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What Can You Drink On Keto The News Isnt All Bad

Can I Drink Coke Zero on Keto Diet? Dr. Berg

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When youre on a diet or simply watching your calories, most restaurant menus dont give you a lot of choice.

There may be a few Healthy Options! complete with appropriate emojis. There may even be a small section of low-calorie, low-fat or low-carb choices on a much larger menu. Or you may be left completely on your own, trying to figure out if the restaurant has anything you can actually order.

The list of keto-friendly drinks isnt quite that small. Its not enormous, though, and it probably doesnt include many of the beverages youre used to enjoying regularly.

But heres the good news: theres a lot more than water on that list. Well figure out what you can drink on keto, after a short explanation of why the guidelines can be so tricky.

Whats The Difference Between Diet Coke And Coke Zero

When looking at Diet Coke and Coke Zero at the macro level there isnt much of a difference. The major, if not only, the difference is on the ingredient level.

Coke Zero has sodium citrate, and Diet Coke has citric acid.

Another difference is very hard to tell and can be very opinionated. It is that Coke Zero tastes and looks more like the Original Coca Cola which was intended by the creators.

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Sparkling Water Seltzer And Club Soda

These bubbly drinks may seem like they are one in the same, but they have some distinct differences. Sparkling mineral waters, for example, have bubbles that are smaller and finer and the carbonation is naturally occurring. On the other hand, club soda will have bicarbonate salt added to give it finer bubbles, along with a bit of a mineral-y taste. Seltzer water is just pure water thats been pumped full of bubbles. This is why seltzer is often flavored otherwise, it would taste kind of bland.

Popular Keto-friendly Sparkling Water Brands:

*Contains trace amounts of added sugars from fruit juice concentrate. These drinks are still keto-friendly, but should be consumed in moderation.

Popular Keto-friendly Seltzer Brands:

  • Polar Seltzer. With a wide variety of flavors that are all zero-calories, Polar Seltzer is perfect for any keto dieter who wants something bubbly with subtle flavors.
  • Vintage Seltzer. If you want straight up seltzer with nothing added, then vintage seltzer is for you. They also have some zero-calorie fruity flavors like lemon-lime and orange.
  • Schweppes Seltzer. This is another popular brand that makes various calorie-free flavored seltzers

Keto-friendly Club Soda:

Of all the brands that I researched, none of them put any sugar or flavorings in it. So, If you want something bubbly and sophisticated without any flavoring, then try having club soda. The most popular brands the Ive come across are Schweppes, Hansens, and Canada Dry.

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Artificial Sweeteners And Weight Gain

You might think that there’s no way you could gain weight from diet soda, since it doesn’t have any carbs or calories, but even though that’s true, it prompts weight gain in other ways.

According to a report published in Current Gastroenterology Reports in 2017, artificial sweeteners can disrupt the bacteria in your gut, reduce your ability to feel full and prompt you to eat more calories, three factors that can contribute to weight gain and obesity.

Another study published in 2019 in Pediatric Obesity reported that people who drink artificially-sweetened beverages consumed up to 450 more calories per day than those who drink water instead. That’s because the sweet taste made them feel hungrier than they would have without it.

Drink These Keto Sodas Instead Of Diet Coke:

Can I Drink Diet Soda On Keto

It is not all doom and gloom though. There are many keto-friendly drinks.

These keto-friendly sodas have been crafted to give you that tasty drink you crave, while keeping you firmly in fat burning ketosis:

  • LaCroix, a sweetener-free fizzy drink that uses a blend of natural flavors.
  • Homemade sodas, where you combine sparkling water with the flavorings and sweeteners of your choice. If you are really concerned about what goes into your body, this is the best option. For specific recipes, check out this massive list of keto drink recipes.

As Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Michelle Dudash, RDN, observes, The end goalshould be to reduce the amount of soda, regardless of the type. Its prudent to replace artificially sweetened foods with more nutrient-rich, lower sugar foods.

Bottom Line:

Skip the Diet Coke and make your own Keto drinks instead. Or else give flavored sodas like LaCroix a try.

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Diet Coke Could Make You Fat

I know this is a controversial topic, so let me explain.

Yes, Diet Coke does not contain any calories and calories do play a part in weight-loss and weight-gain. So, technically, Diet Coke in the abstract doesnt make you gain weight.

But your weight isnt just determined by calories in and calories out

In particular, the artificial sweeteners in diet sodas could be to blame.

As the author of this mini-review explains:

hile people often choose diet or light products to lose weight, research studies suggest that artificial sweeteners may contribute to weight gain.

For example, the San Antonio Heart Study found that people who drank diet soda had higher BMIs.

And in another study where participants replaced regular sugary soda with diet soda, there wasnt a meaningful reduction in BMI over the length of the study except for the participants with the most weight to lose.

There are several possible reasons for the link between diet sodas and weight-gain:

  • Artificial sweeteners can enhance appetites just like regular sugar. Health Coach Nathan Marsala notes, Artificial sweeteners alter our cravings and the reward centers in the brain and gut that results in cravings for more sugary foods and simple carbohydrates.
  • Lack of nutrients in artificial sweeteners could make you want to eat more because you dont feel satisfied after eating.
  • Bottom Line:

    Even though Diet Coke has zero calories, it could still lead to unhealthy eating habits, overeating, and potential weight gain.

    Diet Drinks On Keto You Can Have

    Diet drinks are some of the best keto-friendly drinks because they are low in calories and carbs. When we think of diet drinks of keto we think of popular diet drinks like Diet Coke, Powerade Zero but there are so many other keto friendly options like milks, electrolyte drinks, protein shakes and even beer and alcoholic drinks.

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    Should I Drink Diet Coke Or Regular Coke

    Healthy Eats Winner: Although both beverages have a long list of cons, diet soda wins this fight by the smallest of margins. Drinking large amounts of regular soda has been shown to lead to weight gain and a variety of long health conditions and switching to diet can help cut calories and shed pounds.

    Where To Get Your Carbs

    Can I Drink Diet Coke / Coke Zero on Keto (Ketogenic Diet)? Dr.Berg

    So, then, where should your net carbs come from for fulfilling the 20g-50g range?

    The best foods to eat on a ketogenic diet which contains carbohydrate is vegetables, Almonds, and seeds. These all have small quantities of carbs, and they soon add up to 50g, and more so you will need to work out a keto diet plan.

    There are many bad sources of carbs and sweet foods such as candies, desserts, and sodas itself.

    Also from starchy food sources, such as rice, bread, pasta, potatoes, and even pizzas.

    As long as you can maintain your daily carb intake of around under 50g, you potentially reach for your fat loss goal on keto.

    Have a look at our primal friendly ketogenic diet food pyramid for a general idea what to eat on keto.

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    What Is Dirty Keto

    Whats Clean or Dirty Keto? If youre following a clean diet, that means youre avoiding processed foods, whereas a dirty keto diet is one that doesnt focus as much on whole foods, but rather seeks to adhere only to the macronutrient ratio that is, the ratio of fat, protein and carbs of the diet.

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    Is Coke Zero Keto Friendly

    No matter on which diet you are, plain water will always be the healthiest choice to quench your thirst. But once in a while you desire to have something more refreshing and tasty to drink.

    The carbonated drinks like coca cola provide you the exotic taste you are craving for but at the cost of adding too much carbs and calories.

    While on low carb diet or ketogenic diet you cannot afford to add any significant amount of carbs that too for just one drink. But to break the monotonousness of keto diet you need some tasty keto friendly alternative.

    Coca-Cola zero sugar offers you the unique flavour of coke without adding any carbs or calories to your diet. This article will provide everything you need to know about coke zero and its compatibility with keto diet.

    What Will I Learn?

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    Can You Have Diet Soda On A Keto Diet

    If you are really addicted to soda and need to have them once in a while. It would be better if you switch to diet soda. While they still arent healthy, they are much better than standard soda, as they cut back on the carbs and sugar. If you are okay with artificial sweeteners, you can opt for Diet Pepsi and Diet Coke, which have zero carbs. However, if you want a drink that contains natural sweeteners, you can opt for Zevia, which utilizes Stevia. While these diet sodas wont knock you off of ketosis, they are still very unhealthy. They contain a lot of artificial ingredients that can cause health issues, while also triggering your cravings.

    Keto Friendly Bone Broth

    Keto Root Beer Float 100 calories ZERO Carbs. Pour 1oz heavy cream into ...

    Bone broth is a nutrient-rich drink thats great for the keto diet. Its high in protein and low in carbs, and its also a good source of collagen. Collagen is important for joint health, skin health, and gut health. Bone broth is also a good source of minerals like calcium and phosphorus.

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    What Is Acesulfame Potassium And Aspartame

    Aspartame is actually a very-low-calorie style sweetener that is used in many products, including diet soda. People who suffer from PKU should avoid foods containing phenylalanines, such as aspartame.

    Acesulfame potassium has been proven to be safe for human consumption. But is it keto-friendly?

    Aspartame and acesulphame potassium are both safe for people who are following a ketogenic diet. They are also safe for people who want to add some form of sweetness directly to their foods.

    Erythritol, monk fruit, or stevia are better options if youre trying to follow a keto diet.

    Keto Friendly Homemade Diet Soda Recipes

    Water is undeniably the best drink on the planet. It quenches your thirst, cures headaches, and prevents dehydration especially when youre having keto flu.

    We already know this but sometimes, we want to have that sweet beverage. Heres a list of keto friendly beverages. Rest assured that these keto drinks besides water dont contain health-harming ingredients.

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    The Dangers Of Diet Soda

    Just because the answer is affirmative for can you drink diet soda on keto doesnt mean you should.

    This is because diet soda is meant to mimic real soda. It is still sweet, but with no sugar. How? All diet drinks replace their sugar content with artificial sweeteners like aspartame or sucralose.

    These artificial sweeteners can make your gut microbiome unbalanced, causing diseases like IBS, IBD, obesity, diabetes and much more.

    Alcohol On Keto: Yea Or Nay

    5 No Carb Drinks With No Sugar (Your Ultimate Keto Drink Guide)

    Unlike many diets, which usually forbid all alcohol, a keto diet allows moderate consumption of specific alcoholic beverages.11

    Dry red and white wine is fine in moderation. Beer is generally not okay it is liquid bread but there are a few low carb beers that can be consumed from time to time. And spirits like vodka, gin or whiskey have no carbs at all.

    Check out all the various alcoholic drinks that are keto in our keto alcohol guide

    You can also listen to the Diet Doctor Podcast with low-carb wine expert and entrepreneur Todd White.

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    Zevia Is Another Good Alternative To Real Soda


    I tried the Dr. Zevia flavor because Dr. Pepper was one of the few sodas that I really craved before starting keto.

    While this was good, I was a little bummed after tasting it. Its definitely more Dr. Pepper-inspired than it is a true keto soda dupe. I could taste hints of the spicy flavor I miss so much, and maybe I set myself up for disappointment by trying a flavor I had such high hopes for.

    Still, I liked it enough that Ill try the other flavors & recommend it to others. I heard the grape flavor is awesome! Plus, this is pretty close to actual soda so if sparkling water just isnt cutting it, Id recommend Zevia for sure.

    What Exactly Is Coke Sugar Zero

    Within the past few years, Coca-Cola Zero actually altered its name to the name Coke zero sugar specifically. Their website can tell us exactly what has changed in the recipe if there are any changes at any given time.

    Just as the recipe for Coke Zero, Coke Zeros Sugar brand is still slightly sweetened by things like artificial sweeteners such as aspartame and acesulfame k.

    This unique blend of the natural flavor, which is unique to the brand of Coke itself, is still relatively the same. Therefore, the ingredient list itself on the nutritional facts panel on the cans and the bottles by Coca-Cola have not at all changed.

    The manufacturers at Coca-cola have made a uniquely great-tasting type of coke zero, which, consumers adore and love almost as much as their regular coke recipe.

    Regular Coke contains about 200 calories per 12-ounce serving. Coke Zero contains around 20 calories per 12-ounce serving, but still contains high fructose corn syrup , artificial dyes, and other chemicals.

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    Diet Soda Will Impair Your Progress On Keto

    The bottom line is that diet soda on keto helps us to store fat more efficiently while endangering cardiovascular and gut health.

    On top of that, diet drinks on keto promote cravings for sweets no matter what kind of natural or artificial sweetener they use.

    Yes, diet soda might have zero carbohydrates, sugar, and calories. But artificial sweeteners on keto can have the same negative impact as common sugar by triggering an insulin response.

    Therefore, diet soda can break a fast.

    Adding human-made synthesized chemicals to your diet to reduce carbs doesnt make sense for safety reasons, even in small amounts.

    Diet soda vs. regular soda? The inconvenient truth is to go with real hydration that isnt a meal and wont break a fast.

    Coffee and green tea are great choices since they stimulate metabolism and weight loss while reducing appetite. Carbonated mineral water is also viable and helps with noisy stomachs.

    Want more flavor in your diet? A squeeze of lime or lemon, as well as slices of oranges or cucumbers, are excellent and safe choices.

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    Wait What About Diet Soda

    Zesto Root Beer Light

    Thats an interesting question.

    It would seem that sugar-free diet soda, with zero calories and zero carbs, would be the perfect beverage for keto dieters. It provides the sweetness theyd be giving up when pushing aside the soda or juice, but wouldnt pose any risk of kicking them out of ketosis.

    Not so fast, bucky.

    Its true that you can drink diet soda on keto, as long as its been sweetened with a sugar alternative like stevia, aspartame or sucralose. However, nutrition experts say that you shouldnt, for several reasons.

    The biggest issue is that sugar and artificial sweeteners each stimulate the same taste buds. That reinforces the bodys cravings for sweet foods and drinks, and increases the risk that youll cheat to satisfy them. So while diet soda isnt the immediate problem, it greatly boosts the chances that youll end up eating or drinking something that will force you out of ketosis.

    There are other reasons to avoid diet drinks, too. Consuming sucralose and some other zero-calorie sweeteners have been shown to lead to an increase in blood glucose levels causing the body to store fat, not burn it. And, of course, its well-established that diet sodas can contribute to other health issues like heart disease.

    Bottom line: diet sodas wont necessarily destroy your efforts to lose weight, but may very well sabotage them. Thats why diet drinks are strongly discouraged on the keto diet.

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    What Is Coke Zero

    Nearly four years ago, Coke Zero changed its name to Coke Zero Sugar. The Coca-Cola website tells us what has changed in the recipe.

    Just like Coke Zero, Coke Zero Sugar is still sweetened by the artificial sweeteners aspartame and acesulfame potassium. The blend of natural flavors, which are unique to Coca-Cola, is still the same so the ingredient list on the nutrition facts panel on cans and bottles has not changed.

    Or simply, the Coca Cola manufacturers have made a great tasting Coke Zero which the consumers love and enjoy almost as much as regular Coke.

    Generally speaking, Coke Zero Sugar is still a soda. So there are still almost the same ingredients found in it, as in regular carbonated drinks. The main difference lies in what sweeteners are used in the different beverages.

    In Coca-Colas products facts website, it is stated that Coke Zero Sugar is a zero-sugar and zero-calorie cola. With the use of aspartame as one of the main sweeteners in this product, Coca-Cola claims that in comparison to regular sugar, it cannot cause hunger episodes and weight gain.

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