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Losing Weight On Keto How Long Does It Take

How fast will you lose weight on keto?

Shedding pounds is a game of nerves for those who have difficulties with losing weight fast. If this is you, you must have been looking for a diet plan that can speed up your transformation. The keto diet may be an effective tool that can help you get rid of stubborn body fat without taking too long.

Yet, how long does losing weight on keto take at all? What are some realistic weight loss goals you can expect after a week, month, or 3 months while on keto?

What Are The Possible Short

In the beginning, youll have to go very low in carbs, around 20 to 30 g a day, to ensure your body goes into ketosis, advises Mancinelli. And that can be difficult. When youre eating a high-fat and very-low-carbohydrate diet, youre eliminating many foods, including fruit, most dairy, starchy veggies, whole grains, and legumes . Its difficult and at times uncomfortable.

The Scale Isn’t The Goal

We need to realize that the scale is not the end all be allthere are definitely other factors that are involved in terms of losing body fat. That includes data tracking, taking progress pictures, taking body tape measurements, monitoring how you’re feeling throughout your day, and measuring how your performance is going in the gymall of these factors play into your success over the long term.

Making sure that you’re not getting too caught up on the scale is gonna be super important. If we’re looking at the scale, make sure that you’re paying attention to the weekly average or the bi-weekly averagebecause that’s going to show you the long-term trend of what’s happening. Ignore the daily fluctuations.

Want more advice on losing weight and building muscle on the keto diet? You’ve come to the right place. Check out the blog and the podcast for more discussions on these topics.

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Figure Out Your Keto Macros

Use the keto calculator to get your personal keto macros. Having a nutritional target based on your body composition will make it a lot easier to enter and remain in ketosis . It might seem like a lot of work to track your macros, but once you get an idea of how many grams of carbs, proteins, and fats are in the foods you eat most often, it will start to become second nature.

How Do I Know If Keto Works

Keto Weight Loss Guide for Beginners

When a person is in nutritional ketosis, they will have blood ketone levels of 0.5 to 3 millimoles per liter. Alternatively, people can use a breath analyzer to test for ketones in their breath, or they can use indicator strips to check their urine levels. Ketone test kits are available for purchase online.

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When Low Carb Is Best

That said, reduced carb diets do appear to offer benefits to specific groups â if you have blood sugar control issues, it could definitely be the way to go to maintain a healthy weight.

In a November 2018 article in the âBritish Medical Journal,â people who had already lost about 12 percent of their starting weight were randomly assigned to one of these diet groups:

  • High carbohydrate and low fat
  • Moderate carbohydrate and 40 percent) fat
  • Low carbohydrate and high fat diet

What the researchers found was that people could eat slightly more calories and still maintain their weight when the proportion of carbohydrate in their diet was lower. But this was only really marked in individuals who secreted high levels of insulin.

The researchers said this showed a low-carb diet is probably the most effective way to lose or maintain weight if you have insulin resistance or diabetes.

However, a November 2018 editorial in âScienceâ suggests that for most people, focusing on diet quality â replacing saturated fats with unsaturated fats and replacing refined carbohydrates with whole grains and non-starchy vegetables â allows effective weight management within a broad range of fat-to-carbohydrate ratios.

Ways To Measure Ketone Levels

Testing your bodys ketone levels is the best way to know whether youre in ketosis.

There are three types of ketones acetoacetate, acetone, and beta-hydroxybutyrate that you can measure through your urine, breath, and blood, respectively.

Acetoacetate levels can be measured through your urine with a ketone urine strip, which turns various shades of pink or purple depending on the ketone level of your urine. Darker colors typically mean that your urine contains higher levels .

Urine testing strips are a cheap and simple way to tell whether youre in ketosis. However, they arent as accurate as other tools.

Acetone levels can be measured with a ketone breath meter, such as a Ketonix. This meter flashes a color to let you know whether youre in ketosis and how high your ketone levels are.

Studies show that ketone breath meters are fairly accurate .

Beta-hydroxybutyrate levels are measured using a blood ketone meter, which works similarly to a glucometer a tool that measures blood glucose levels at home .

To use a blood ketone meter, simply use the small accompanying pin to prick your finger and draw blood, then let the top of the strip come in contact with your blood.

A blood ketone range of 1.53.0 mmol per liter is ideal for maintaining ketosis .

While blood ketone meters are effective at measuring ketones, the strips in contrast to urine testing strips can be expensive.

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Phase 1 Of Weight Loss On Keto


Anticipated Weight Loss: Rapid weight loss – up to 10 pounds

As you start removing carbohydrates from your body, your body will begin using the glycogen stored in your liver and muscles as its primary fuel source. This is exactly what you want, because once your body gets through the glycogen, it will start burning fat instead of glucose. And when this happens, youâve made it to the holy land: ketosis. Weâll talk more about this in Phase 2.

During this first phase, people can expect to lose anywhere from 2 to 7 pounds of water weight. Some people may even lose up to 10 pounds! Studies indicate that each gram of glycogen in human muscle is bound to about 3 grams of water. So, as your body burns through the glycogen, it also rids your body of water. Even though youâll be losing mostly water weight in these early stages, this is a great sign that you are on your way to achieving ketosis.

It is important to note that while youâre in this first phase, youâll want to make sure to drink extra water to prevent yourself from becoming dehydrated. Additionally, you may also notice flu-like symptoms — nausea, vomiting, tiredness, and maybe even some irritability. This is what people call the keto flu and could last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. Donât fret. This is simply a sign that your body is getting adjusted to a new fuel source i.e. transitioning to fat-burning mode.

Eating Only 20 Grams Of Carbs A Day Is Hard

How long should it take to lose weight on keto?

The keto diet plan is a high-fat and low-carb diet. I would actually describe it as extremely low-carb-you’re allowed to eat just 20 grams in a day. Some people on keto follow a net-carb plan and you’re allowed to eat more carbs in a day. For my 30-day diet and for the sake of simplicity, I stuck with total carbs.

As a rule, I aimed for 20 grams each day-2 at breakfast, 5 at lunch, 3 for snacks and 10 for dinner. I found that if I aimed for 20, I’d land under 30. That was successful enough for me.

The key to hitting my number was to plan, plan, plan. I worked out all three meals, down to the condiments, plus snacks on the weekends. If I knew what I was having and what I was “allowed” to have while staying under my carb goal, I found managing the infrequent cravings and hunger pangs easier. I can’t stress enough the importance of planning for a keto diet.

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You May Have Digestive Issues

When reading about starting the Keto Diet, many sources say that digestive issues like constipation and diarrhea are common. I have been fortunate enough not to have any of those issues. I drink a lot of water a day and try to make sure I get enough fiber as well. If you do find yourself with digestive issues, try these tips:

Calculate Your Macros With The Keto Calculator

What unit of measurement do you prefer?

Worried that this is too much protein? Most keto macro calculators will tell you that your protein needs to be only 10-15% of your total calories. We dont agree. Check out the video below by our founder Dr. Anthony Gustin to understand why he made this macro calculator with higher than most protein recommendations:

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I Still Am Adjusting To The Energy Loss

I dont think I am fully Keto adapted yet, I still have days where I am more tired and feeling a little sluggish. But, that may also have something to do with this pandemic were in :/ Its hard to distinguish between the two. A lot of people have reported feeling sluggish and less motivated through all of this.

I workout most mornings so that may be making the adjustment a little more difficult, but I do it for my mental health, so I dont plan on stopping. Hopefully that will work itself out soon!

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Tips To Achieve Ketosis

20 Terrific Keto Diet before and after 3 Months

If you struggle to get into ketosis, here are a few tips that can help you get there:

  • Eat 2050 grams of carbs per day. This can encourage your body to produce ketones. People who have trouble entering ketosis may need to stick to the lower end of the scale (
  • Test your ketone levels regularly. Testing ketone levels can help give you an idea of whether youre in ketosis which lets you adjust your diet accordingly.


Following some of the tips listed above such as tracking your carb intake or trying a short-term fast may help you reach ketosis.

The keto diet is not for everyone, but it may help with short-term weight loss goals.

In general, it should take you 24 days to enter ketosis.

However, some people may find they need a week or longer. The time it takes depends on various factors, such as your age, metabolism, exercise level, and current carb, protein, and fat intake.

The best way to tell whether youre in ketosis is to measure your ketone levels using either a breath, urine, or blood ketone measuring tool.

If youre having trouble entering ketosis, try tracking your carb intake, ramping up your exercise, or following a few of the other tips provided above.

If youre curious about trying the keto diet or experiencing challenges with entering ketosis, ask a doctor if ketosis is right for you.

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How Long Does It Take To Enter Ketosis

The ketogenic diet is one of the most well-known low carb diets on the planet.

Despite its recent popularity, it has actually existed for over 100 years.

Originally, its purpose was medicinal. Before anti-epileptic agents existed, the ketogenic diet was introduced as a therapeutic nutrition plan to help treat children with epilepsy.

Today, this very low carbohydrate diet is primarily used to promote weight loss and manage blood sugar levels

The goal of ketogenic diets is nutritional ketosis, which is achieved by restricting carbohydrate intake, moderating protein consumption, and increasing calories obtained from fat .

Restricting the body of carbohydrates and increasing calories from fat helps your body switch its main fuel source from glucose a type of sugar to ketones, or compounds made by breaking down fat that serves as an alternative fuel source (

1 ).

While fans of the keto diet are quick to celebrate its health benefits, including weight loss, increased levels of HDL cholesterol, and reduced blood sugar, insulin, and triglyceride levels, there are also drawbacks to this diet to consider before trying it .

The time it takes to enter ketosis, or the metabolic state associated with your body using ketone bodies for fuel, can vary from person to person.

Whats more, many individuals have difficulties entering ketosis in the first place.

This article explains how long it takes to enter ketosis and why you may not be there yet.

Dont Discount Other Signs Of Progress

When going keto, its important to focus on more than just weight loss even if you have a lot to lose. Overall health should be the goal, so give yourself credit for any and all benefits you notice from the ketogenic diet. That could be:

Although losing weight is a good indicator of your progress, remember that its not all about the number on the scale. In fact, many keto dieters say they noticed differences in the mirror more than on the scale.

If youre weight lifting at the same time, you might be replacing fat loss with muscle gain. This might not move the scale much, but itll show up on your body.

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How Long Does It Take To Lose Weight In Ketosis

Wondering how long does it take to lose weight in ketosis? If you are like me when starting a Ketogenic diet, your main goal was to lose weight fast.

Not knowing how long it would take to lose weight in ketosis was frustrating. I wanted to be reassured that I would be rewarded for giving up bread, sugar and french fries with fast fat loss.

Everyone wants to know how long does it take to lose weight in ketosis? People want immediate results when it comes to losing weight.

In this post I will show you how much weight you can expect to lose while on a ketogenic diet and what it really takes to get there.

Pitfalls To Avoid On A Keto Diet

10 Amazingly Easy Steps You Must Do Before Starting Keto For Beginners

Too much protein: You need protein to increase satiety and build lean muscle. But, some people make the mistake of eating too much, thinking it will lead to greater weight loss. However, the opposite happens because the amino acids in the excess protein convert to glucose, which kicks the body out of ketosis.

Too low fat: There are some people that still think fat is bad and are afraid to increase their intake. However, without the carbs for quick energy, the body needs the fat for ketosis and weight loss to occur.

Not Enough Water: Staying hydrated is essential to losing weight. You need water to flush out toxins and replenish your blood cells. If you become dehydrated, metabolism and fat loss slows.

Snacking too much: Nuts, seeds, dark chocolate, and berries are easy to binge eat. However, eating too many of these foods will result in excess calories and keep you from losing weight.

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How Long Should It Take To Lose Weight On Keto

Let’s talk about what happens on the scale when we first start a ketogenic diet. When you lower your carbohydrate intake, it tends to cause your body to drop a lot of water. You may notice in the first day or two, that the scale drops a good amount. That is mostly water. And so we want to make sure that we kind of flush that out, so to speak, in terms of what we’re paying attention to over the long term.

You may notice in the first week that you lose a large amount of weight on the scale, and then it kind of tapers off as you go. That’s completely normal. That’s going to be dependent on a few different factors. The main one is going to be your current body composition. How much body fat do you have? How much weight do you have to lose? The more weight you have to lose, the faster the process is going to be in the beginning. And as you lose that weight, it’s probably going to taper off.

And if you don’t have much weight to lose, it’s probably going to be a slower process from the start. I like to think about this in terms of the rate of weight loss, if you want to put some numbers behind it. Typically, a good rate of loss is going to be 0.5 to 1% of your body weight per week. That allows us to put a percentage based on your body weight, not just an arbitrary numberlike one to two pounds per week.

Emotions Habits And Hunger

Itâs helpful to examine the emotions, behaviors and triggers driving your eating habits. Do any of these sound familiar?

âYouâre bored with your foods.There should be pleasure in the foods you eat and over time, you may find yourself in a bit of a food rut and bored with what youâre eating. This may lead to eating more of these foods to chase satisfaction.

âYouâre eating out of habit, stress, or emotions.Itâs all too easy to grab food for reasons other than hungerâout of habit or by the clock, when stressed, when overcome with emotion , or when we want to avoid something . The procrastination of going to the refrigerator rather than answering a work email or leaning into our emotions can take a bit of practice to break. Practice mindful eating to ensure youâre not eating out of habit, boredom, or emotions rather than hunger.

âYouâre still relying on counting calories instead of letting true hunger guide you. What does true hunger feel like to you? Work on increasing or decreasing your fat to focus on the sensations of true hunger. Try to consume fat at different times of the day so that your hunger is controlled. Strengthening your self-awareness surrounding hunger can reduce the frequency of eating when you are not hungry.

âThere is more to your metabolic health and quality of life than the number on the scale.

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