, maintain keto macros, and never feel like I am missing out.

I hope these tips will help you too.

Once you get a hang of keto substitutions, low-carb meal prep becomes easy.

Did you know there are many suitable keto pasta alternatives too?

My low-carb alternative to mashed potatoes is also amazing!

With recipes like these, you will never miss the carbs from your diet.

Key Takeaways: Low Carb Rice Alternatives And Recipes For Keto

How To Make Cauliflower Rice | Keto Essentials | Headbanger’s Kitchen

Rice is not suitable for low-carb and keto eating, regardless of the variety you have

However, there are plenty of low-carb rice substitutes that you can make to satisfy your craving for the starch-filled grain. These include:

  • Riced cauliflower

That being said, even if you have the lowest carb rice substitute, it is still crucial to be mindful of how much fat, protein, and carbs you need to achieve the results you want.

The easiest way to make sure you are on the right track is by using our keto meal planning app. It will provide you with an unlimited eating plan personalized to your goals and preferences, so all youll have to do is shop for the ingredients, make your meals, and enjoy them.

P.S. Have a look at the Keto Academy, our foolproof 30-day keto meal planner. It has all the tools, information, and recipes needed for you to succeed.

+ The food will always fit to your macros and cooking preferences!

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