How To Make Keto Coffee

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How To Make Keto Coffee

4 KETO COFFEE RECIPES | How To Make Bulletproof Coffee & MORE!

Making keto coffee is extremely easy. Theres only a couple of steps.

Put all ingredients into a high-powered blender and blend until well combined. If you dont have all the ingredients on hand, then you may choose to only go with grass-fed butter and/or coconut oil, for example, with the black coffee. But the combo of all the ingredients raises the health quotient for this coffee.

Pour into your favorite coffee mug.

Sprinkle on a little cinnamon and prepare to enjoy your first keto coffee! If you need a little extra flavor or sweetness, you can add a dash of pure vanilla extract without increasing the carb content of the recipe drastically.

If youre consistently struggling to add extra protein and fat to your daily diet without increasing your carb count, consider adding this keto coffee to your normal rotation of keto recipes.

Why Add Fat To Your Coffee

Sometimes as part of the Keto diet, you dont want to eat breakfast, but maybe you need something on your stomach so you dont get hangry.

This is where Bulletproof or Keto coffee comes in. By adding fat to your coffee, you add substance, thus feeding your body for the workout its about to have, or the day thats about to start.

But not just any fats, we want the healthy fats such as:

  • grass-fed butter
  • MCT oil or MCT oil powder
  • brain octane oil

The combination of fat and the caffeine in coffee is like a one-two punch to wake you up.

And we havent even gotten to the protein coffee yet.

Keto Coffee Protein Shake

If you are heading to the gym in the morning, then you need your morning cup of coffee to act as a meal, take the above Bulletproof coffee recipe and add a scoop of collagen protein powder.

This adds a bit more substance and the mix of fats and protein will keep you full much longer than the same coffee without the protein.

The very best source for Collagen and Protein powder and all Keto Coffee add ins is Perfect Keto. Use my discount code KETOGENICWOMAN15 to get 15% off on your first order.

I particularly love the Chocolate collagen in my coffee. I make my Mom a coffee with the Ketone base every morning as recommended by her geriatric doctor to help her Alzheimers symptoms. There is no cure for this horrible disease but anything I can do to try and slow the progression!

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Keto Coffee Butter Coffee Bulletproof Coffee Whats The Difference Anyway

Not much to be honest. All of these essentially mean coffee mixed with fats.

Bulletproof started the trend with their original recipe: two parts of grass-fed butter to one part MCT oil. Keto Coffee has since expanded this idea to other fats and flavor enhancers. Youve got heavy cream, coconut, and ghee. Vanilla, cinnamon and maca. The possibilities are endless!

Why Put Butter And Oil In Your Coffee

Keto Pumpkin Spiced Bulletproof Coffee

I know it sounds kind of oddbutter in your coffee right? I thought it was odd when I first heard about it, but not only is it super popular it has a lot of benefits to it.

When making butter coffee, adding MCT oil helps with focus, energy, and suppresses your appetite. Read below for more information.

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The Best Basic Chaffle:

To step up your keto chaffle recipe to taste more like a traditional waffle, this is the one to make! Its similar to what people sometimes call a wonder bread chaffle. The taste is very neutral, not sweet or savory, and bread-like, making them great for sandwiches.

  • Eggs & Cheese The same as the 2 ingredient chaffle above.
  • Almond Flour Only 2 tablespoons, so your chaffles will still be primarily eggs and cheese, but this addition makes them taste so much more like real waffles! Be sure your flour is blanched and super finely ground for the best texture Wholesome Yum Blanched Almond Flour is the one I always use.
  • Psyllium Husk Powder Adding just 1/2 a teaspoon makes your cheese waffles more chewy. I always use Wholesome Yum Psyllium Husk Powder because it doesnt make baked goods turn purple. Golden flaxseed meal is also fine to substitute.
  • Baking powder Helps make the result less dense. Make sure to use baking powder, not baking soda.

NUT-FREE OPTION:If you cant have almond flour, you can use coconut flour instead. The amount will NOT be the same, though. Use 1 teaspoon of coconut flour to replace each tablespoon of almond flour in any chaffle recipe.

How Do You Make Bulletproof Coffee

Making Bulletproof coffee demands slightly more work than merely adding a pat of butter to your morning coffee brew, but not that much more.

You can find recipes for all sorts of Butter coffees on the internet to match your specific tastes and dietary needs.

Below we have detailed three uncomplicated, straightforward, and fantastic keto butter coffee recipes for concocting this tasty coffee drink.

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Recipe images updated in July 2018.

What Are The Benefits Of Drinking Keto Coffee

Keto Coffee Recipe: Better than Bulletproof Coffee: Thomas DeLauer

There are a lot of benefits to drinking Keto Coffee versus regular coffee. One of the main draws for people is the sustained energy that it provides. The caffeine in coffee often leads to a burst of alertness right away, but is quickly followed by a crash. The butter/ghee and MCT oil help to give you more energy that lasts a lot longer.

Another benefit of ketogenic coffee is the supply of healthy fats that keep you feeling full. Regular coffee makes your stomach feel empty, which often leads to food cravings. So this could help you lose a bit of weight if you struggle with food cravings after drinking your morning coffee.

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Keto Mocha Coffee Bombs

I love coffee. I know I have told you all that many many times and you will probably hear me say it more times. I just really love it and I love coming up with new creative coffee drinks. I love keto hot chocolate bombs and I love keto coffee bombs so what better idea then to combine the two.

I love that I can make a batch of keto mocha coffee bombs and keep them in the fridge for whenever I want a change of pace with my coffee. I am sure you are going to love these keto coffee bombs as much as I do and how easy they are to make.

Chocolate Keto Bulletproof Coffee

Heres another bulletproof coffee recipe, this time using cocoa powder to give it a mocha taste.

As I mentioned before, youll absolutely need a blender to make bulletproof coffee. A frother wont work, and neither will a whisk.

However, adding hot liquids to a blender has its hazards, such as the steam that gets trapped inside.

Pressure can build up and cause the lid to pop off, or in some cases, if the blender is cheaper, the plastic can crack .

So, be careful when blending hot coffee, and always let it cool for a few minutes first.

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Easy Keto Coffee Recipe

Most keto coffee recipes are based on Aspreys original bulletproof coffee recipe:

  • Combine a cup of hot coffee , 1-2 teaspoons of MCT oil, and 1-2 tablespoons of grass-fed butter or ghee.
  • Blend for 30 seconds so the MCT oil and coffee will combine. You dont have to use a standalone or immersion blender a milk frother works fine.
  • When your keto bulletproof coffee has the consistency of a latte, youre done.

Pour it into a coffee mug, and voila! A cup of keto coffee.

Keto coffee tastes good, but not quite like coffee with milk and sugar. Many people also add keto creamer, monk fruit extract or stevia, keto-friendly extras like cocoa powder, cinnamon or vanilla extract for added flavor, and protein or collagen powder for additional benefits.

We wont pretend that keto coffee is as yummy as a Starbucks coffee drink like a mocha or a caramel macchiato but its not bad at all, and its a smart way for coffee drinkers to increase weight loss on a keto diet.

However, theres a fine line between smart and unhealthy, since keto coffee is extremely high in both calories and saturated fat. Just one cup can contribute one-quarter of the total calories a healthy adult needs in a day, and all the saturated fat thats recommended for daily consumption. Two cups of bulletproof coffee a day is one cup too many.

How Does Keto Coffee Work

Beginners Guide to Keto Coffee

The benefits of keto coffee mostly come from the addition of MCT oil.

MCT oil is derived from coconuts, with more than 50% of the fat in the coconut oil coming from MCTs – this is what is then used to make MCT oil.

Medium chain triglycerides are shorter in length then long chain triglycerides found in saturated fats. The shorter chain length means your body doesn’t have to break it down and so the MCTs are absorbed straight into the blood stream.

Pair this with coffee and you have the perfect combo of hunger suppressing caffeine and instant energy boosting MCT oil – the keto coffee.

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Best Mct Oil For Keto Coffee

I mentioned earlier in this article about the brand Bulletproof. They make high-quality MCT oils. The two I recommend are:

  • Bulletproof Brain Octane C8 MCT Oil Sourced only from coconuts. Contains C8 that quickly converts into fat-burning energy.
  • MCT Oil Sourced only from coconuts, not palm oil. Contains C8 and C10, which are two of the most ketogenic MCTs found in coconut oil.

How To Make The Perfect Cup Of Keto Coffee

Do you find yourself dragging after lunch, reaching for another coffee to keep you going? Ready to put an end to those dreaded coffee crashes? Then look no further keto coffee was made for you!

Keto coffee is simply coffee paired with healthy fats for an energizing, satisfying twist on the morning cup of joe. No sugars here careful selection of fats is all you need. We personally drink 2 per day to supercharge our mornings and afternoons .

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Salted Or Unsalted Butter

Salted or unsalted? To be or not to bethat is the question. Hahaha sorry, if you guys didnt get my Billy Madison reference. Ok moving on now

Both unsalted and salted butter are fine to use in Keto coffee and it depends on your tastes.

A lot of people do not like to use salted butter in their bullet coffee recipe because they said they can taste the salt. That being said, salted butter is my favorite. I NEVER buy unsalted butter for anything that includes when making our keto coffee recipe.

Something to keep in mind is that I have heard from many people that it can be a challenge to find Unsalted Grass-Fed Butter. If thats the case and the salt doesnt bother you, then go ahead and use salted grass-fed butter.

My favorite brand is Kerrygold Pure Irish Butter. Its grass-fed and so rich and creamy. Honestly, once you have tried it, you wont be going back to any regular store-bought brand.

TIP Buy the Kerrygold grass-fed butter at Costco when it goes on sale.

Other Diets This Recipe Is Good For

How to Make Keto Coffee Benefits!
  • Gluten-Free: 100% gluten-free!
  • Nut-Free: Our keto coffee doesnt have any nut milk such as almond milk, making it completely nut-free.
  • Vegan or Dairy-Free: This bulletproof coffee recipe is NOT dairy-free, but if you need it to be we can fix that. Replace the butter with cocoa butter and replace the heavy cream with full-fat coconut milk.

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Common Keto Coffee Mistakes For Weight Loss

Have you tried making delicious keto coffee recipes and found its hindering your weight loss? Grass fed butter or ghee can make great additions to up the healthy fats in your diet, but should still be managed to ensure weight loss. Some of the biggest mistakes we see when people make their keto coffee recipe is:

  • Not Watching Calories The most common mistake we see when people start making keto coffee recipes is not keeping their calories in check.
  • Adding too Much Dairy While we all know heavy cream and butter is delicious, it may not always be the best thing to consume in large amounts. If you find yourself using more than a few tablespoons in your cup of keto coffee it might be time to switch up your routine. Dairy can be high in calories, as well as cause inflammation which hinders weight loss.
  • Its Too Delicious Yes, sadly being too delicious is a danger to weight loss. If something is super tasty you are more likely to overeat/ drink a certain food or beverage. To manage net carbs and overall calories you probably shouldnt be drinking 6-7 tablespoons of coffee with butter or ghee everyday. While grass fed butter or ghee is rich in healthy fats, they do still contain quite a few calories.

These are a few things to look out for when you decide to start dabbling in keto coffee recipes. The big takeaway is that healthy fats are low carb and extremely good on a keto diet, but should still be managed for overall caloric needs to ensure weight loss.

Is Iced Coffee Keto

Iced coffee can be keto-friendly, it just depends on the ingredients in it. A lot of coffee houses use sugary sweeteners to sweeten their iced coffees which is not ideal for a keto lifestyle or if youre on a weight loss journey.

For your iced coffee to be keto-friendly, you should make sure that there are no added sugars in it. Thats why I prefer to make my own iced coffee at home. Also, I save a lot of money this way!

Youll also receive emails with new recipes delivered straight to you.

This easy keto iced coffee recipe will show you how to make your own delicious, keto-friendly morning coffee right at home. And it contains zero net carbs!

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What Is Mct Oil

MCT is short for medium-chain triglycerides. They are made by processing coconut and palm kernel oil in the lab. Find out more about it at WebMD.

The MCT oil is used for various reasons like for weight loss, performance, to aid in digestive disorders like celiac disease and short bowel syndrome. Its also been used to treat various conditions like AIDs and cystic fibrosis.

Read the complete guide to medium chain triglycerides here in MCT Oil for Keto

Basically, its really friggin healthy. .

How To Make Flavored Whipped Coffee

Easy Keto Protein Coffee

Adding flavors to your whipped coffee is SUPER easy! All you have to do is drizzle the flavor syrup that you want on top of the ice cubes after you add them to your glass before you add in the milk.

Flavoring choices are optional but I wanted mine to be caramel flavor. You can use any flavor sugar free sauce with this whipped coffee recipe.

I personally love the Torani Sugar Free syrups when I am making my keto coffee and that is what I use when I make my keto whipped coffees as well, but feel free to use what you have on hand.

If you are making whipped coffee and you are not keto or low carb, you can totally use the syrups with sugar in them when you are making this.

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Why Is My Keto Coffee Not Turning Light In The Blender

If you noticed that your keto coffee is not lightning up in the blender, there is a chance that you may not be blending your keto coffee at a high enough speed. Consider increasing the settings on your blender.

This should get your keto coffee lighter. If this does not work, you may simply need to blend your mixture for a longer amount of time.

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  • Low Carb Pumpkin Bars A must for any fall party or get-together. Wait until you try the frosting!
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  • Keto Low Carb Pumpkin Muffins Youre definitely going to need this pumpkin muffin recipe for this no carb pumpkin spice latte!

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Why Should You Drink Bulletproof Coffee

While I dont encourage replacing a meal with a bulletproof coffee, a creamy cup of this stuff is an excellent way to get more nutrient dense, healthy fats into your diet.

For some, it also helps slow down the absorption of caffeine, and minimize the crash that can come along with a big cup of joe.

Since its high in good-for-you fats and low in carbs it can not only boost your energy levels but also increase your ability to focus and reduce brain fog.

If you work out first thing in the morning but dont really like to eat before exercising, bulletproof coffee is definitely your friend. When Im getting movement in before I start work a creamy cup of bulletproof coffee is my favorite way to kick things off.

It gives me just enough energy to rock a morning workout without feeling lightheaded because I didnt eat first.

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