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1. Thin Slim Foods 0 Net Carb Bread

The first keto bread on our list is this plain bread from Thin Slim Foods. It has 0 net carbs and 7g of protein per slice!

And they have a ton of flavors – honey, everything, cinnamon, and rye.

You can pick up a loaf here.

2. Lewis Bakeshop Healthy Life Keto Bread

This option is also a 0 net carb bread, and it has just 30 calories, making it a great low calorie bread, too!

But the best part, they offer white, cinnamon, and Hawaiian bread. So if you like Sweet Hawaiian Rolls, the Hawaiian flavor is pretty great. You can find it on Healthy Life’s website, Kroger, Albertson’s, or Walmart online.

3. L’oven Fresh Zero Carb Bread

If you have an Aldi near you, you have one of the best options on this list.

The L’oven Fresh low carb bread Aldi offers comes in wheat or multiseed, and it is vegan with 0 net carbs per serving!

4. Natural Ovens Bakery Keto Friendly Bread

A classic white bread option is this one from Natural Ovens Bakery. It has no artificial sweeteners, no sugar, and 0 net carbs! This is also know as the Costco Keto Bread since you can find it in most Costco stores.

However, you can also grab some from amazon here.

5. Kiss My Keto Bread

This keto bread is offered in seeded wheat, golden wheat, dark wheat, and cinnamon raisin.

All of the wheat options have 0 net carbs, and the cinnamon raisin has 2 net carbs.

So if you like wheat bread, you’ll love this low carb bread Walmart offers in stores and online!

You can get a loaf here.

How Do I Know If I Have An Issue With Gluten

If you have chronic problems with diarrhea, bloating, anemia, rashes, and/or fatigue, you should talk to your doctor about screening blood work to test for celiac disease.17 A positive screening test will usually be followed by a visit to the gastroenterologist to discuss doing a biopsy of the small intestine, which is the definitive way to make the diagnosis.

If your screening for celiac disease is negative, but you have many of the same symptoms when eating gluten-containing foods, then you may choose to remove these foods from your diet and wait for your symptoms to fully resolve. Then, slowly reintroduce these foods to see if the symptoms recur this can be done multiple times. Foods that reliably provoke symptoms should probably be avoided.

Remember, it may be difficult to pinpoint if symptoms are being caused by gluten or some other component of these foods. A series of different food tolerance tests may be your best bet.

For instance, if you do just fine with gluten-containing homemade bread but have symptoms after eating processed gluten-containing products from the store, the main offender may not be gluten. But if you react poorly to both of these, then there is a higher likelihood that gluten could be the problem.

Three Types Of Gluten Conditions

The medical community categorizes three types of gluten-related conditions. Those with wheat allergy, celiac disease, and non-celiac gluten sensitivity.

There are three main types of gluten conditions. The most common type is celiac disease, which affects an estimated 1 in 100 people worldwide. Also known as celiac sprue or gluten-sensitive enteropathy, it is believed that about two-thirds of people with the disease are undiagnosed and not getting the proper treatment.

The second is people with wheat allergies. People who have allergies to wheat will break out into hives, have facial swelling, and even have difficulty breathing if they come in contact with any form of wheat. It is a serious thing when their antibodies react to the wheat proteins.

The third is people with non-celiac gluten sensitivity. Individuals with non-celiac gluten/wheat sensitivity have symptoms that are comparable to those of celiac disease, which go away when gluten is avoided. They do not, however, test positive for celiac disease.

Many people who have gluten in their diet but do not test positive for celiac disease experience symptoms comparable to those seen in celiac disease, such as foggy brain, increased sadness, ADHD-like symptoms, abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, headaches, bone or joint discomfort, and chronic fatigue.

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Keto Bread With Coconut Flour

As Ive mentioned before, Keto breads can be made with coconut or almond flour or a combination of both.

I usually make them with both flours, because it produces a good, balanced texture. On the occasions where Ive used only almond four the bread turns chewy and only coconut flour bread has a weird spongy consistency. Of course there are people who have perfected recipes with only coconut or almond flour breads, so it is possible.

Here is a great recipe from Wholesome Yum for a Keto bread made with coconut flour.

A low carb coconut flour bread recipe packed with seeds, for a delicious multi-grain taste without nuts or grains! Keto paleo bread made with coconut flour is perfect for sandwiches. Another great addition to my top Keto bread recipes collection.

Aldi Loven Fresh Zero Net Carb Bread


The LOven Fresh Zero Carb Bread at Aldi is a very popular keto bread. Each serving of 1 slice has 40 calories, 5 grams protein, 1 gram fat, 9 grams total carbs and 9 grams fiber, which makes it 0 net carbs.

The ingredients consist of water, whey protein, yeast, modified wheat starch, wheat gluten, wheat bran, oat fiber, vegetable fiber, soybean oil, vinegar, salt and preservatives. Its not strictly-keto because of some non-keto ingredients but its ok for a low-carb diet or dirty keto.

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Sourdough From Great Low Carb Bread Co

Great Low Carb Bread Co. focuses on just one product: low-carb, keto bread.

Their sourdough has a total of 8 grams of carbohydrates, 7 grams of fiber, 3 grams of fat, and 7 grams of protein per slice and each bag comes with 16 servings.

Aside from hitting all the marks when it comes to macro and micronutrients, this awesome low-carb bread comes in sliced bread form. No need to bust out a serrated knife just to get a slice, because you can just open the bag and grab one right away!

You can purchase your sourdough keto bread at their official website.

How Many Carbs In Keto Bread

When you look at food labels, you often see grams of carbs listed next to the calories. Many people are surprised to learn that a cup of broccoli has less than one gram of carbs. This number is often not considered when youre trying to track your carbs. However, this one simple number can be one of the best predictors of how well you will perform on the keto diet. This is because many carbs can turn into sugars in your body, which can increase your blood sugar levels. This can disrupt your ability to be keto-adapted, which makes it harder to be in ketosis. Knowing how many carbs are in your breads, pastas, and other foods can help you to be in ketosis and stick to a keto-adapted lifestyle.

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Helps Regulate Blood Sugar

Ezekiel bread is only a 36 on the glycemic index . The GI goes from 0-100 and measures total carbs and how quickly they are absorbed into the body and affect blood sugar. Foods with a lower number take longer to affect blood sugar.

Whole wheat bread has a GI rating of 50, and white bread has a rating of 71.

You can see why Ezekiel bread would be considered a good choice for anyone who needs to monitor their blood sugar.

The main thing that affects the GI rating is how much fiber is in the food. Ezekiel bread is a good source of dietary fiber. This high-fiber content reduces blood sugar spikes.

How Do I Get Rid Of The Eggy Taste

You can Eat Bread on Keto.

There is a mild eggy taste to this bread, which we happen to love, but some people dont like it. Weve tested a couple of different ways to eliminate it and here is what weve come up with:

  • Stevia It might sound crazy, but adding a few drops of stevia to this recipe is the best way to eliminate the eggy taste. Just a few drops will do! We typically use 6 drops of stevia. That amount will not make the bread sweet to the taste at all, but it will greatly reduce the eggy taste.
  • Yeast Adding a tablespoon of Active Dry Yeast to this recipe can result in a more traditional bread flavor. The yeast wont make the bread rise or anything since were not using sugar or gluten, but the flavor will still come through.
  • Butter This might be the top way Just add some delicious butter or coconut oil to the top of a slice and you will think youre eating traditional bread! We also love dipping this bread in olive oil.
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    Is Flour Keto Friendly

    You have already seen that it is not recommended to consume bread on the Keto diet, but the same is true for flour as well. Even though bread contains more carbs, it is flour that has more impact on your weight loss progress.

    That does not mean you cannot include flour in your meal plan if you are following a Keto diet. You just need to be careful with your daily intake so that you dont end up eating too much of it.If you are serious about losing weight, then make sure to monitor the amount of Almond Flour that you eat every day so that your excess carbs intake doesnt make a negative impact on your weight loss results.

    You Can Enjoy Bread On Keto

    As you can see, it is absolutely possible to enjoy eating bread on keto! You just need to be mindful of the ingredients, pick the ones that are high in fiber and low on carbs.

    Not sure what to watch out for? Ive listed a few to help you screen your loaves the right way.

    Traditional bread ingredients you will want to avoid are:

    These items are high in grains and carbs, resulting in your body getting booted out of ketosis when eaten. Fortunately, there are SO many keto bread options available in the market.

    You know what they say! Where theres a will in keto, theres a way. Try some of the brands Ive listed and you may well discover a new essential household staple!

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    What Is The Glycemic Index

    Glycemic Index or GI is the rate at which carbohydrates get absorbed into the blood. For people with diabetes, low GI foods are mostly recommended that help stabilize their blood sugar levels.

    In general, the Glycemic Index of food normally falls in a range between 0 to 100. If you see food items less than 55, it seems a low GI ideal for diabetic patients.

    Ways To Use This Bread


    Use this bread exactly like you would with classic white or wheat bread. Here are some simple ideas to get things started!

    • Toast The classic way! Toast a slice or two and slather on some keto jam, homemade almond butter, or Keto Nutella!
    • Sandwiches Nothing beats a classic keto sandwich.
    • Side dish Stews, curries, or even some soup.
    • Croutons Make some keto croutons with them!
    • Bread pudding Whip up some keto bread pudding.

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    Oasis Low Carb Flax Seed Bread

    This bread is best as a substitute for wheat bread and is a prime alternative for sandwiches that arent being cooked or toasted in any way. At only 6g net carbs per slice, this bread is packed full of nutrients as well.

    That being said, it wont keep you full for long so keep that in mind when purchasing this Oasis Low Carb bread.

    Where to Buy: This brand is a bit harder to find, but can be purchased on Amazon.

    Carbs To Avoid On A Low Carb Diet

    That white bread has been sitting in your refrigerator untouched ever since you started your low carb diet. Youve been strong and followed the list of foods to avoid to lose weight while on a low carb diet, but why keep the temptation around? Throwing away the simple carbs lying around your house will help keep you on track during your diet. Here is a list of high carb foods to avoid while following Atkins low carb diet:

    White Bread

    Though this has already been mentioned, make sure to get rid of any white bread in your fridge! Whether its hot dog buns, hamburger buns, or regular sliced bread, they all fall into the category of simple carbs. Bread doesnt need to be completely cut out of your diet, thoughtry Low-Carb Bread with only 1.8g net carbs per serving!


    Just like white bread, regular pasta is another high carb food that will not fit into a low carb diet very easily. Once you reach Phase 4, you can enjoy whole wheat pasta. Until then try Zucchini Pasta with Almond Pesto.

    Sauces with Added Sugar

    Tomato sauces often contain a lot of sugar not only because of the tomatoes themselves, but also because of added sugars. Donate cans of premade pasta sauce that have sugar as a top ingredient and make this Atkins Basic Tomato Sauce as an alternative. Basic Tomato Sauce has 8.2g of net carbs per serving and is perfect for individuals following Phase 2, Phase 3, and Phase 4.

    Cookies, Cake, and Candy

    Soft Drinks

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    What Kind Bread Is Keto Friendly

    In general keto friendly breads are made of coconut flour or almond flour. These flours are used to produce a bread that is very low in carbs, and free from common allergens.

    For a sweet and moist bread option try our keto banana bread recipe.

    Store bought low carb breads will typically use a much larger list of ingredients. Some common ingredients in store bought keto breads are vital wheat gluten, oat fiber, soy flour, wheat protein, and more. While these breads taste good and are more convenient than making a loaf of bread from scratch, they do contain some ingredients most people on a keto diet would like to avoid.

    Is The Paleo Diet Healthy

    90 Second Keto Bread Recipe | Just 3 Ingredients

    Healthy is a subjective word. It can be extremely healthy if you dont overdo on the sugary fruit, nuts, nut products and the sweeteners.

    If you have existed on processed foods most of your life, and you are making a switch, the paleo diet can be a game changer and bring abut positive health changes.

    However, if you overdo the honey and maple syrup, you are still over-doing carbs and sugar. This can take your diet in an unhealthy direction.

    Strictly speaking, the Paleo diet is gluten free, but is not necessarily keto friendly because high sugar content in most fruits, maple syrup, honey and higher carb vegetables are part of the Paleo lifestyle. However, you could follow a keto/paleo type plan by avoiding those foods, but adhering to grass fed, beef and keeping your net carbs to around 20.

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    How Do I Get My Loaf To Be Taller And Fluffier

    The two major issues that will lead to a flat loaf is not whipping the egg whites and gently folding them in OR using almond meal instead of a finely ground almond flour. If youve tried everything and they dont seem to be working for you, the next option will be to make a larger recipe. Try making 1.5x this recipe and youll have a much larger loaf.

    Is Keto Bread Good For Diabetics Health Benefits Revealed

    Diabetes put a big full stop to enjoying the foods you love to eat. It changes your views towards food and takes off simple pleasures that you get from enjoying your favorite dishes.

    So, living with diabetics is definitely a great task. But still, there are ways you can lead a better life relishing the taste you love in a healthy way.

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    What Flour Has The Least Amount Of Carbs

    Almond and coconut flour are the lowest in carbs and theyre best used for bread making. Low-carb flours dont behave like wheat flour, so you cant always swap them 1:1 into traditional recipes.

    Thats why we suggest starting with one of our low-carb bread recipes. We have already done the testing for you!

    To read more about low-carb and keto baking, check our popular baking guide

    Franz Keto White Bread

    Can You Make Keto Bread In Machine

    Franz Keto White Bread is one of the highest rated low-carb white bread brands on the market. perfect solution for your keto needs. With all the taste and texture of regular white bread, this product is a great way to stick to your diet while enjoying some of your favorite comfort food items.

    This great keto bread has a total of 1.5 grams of fat, 12 grams of fiber, and 4 grams of protein.

    They also sell keto hamburger buns and hot dog buns?

    Get yourself a bag of Franz Keto White Bread here!

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    Foods You Can Eat On A Keto Diet

    As challenging as it may seem, there are plenty of foods out there that are both undeniably delicious and keto friendly. So if you ever find yourself stuck in a particular aisle at the supermarket, debating on whether you should buy that canned tuna or not, then lets simplify this task for you:

    • Dar Chocolate and Cocoa Powder

    Why Is It Called 647 Bread

    She was referring to Schmidt brand 647 bread named for its 6 grams of carbs, 40 calories, and 7 grams of fiber. It is a diet dream. There is more volume in your restricted food bubble. Its a fantasy of eating an entire block of ice cream in a single sitting. The problem is, its not that easy to eat that much bread.

    In fact, you cant even eat it all at once. You have to break it up into smaller pieces and eat them one at a time. And that takes time, which means youre not eating as many calories as youd like.

    So you end up eating a lot less than you would if you just ate the whole thing in a single sitting, but you dont get the full benefit of all the fiber and other nutrients that come from eating whole grains, legumes, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, etc. Thats why you need to make sure you eat a variety of whole foods, not just one type of grain or one kind of vegetable.

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