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The 40 Best Keto Breakfast Recipes

Breakfast Meal Prepping For Ketogenic Diet – Keto Breakfast Ideas

Looking for some low carb ideas to start your day? Well, youve come to the right place!

This collection of forty easy Keto Breakfast Recipes has a huge variety to choose from, so any taste or craving can be satisfied!

Youll find everything from egg dishes like omelets, to keto-fied baked good, smoothies, parfaits and so much more

Go through all these great recipes, and see which ones make it into your regular rotation. Have fun!

Is There Keto Diet For Beginners

  • Restrict carbohydrates to 20 digestible grams per day or less a strict low-carb or keto diet.
  • Eat enough fat to feel satisfied.
  • Maintain a moderate protein intake.
  • Avoid snacking when not hungry.
  • If necessary, add intermittent fasting.
  • Sleep enough and minimize stress.
  • Keto supplements are not required.

Keto Breakfast Ideas That Are Anything But Boring

If youre a breakfast lover following the keto diet, prepare to be pleasantly surprised: The list of keto breakfast ideas is long and mouthwatering, full of tasty fat-rich foods like eggs, avocado, sausage, butter, cheese, and bacon.

Of course, the list of things not permitted on the ultra-restrictive ketogenic diet is pretty darn long too. Thats because the goal is to deprive the body of its primary energy sourcecarbohydratesand load up on fat in order to force your body into a metabolic state called ketosis, in which stored fat is burned for energy, as SELF has reported. In general, what you can eat on a keto diet includes fish, meat, low-carb dairy products , low-carb vegetables, nuts, oils, and avocadosas well as more carby foods, like fruit, as long as its in moderation.

On keto, you really need to moderate everything thats not pure fat, as New Yorkbased dietitian Samantha Cassetty, MS, RD, previously told SELF. That includes protein, and even the carbs in nuts and veggies.

Whether you need an easy keto breakfast that will be ready in five, or one that you actually have time to prep in advance, these 35 keto breakfast ideas have you covered.

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Easy Keto Breakfasts On The Go

The key to whipping up a quick breakfast? Stocking your refrigerator or pantry with a variety of staple breakfast ingredients. Here are some of our favorites to have on hand at all times:

  • Eggs. Whether youre going for a classic omelet or a traditional boiled, scrambled, fried, or poached version, eggs always come in handy when its meal oclock. Not only do they taste good, but theyre also one of the most versatile protein-rich foods.
  • Bacon. Another basic yet versatile ingredient that will help to sneak in some extra fat to keep you satisfied.
  • Avocado. During busy mornings, avocados can be a real time saver. Simply spoon it straight from the shell, sprinkle it with lemon juice and youre good to go. You can also enjoy it with eggs, a keto plate of cold cuts, or a salmon plate.
  • Cheese. It comes in all shapes and sizes, and we love all of them. Block, sliced, shredded, or cream. Feta, parmesan, cheddar, Brie, or mozzarella just to name a few. Make some quick cheese roll-ups and enjoy cold or incorporate cheese into your omelet or scrambled eggs.
  • Cold cuts. Its always good to have a selection of various sliced meats, such as roast beef or prosciutto, in the refrigerator so you can pick and choose depending on what youre in the mood for.

Breakfast Ideas On The Keto Diet

Keto Diet Breakfast Inspiration and Ideas From Instagram

And if youre looking for healthy breakfast ideas, look no further! This one is low-carb, gluten-free and vegetarian! Spinach-Mushroom Strata. Melty Swiss cheese and buttery mushrooms sautéed with fresh thyme make this savory, earthy spinach strata a make-ahead breakfast idea thats almost too good to be true. Shirred Eggs with Leeks. Like.

4. Two-Minute Keto English Muffins 5. Lazy Keto Breakfast Burrito Bowl 6. Keto Bacon, Cheese, Avocado and Egg Bites 7. Keto.

From realistic imitations to protein-rich innovations, the keto-friendly foods, swaps and favourites to stock up on.

However, the Ketogenic diet is designed per the modern convenience to achieve physical fitness without sacrificing much in life. The Official Website Keto Tone Gummies. Keto Tone Gummies are.

People may start the ketogenic diet for various reasons youre trying to lose weight, it can help certain disease.

Intermittent fasting, keto or high protein, which diet plan will work for you? No single diet will work for everyone. Whether it is intermittent fasting or a ketogenic diet or a high protein diet, or any diet off the block. Every individuals body is different and has to.

But rice is also often villanised, particularly with the rising popularity of the keto diet, which eschews carbs and promises quick weight-loss results and better energy levels. For the average.

Quick Keto Breakfast Ideas Keto Sausage Avocado Sauteed Mushrooms, Onion, Garlic,

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What Is The Keto Diet

The keto diet is a high-fat, moderate protein, and low-carbohydrate diet that works to fuel the body with fat instead of carbohydrates, explains Brittany Michels, M.S., R.D.N., L.D.N., C.P.T., a registered dietitian at The Vitamin Shoppe. When carbohydrates in the diet are low, the liver can convert fat into fatty acids and ketone bodies, she adds.

Following a keto diet can be helpful in treating neurological diseases, such as epilepsy, and also weight loss and blood sugar management, Michels says. But if not done correctly, there are keto diet side effects like the keto flu that can happen. Michels suggests using a carb counter or macro tracking application to help when planning, but generally, a keto-compliant day of eating contains 75% fat or higher, 20% protein, and 5% or lower carbohydrates.

When it comes to planning a keto breakfast, Michels says eggs are almost always a key component. Eggs cooked in oil is an easy keto-compliant breakfast. Even adding some non-starchy vegetables to the mix will still keep you in the keto macro range, she says. Just be sure to include nutrient-rich foods, consume enough fat, and work with a registered dietitian if youre concerned about getting the vitamins and minerals you need, she says.

Citrus Keto Green Smoothie

If youre struggling to eat enough vegetables during the day, or you miss starting off your mornings with a fresh glass of orange juice, try this citrus keto green smoothie.

Its packed with spinach and a scoop of Perfect Keto Greens Powder, which offers nutrients from 26 different fruits and vegetables per scoop.

Bursting with citrus flavors like orange, lemon, and lime, this energizing smoothie isnt just flavorful, its also filling and wont spike your blood sugar like orange juice does.

Healthy fats from MCT oil will also help your body better absorb the fat-soluble vitamins and minerals in those fruits and veggies.

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What Can I Eat For Keto Breakfast Without Eggs

Your morning meal on the ketogenic diet is usually high-protein, moderate fat, and low-carb.

No wonder egg recipes are so popular on the keto diet and low-carb diet. Eggs are an excellent source of complete protein. Eggs are the easiest, fastest, and cheapest way to prepare a keto breakfast.

But if you hate eggs, if you are allergic to eggs, or you are fed up with eggs, finding eggless low-carb breakfasts can be tricky.

Each of these easy keto breakfast recipes are a great way to start your day and work into your weekly meal plan.

There are so many low-carb breakfast ideas that dont include eggs, such as:

  • Keto granola recipes

Crunchy Nut Keto Cereal is the perfect crunchy breakfast recipe. The best bit is it is only 3g net carbs per serve.

This slow-cooker healthy granola is the perfect breakfast idea. It is irresistibly crunchy, nutty, grain-free, and refined sugar-free.

This Low Carb Homemade Granola Recipe is crunchy and sweetly satisfying.

Keto Breakfast Bowl With Superfoods

Keto Diet Breakfast Ideas For Beginners

Image credit: Vegetarian Gastronomy

Trendy overnight oats are convenient, but way too full of carbs for keto eaters. Thats where this keto breakfast idea comes in. As with overnight oats, you mix up all the ingredients the night before and stick it in the fridge, then add toppings and go in the a.m. Its gluten free, vegan, and easily customizable, too, with non-dairy milk, protein powder, chia and hemp seeds, and coconut. We recommend going light on the protein powder and using full-fat coconut milk to bump up the fat and keep the protein moderate. Top it with chopped nuts and a smattering of berries, if you like.

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Keto Cereal And Cinnamon Toast Crunch Knock

Most Americans are raised with cereal and ice-cold milk for breakfast.

And when you went keto, you probably thought youd have to give that up forever.

Until now.

This keto Cinnamon Toast Crunch knock-off has everything: cinnamon, sweetness, and crunch.

It looks similar to the cereal you cant have, but it cleverly uses pork rinds and liquid stevia to create the same crunch and sweetness .

Keep in mind that when it comes to the milk you use for your keto cereal, reach for unsweetened coconut, almond, or hemp milk instead of regular milk to avoid the carbs that come with the latter.

Keto Peanut Butter Smoothie

Smoothies are a great keto breakfast idea for people who are in a hurry and dont like to eat breakfast.

This smoothie is loaded with peanut butter and chocolate flavor, but it is a light breakfast that is low carb.

Even better, this peanut butter smoothie is super thick and creamy, so it will satisfy all of your cravings!

The secret to getting this keto smoothie so creamy is the avocado. The avocado also adds tons of good fat and nutrients to your morning.

To make this smoothie dairy-free, use unsweetened almond milk.

You can add some sweetness with stevia.

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Keto Breakfast No Eggs Required

You dont have to eat eggs every day on the keto diet. Feel free to take a break from eggs for breakfast without loading up on carbs or getting out of ketosis. By sticking to these keto-friendly recipes, youll add variety and nutrition to your keto meal plan.

Dont forget to bookmark this page so you can always refer to these recipes when you need a keto breakfast without eggs.

Keto Breakfast Ideas For Going Low

5 Healthy Keto Breakfast Meals

Home Almond Flour Recipes Keto Breakfast Sandwich Recipe Keto Breakfast Sandwich Recipe This low carb keto breakfast sandwich recipe is the ultimate freezer friendly keto breakfast meal prep, with just 3.2g net carbs! It has layers of pancakes, eggs, sausage, and cheese.

Roasted Cherry Tomato Soup With Mascarpone. This roasted cherry tomato soup with creamy mascarpone isnt keto but is still low-carb and is super decadent and delicious. Its Bisque-like, tangy and a little sweet. Top with roasted chicken or grilled paneer or tofu for extra protein. Total carbs: 21.3 .

Keto breakfast hash changes things up from your run of the mill keto diet breakfast ideas. Loaded with bacon, eggs, veggies, and a touch of sweet potatoes, this keto friendly breakfast idea is a great change of pace from your normal breakfast items, adding a fresh and different keto breakfast recipe to your repertoire.

15 min. Step 1. To a bowl, crack the eggs. Add the coconut milk, tapioca flour, garlic powder, salt, and pepper. Whisk until it is a homogeneous mixture. Step 2. Add the olive oil to a large nonstick pan over medium heat. Once the oil heats, add the egg mixture and swirl to distribute evenly.

Keto Breakfast Cookies. These nutritious cookies have been on my must create recipe list for the longest time! Im excited to finally share these low sugar, nourishing cookie bites on The Foodie Affairs blog. Yes, you can feel good about eating cookies for a first meal of the day!

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Keto Porridge And Chia Puddings

Keto cooking is easy when you want no-cook breakfast ideas.

If you miss oatmeal or porridge, keto breakfast recipes made with chia seeds are the perfect low-carb keto alternative.

Mix chia with coconut milk, almond butter, berries, or coffee for a sweet overnight recipe.

Enjoy a guilt-free keto porridge recipe. Ready in only 10 minutes using supermarket ingredients. I know you will love this recipe.

If you live a keto lifestyle and have missed your warm and satisfying oatmeal or morning porridge, worry no more: this Hearty Hemp Heart Porridge will pamper your digestive system from the mouth to the gut without gluten, grains, or excess carbs.

Swap the high-carb oatmeal and enjoy this delicious vanilla keto pudding instead. Serve with sliced nuts and low-carb fruit such as raspberry, strawberry, or blueberries.

This quick and simple keto oatmeal recipe is ready in just 5 minutes with only 5 ingredients. Its the ideal keto recipe that resembles to traditional oatmeal that is super filling and loaded with nutrients.

This 4-Ingredient Chia pudding is a healthy snack or breakfast thats very low in carbs and loaded with nutrients, protein, fiber, and fats. Its a dairy-free recipe made with unsweetened plant-based milk, chia, and sweetener of choice.

Get ready to cozy up with a hearty and satisfying bowl of Keto Oatmeal ! Youre less than 10 minutes away from a rich, creamy, and completely satisfying low-carb breakfast.

Keto Boosted Coffee Recipe

For a lighter breakfast option that gives you just as much fuel as a full meal, try this boosted coffee recipe jam-packed with MCT oil.

MCT oil is a fast-acting energy source that your body and brain use almost immediately to support:

  • Stable energy levels
  • Proper metabolic and cellular function

While this looks like your average cup of coffee, its anything but.

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Keto Bacon And Sausage Recipes

For the perfect keto breakfast, a keto breakfast bake with sausages is one of those keto recipes that can be enjoyed for an eggless keto breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Just five simple ingredients are all that are needed to make this easy Air Fryer Sausage Patties. Full of flavor and taste, this easy sausage recipe is the perfect keto breakfast recipe.

If you love turkey bacon, making a big batch for breakfast meal planning is the way to go. Learn how to cook turkey bacon in the oven for crispy yummy turkey bacon every time.

If you order a keto breakfast no eggs, make sure you order breakfast sausage patties too .

Looking for a yummy keto breakfast no eggs – discover the best way to get crispy fried bacon without all the mess. This recipe makes easy Oven Fried Bacon a cinch!

Making sausage in the air fryer is a super easy and quick way to cook delicious sausages!

Maple Flavored together with Brown Sugar Sweetener, those Keto Candied Bacon Twists are the perfect Sugar-Free Bacon Candy with zero Carb per slice for whenever you need that little sweet keto breakfast recipe.

Best Keto Fruit Recipes

7 Easy Low Carb Breakfast Ideas | Keto Diet Breakfast Recipes

Comfort food at its best can be found in this keto meatloaf recipe which is easily doubled so you can make two loaves and freeze one for later. Choose between ground beef or turkey and follow the recipe which uses almond flour, sugar-free salsa and seasonings to create this healthy version of your favorite homemade meal.

50+ Delicious Best Easy Keto Chaffle Recipes!. Enjoy one of these easy Keto Chaffle recipes any day of the week with absolutely zero guilt. These easy to make and super satisfying easy Keto Chaffle recipes are great for anyone living a Keto lifestyle.

Homemade Keto Granola should be baked in the preheated oven for 25-30 minutes or until golden brown. Now gently remove the baking tray from the oven and allow the granola to cool completely. Store the Keto Granola in an airtight container once it has cooled.

In a small mixing bowl, combine the dry ingredients evenly: almond flour, psyllium husk, baking powder, and erythritol. Set aside. In a microwave-safe mixing bowl, weigh the shredded mozzarella and cream cheese. Microwave by 20-second bursts, stirring between each time until the cheese is fully melted.

Youll Love These Keto In Five Cookbooks! As you already know, the key to success is simplicity and satisfaction with your diet. Ive been on Keto for a long time now, and these are the best e-cookbooks I could ever put my hands on: Breakfast in Five, Lunch in Five, Dinner in Five & Dessert in Five. Each ebook contains 30 recipes.

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Spinach And Goat Cheese Omelet


  • 2 tablespoons of heavy cream
  • 1 cup of spinach
  • 1 ounce of goat cheese
  • 1 tablespoon of butter
  • salt and pepper to taste


  • Whisk the eggs, heavy cream, salt, and pepper in a bowl, then set the mixture aside.
  • Melt the butter in a pan over medium heat and sauté the spinach. Stir occasionally until the spinach is dark green and wilted. Remove from the pan and set aside.
  • Pour the egg mixture into the pan and cook it over medium heat.
  • Once the eggs start to set, flip them over using a spatula.
  • Add spinach and goat cheese to half of the omelet. Once the omelet has set, fold it in half and serve.
  • Tips For Keto Cooking:

    • Find low carb substitutions for your current favorite recipes. Like cauliflower instead of perogies and radishes instead of potatoes.
    • Maintain a balance of protein and healthy fats. Sometimes its hard to get enough fat and/or protein in a ketogenic diet so be sure to include a balance of both in your low carb recipes.
    • Plan ahead and use tools like this Meal Planning Printable or keto meal prep recipes printable to reach maximum success.
    • Find easy recipes that you love, like this Bacon Cheeseburger Casserole, Taco Bake and Hamburger Soup, and use them in your weekly rotation.

    This keto breakfast skillet is lovely and delicious!

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