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Can You Make Iced Coffee With Hot Coffee

4 KETO COFFEE RECIPES | How To Make Bulletproof Coffee & MORE!

Of course you can! The only thing to watch out for is the coffee will melt the ice at a much higher rate, so you will need more ice than if it was already cooled off. This can lead to a more watered down coffee, which is not always desired.

I like to brew my coffee the night before and let it rest for the morning. However, I know its easy to forget to do that and sometimes we need something quick and in the moment.

So, if you dont like a watered down coffee, add ice to your blender with more coffee.

This should negate the need to pour it over ice when its ready to be served. The coffee will melt the ice, so it shouldnt turn out too much like a smoothie instead of an iced coffee.

I have no doubt youre going to love this Keto Iced Coffee Recipe, so feel free to tell me all about your experience in the comments below!

How To Make Keto Iced Coffee: 3 Ways

Nowadays, new trends always pop up from what seems like out of nowhere. One trend that has been on the rise for the past few years is a diet called the ketogenic diet. More commonly known as âketo,â this diet has been on the up and up for the past five years.

Most diet trends contain a lot of sacrifices, especially regarding our favorite foods, like carbs. However, one food in a diet that you should never have to sacrifice is coffee!

Weâre here to tell you that if youâre on the keto train, you donât have to sacrifice good coffee in the process. Letâs learn how we can enjoy iced coffee without giving up on another diet!

How Many Carbs In Coffee

This question may have been popping out in your mind.

Technically speaking, there is no carb in coffee. The additions such as cream and sugar are the ones that increase its carb content.

Regular coffee creamers found on grocery shelves contain two to five grams of carbs per one tablespoon serving. On the other hand, one teaspoon of sugar contains grams of carbohydrates. Adding these two can easily amp up your carb intake.

How about the carb amount of coffee shop staples? Here is a compilation of the carb content of popular drinks in Starbucks.

Drink Variant
  • 1 tablespoon butter or ghee
  • 1 tablespoon of hydrolyzed gelatin
  • Stevia or any sugar-free sweetener
  • 1 to 4 tablespoons of heavy cream

Keto coffee uses organic coconut oil or MCL oil. This helps you increase the intake of fat to fill your appetite. On the other hand, the butter also adds fat intake to your diet.

The MCTs in the coconut oil will help you burn fat after. The egg yolks add a great richness to the coffee. It contains several fatty acids and vitamins. In some studies eating raw eggs provide additional health benefits.

Coming up with your drink is as easy as combining all the ingredients through mixing or blending them. Mix until smooth or well-combined. Serve it in a cup and enjoy. This will satisfy your morning coffee cravings while maintaining your carb intake throughout the day.

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Keto Coffee Recipes You Need To Try

The keto or ketogenic diet has been a popular craze, with a bunch of claims made about the benefits. Essentially, the keto diet involves keeping your carbohydrates very low and your fats vey high. This allows your body to go into ketosis where it uses fat or energy instead of using glucose from carbs.

Many people go onto the keto diet to lose a few extra kilos, especially since there are claims that you can lose weight and still eat plenty of food. Others are interested in the keto diet because of claims that it can lower disease risk factors or for the claims that it can help to balance your hormones.

What is Keto Coffee?

Being on a diet doesn’t mean you have to give up your morning boost of energy. In fact, keto coffee has been known to work wonders, even for those that aren’t aiming for ketosis. Bulletproof coffee has high fat and low carb content, meaning it actually helps you stay within your macronutrient limits.

Keto bulletproof coffee with MCT oil has become popular because of its added energy boosting abilities. MCT oil, medium chain triglycerides usually extracted from coconut or palm oils, is a type of dietary fat that’s known to be one of the fastest absorbing oils. That means it’s quick to turn into energy and keep you in ketosis. Of course, you’ll be getting a kick from the caffeine but you’ll also be getting a kick from the fat.

Today, we go through how to make two bulletproof coffee recipes and three keto coffee recipes.

1. Bulletproof Coffee with MCT Oil

Can I Add Any Sugar To My Coffee On Keto


No, of course not. If you are following a keto diet, you cant sweeten your coffee with sugar. This is where keto all falls apart. If youre addicted to those caramel macchiatos or vanilla lattes, keep in mind that the regular versions you buy from the coffee shop are packed full of sugar. Theyre best to be avoided. Whats the solution? Finding a keto-friendly coffee sweetener such as a low-carb, sugar-free coffee syrup. You can make keto coffee at home with the help of a recipe and keto syrup,

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Best Brewing Methods For Keto Iced Coffee

Making great-tasting iced coffee is slightly more complicated than pouring coffee over ice. For the best flavor, youll want strong but not bitter coffee. Ice cubes melting in your glass will slowly water down the drink, throwing off your coffee-to-water ratio and flavor. Thats why we like to keep coffee ice cubes in the freezer cold drinks without the extra water!

The best cold coffee brewing method is cold brew. Made by steeping coarsely-ground coffee in room temperature or cold water for at least 16 hours, this coffee is mellow, slightly sweet, and incredibly delicious. Another great option is Japanese-style iced coffee, made by brewing hot coffee directly onto ice. If you have a Chemex or other pour-over brewer, this is easy and much faster.

Does The Keto Diet Work

Absolutely. The ketogenic diet works, and works well, for most people. Theres no definitive number for how much weight you can lose on keto, since everyones situation, medical condition and food consumption are different. The best estimates say weight loss averages 1-2 pounds per week, after an initial loss of five pounds in water weight.

More rigorous research does show, however, that the keto diet generally leads to greater weight loss than traditional choices like a low-fat diet or the Mediterranean diet. Theres also evidence that keto lowers appetite, so people on the diet usually end up eating less. There are two apparent reasons ketones suppress appetite-boosting hormones, and the extra fat and protein you eat on a keto diet make you feel more full.

Hopefully, at this point were all on board with how keto works and what it does. But where does coffee fit into the picture?

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Is It Refined Or Unrefined

For most cooking purposes, unrefined coconut oil is just fine.

The refining process is said to strip nutrients from the oil. Refined oil is best for high heat cooking as it has a higher smoke point than unrefined.

Anything that calls for coconut oil in a lower heat recipe, unrefined will be perfect.

Unrefined coconut oil might also be labeled as virgin, extra-virgin, or cold-pressed coconut oil.

The Keto Diet And Coffee

How to Make It Works! Keto Coffee

Most of the beverages that are integral to American diets are off-limits on keto. When youre strictly limiting carbs, you cant drink soda, fruit juice, energy drinks, beer or even milk.

The first three are loaded with added sugar, beer is made from grains, and lactose is actually milk sugar, so they all contain enough carbohydrates to endanger your diet. A few can even kick you out of ketosis all by themselves. Some dieters believe they can still drink low-carb or zero-carb diet soft drinks on keto, but research shows that the artificial sweeteners in diet soda make you crave sugar and pose other health risks.

That leaves just a few beverages that are green-lit for keto: water , some non-dairy milks, bone broth, alcoholic spirits like gin and vodka, heavy cream , tea and coffee.

Black coffee is as perfect as you can get to a keto beverage. It contains zero carbs, zero calories, and it has a glycemic index of zero . It even provides a number of health benefits, with heart health notable among them.

One word was important in that last paragraph: black. Once you start adding milk and sugar to coffee, unfortunately, youre adding carbs and endangering your keto diet.

On strict keto, youre limited to 20-25 net carbs per day. And two teaspoons of sugar and a splash of milk turn zero-carb black coffee into a beverage containing almost ten net carbs, or half the total daily allowance.

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Which Coffee Has Least Carbs

Black coffee and espresso drinks are carb-free as long as they are used in plain coffee. The beverage is a combination of espresso and hot water known as an Americano. A 12-ounce serving of black coffee contains only 0.1 grams of carbohydrates, whereas a single shot of espresso contains approximately 0.5 grams .

How To Make Your Coffee Keto-friendly

For a keto-friendly caffeine fix, try a cappuccino made with almond, coconut, or cashew milk. These low-carbohydrate milk alternatives can be consumed as part of a well-balanced keto diet to help you stay healthy. If you intend to use up your daily allowance of carbs, heavy whipping cream is the way to go.

Is Iced Coffee Keto

Iced coffee can be keto-friendly, it just depends on the ingredients in it. A lot of coffee houses use sugary sweeteners to sweeten their iced coffees which is not ideal for a keto lifestyle or if you’re on a weight loss journey.

For your iced coffee to be keto-friendly, you should make sure that there are no added sugars in it. That’s why I prefer to make my own iced coffee at home. Also, I save a lot of money this way!

You’ll also receive emails with new recipes delivered straight to you.

This easy keto iced coffee recipe will show you how to make your own delicious, keto-friendly morning coffee right at home. And it contains zero net carbs!

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Heavy Whipping Cream Cold Foam

Heavy whipping cream contains high amounts of fat, as well as a low amount of carbohydrates, putting it on the âokay for ketoâ list!

The best thing about heavy whipping cream is how creamy it is.

Heavy cream is the best ingredient to use when making cold foam to top a cold brew or iced coffee. Add a splash of vanilla extract to your cream to add a little extra sweetness, whip it in a milk frother, and you have yourself a delicious cold foam that is keto approved!

Cold foam is a keto-friendly topping that is simple to make yet smooth and satisfying to add to your coffee. If no milk frother is available, try looking for unsweetened whipped cream as a replacement. Itâs not the same as adding cold foam. However, in dire straits, it satisfies the whipped craving!

Black Coffee And Keto: A Perfect Match

After a week of searching the internet for the best possible Keto ...

Youre probably familiar with the basics of a keto eating plan. You have to give up most of the traditionally American diet staples: fast food, packaged and frozen food, cereal, bread, pasta and sugar.

What do they all have in common? They all contain lots of carbohydrates, and carbs can easily sabotage a keto diet. The reason is a bit complicated, but once you understand the basic science behind the ketogenic diet, it all makes perfect sense.

  • The body needs energy to function, of course. In normal circumstances, its generated when the carbohydrates in our diet are burned. The body turns the carbs into glucose , which is the fuel that powers the body and brain.
  • The keto diet, however, drastically reduces the amount of carbs you eat every day. A normal adult consumes between 225 and 325 grams of carbohydrates daily on a strict keto diet, though, youre limited to 20-25 per day.
  • That seemingly-ridiculous restriction has an important purpose. When the body doesnt get enough carbs to make glucose, it switches to whats known as a metabolic state of ketosis. In ketosis, the liver produces molecules called ketones which can be used as fuel in place of glucose.
  • Heres the last part of the puzzle: the body burns stored body fat in order to produce ketones. And fat-burning, as you undoubtedly know, is an important factor in effective weight loss.

Coffee with milk and sugar, though? A single cup can contribute 10 grams of carbs, or half of an entire days allowance.

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Keto Coffee Recipes: How To Make A Low

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This article has been written by experts and fact-checked by experts, including licensed nutritionists, dietitians or medical professionals. The information in the article is based on scientific studies and research.

It is designed to be honest, unbiased and objective, and opinions from both sides of an argument are presented wherever there is disagreement.

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Google shows about 67,000,000 results when you search for the phrase Starbucks recipes even though the companys own compilation of recipes for its coffee drinks is the very first result.

The interest in those recipes isnt surprising. After all, Starbucks stores serve about three trillion customers every year.

The best-available statistics, by contrast, estimate that about 10 million Americans have tried the high-fat, low-carb keto diet at some point in their lifetime.

Even so, Google returns about 34,000,000 results half the results for Starbucks recipes when you search for the phrase keto coffee recipes.

Lets repeat that:

Three trillion customers per year 67,000,000 search results for Starbucks recipes.Ten million dieters in history 34,000,000 search results for keto coffee recipes.

Wow. This keto coffee stuff must be really amazing.

Lets find out why.

Ways To Enjoy Coffee On The Keto Diet

1. Black Coffee

Black coffee on its own is two calories. Drinking black coffee will keep you focused, alert, and comes with a ton of health benefits.

2. Coffee with Heavy Cream

This is different than half-and-half. Adding two tablespoons of heavy cream can substitute for coffee creamer for those who can’t live without it. Two tablespoons of heavy cream will provide 0-2 grams of carbs, making it an ideal option for the keto diet. You can sweeten it up with some sugar-free sweetener.

3. Coffee with Grass-Fed Butter

Adding some grass-fed butter to your coffee will give you more energy, focus and brain power. Adding grass-fed butter makes it a healthy alternative to breakfast foods, too.

4. Coffee with MCT Oil

MCT oil is clear, odorless and flavorless, so if you add it into your coffee, it doesn’t add any extra flavor. When you mix MCT oil into your coffee, it’s been shown to increase your metabolic rate, suppress appetite, burn calories and enhance endurance during exercise. All you have to do is add a tablespoon!

Reaper’s Pro Tip: Combine both grass-fed butter and MCT oil to get bulletproof coffee.

5. Coffee with Keto Coffee Creamer

There are a number of different Keto coffee creamers on the market that are low carb and tasty. Creamers made from almond, oat and coconut milk are incredible alternatives to dairy creamersthat often come with a side of bloating.

6. Coffee with Sugar-Free Sweeteners

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Does Bulletproof Coffee Break Your Keto Fast

Its the most common question on a keto diet. Technically, yes any calorie can break a fast. However, on a keto diet, fat is your fuel.

So if you only consume pure fat, no protein, no carbs during your fast, you wont break it.

It means that drinking bulletproof coffee wont hurt your fast at all. You will simply add more energy to your body and fullness that help you last your fast longer! So yes, you can drink one bulletproof coffee while fasting.

This will boost your fat-burning metabolism and help you fast longer without feeling hungry too quickly.

Types Of Collagen To Use

Keto Frappuccino – DIY Low-Carb Frappe | Blended Coffee Drink

There are two different types of collagen powder you can buy – vegan and meat sourced.

Vegan collagen modifies yeast and bacteria to recreate this chemical.

The most popular collagen powder is made from pork, cattle, or marine animals. For this recipe, I suggest using unflavored collagen.

If you want to use flavored collagen, you need to read the label and make sure it doesn’t have added sugar or carbs.

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What Is Mct Oil

We briefly mentioned this oil as an ingredient used in some keto coffee creamers. Theres a good reason for that. MCT oil is extremely helpful for dieters trying to stay in ketosis.

MCT stands for medium-chain triglyceride the long name simply defines the molecular structure of a group of fatty acids. And medium-chain makes them different from most of the long-chain fats we consume in our diets.

Heres why thats important. MCTs are so short that they dont have to be digested after theyre swallowed. They go straight to the liver where they help the body make more ketones. Obviously, more ketones is a very good thing when youre trying to stay in ketosis. MCTs also help with fat burning, and make you feel fuller.

MCT oil is available in most natural food stores and on Amazon. And its easy to see why many keto dieters add MCT oil to their salad dressings, sauces and snacks, or drink it right from the bottle.

They also add it to their coffee.

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