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Best Keto Meal Delivery Service – All Organic / Healthy [TRIFECTA]

The main goal of the keto diet is to eat high-fat, low-carb meals to reach ketosis. The paleo diet’s purpose is to nourish one’s body with foods that could have been gathered by humans thousands of years ago. These two diets are similar in that they are popular for weight loss and improve overall health, focus on whole foods, and eliminate legumes and grains. Different from keto, the paleo diet highlights the importance of wellness and movement and doesn’t have specific ranges of macronutrients. Low carb is the most flexible of all three diets, allowing you to decide how much you want to reduce your carbohydrate intake.

Whether you already follow the keto diet or are curious to see if it works for you, consider investing in one of the best low-carb meal delivery services below. Keep scrolling to learn more about keto-friendly meal plans and subscriptions from Factor, Sunbasket, Trifecta, and more.

Best Keto Plan For Beginners: Territory

Changing your diet is no easy task, especially transitioning to one as complex as keto. The good news: Territory Foods offers microwavable keto meals that take two to three minutes to warm up. Turkey cobb salad, blackened salmon with vegetables, and hatch chili burgers with cauliflower mash are just some of the yummy keto dinners to look forward to. The low-carb meals with standard portions have an average of 12 grams of net carbs, 29 grams of protein, and 47 grams of fat. The best part? The Territory Foods team is made up of nutrition experts that work with local, independent chefs to deliver the freshest, healthiest meals possible. The meals are delivered fresh and last up to three days in your refrigerator. If you don’t eat them within that time period, freeze them to enjoy later.

Since Territory Foods is a fresh meal delivery service, it offers deliveries for once or twice a week. To begin your subscription, choose whether you want six, nine, or 12 meals each week. Next pick which meals you would like to add to your box, plus view the carb content of each recipe. You can edit your box to refine your meal options further by diet preferences and nutritional content. For vegetarians, you might want to select multiple of the same meal as there aren’t a ton of plant-based options.

Pricing: Territory Foods’ meal plans start at $91 and go up to $184. There’s also a flat fee of $8 or $9 per order, depending on your delivery area.

What Are The Benefits Of Keto Diets

Keto diets can encourage weight loss and improve energy levels. Most people feel a boost when following a Keto diet because they consume fewer refined carbs and more high-quality fats and protein. Many people are inspired to increase their fruit and vegetable intake while on keto diets, as well, which further contributes to overall wellbeing. The keto diet motivates many to cook more meals at home, too.

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How We Test And Review The Best Keto Meal Delivery Services

We determined our top picks for the best keto meal delivery services based on the following criteria:

  • Price per serving and delivery fees
  • Variety of weekly meal options to choose from
  • Customer support options like professional nutrition involvement, satisfaction guarantees, availability by locale and ease of subscription management
  • Customer satisfaction verified from third-party reviews
  • Nutritional value for people wanting to stick to the keto diet

Why You Should Trust Us

7 Best Keto Meal Delivery Services (2021 Update)

Every meal delivery service on our list has been reviewed by registered dietitians and vetted to ensure that it aligns with Healthlines brand integrity standards and approach to well-being. Each service in this article:

  • is in compliance with the USDA and FDA food safety and manufacturing regulations
  • uses a trusted shipper to handle its food products
  • lists all ingredients, allergens, and nutrition facts on the its website or product packaging
  • promotes a healthy approach to well-being
  • does not make unsupported health claims on its website or marketing materials
  • Price per serving: $7.99$18.99
  • Shipping: $14.99 or free over $150
  • Keto-friendly options per week: 30+
  • Additional menus: low carb
  • Serving sizes available: single-serving meals sides, snacks, and desserts may contain multiple servings
  • Ingredient quality: grass-fed beef, pastured pork, cage-free eggs, responsibly sourced seafood

518 Kitchen tops this list because of its wealth of keto-friendly and low carb meal options, which dont require a subscription.

Meals are made with all gluten-free ingredients, and the companys website states that each batch is tested for signs of cross-contamination.

In addition to being a good option for people following a keto or gluten-free diet, the service is ideal if youre short on time. The single-serving meals arrive frozen and ready to heat and eat.

Some examples of popular meals are Chicken Pot Pie, Steak Chili, and Shrimp with Alfredo Sauce.

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Best Keto Meal Delivery Services Of 2022

Enjoy a total of $120 OFF throughout your first 5 boxes using the code SPRUCEGET120OFF

A lot of services provide “keto-friendly” meals, but Factor’s keto plan delivers the real deal.

  • Not allergy-friendly

Factor specializes in supporting healthful diets, and its keto meals are made from well-sourced, high-quality ingredients, packed with the fat and protein you need to maintain ketosis. The company employs a team of dietitians who work with the culinary team to design meals and provide nutrition coaching to customers.

Learn More:Read Our Factor Review.

There are four plans: Keto, Chef’s Choice, Calorie Smart, and Vegan & Veggie. Some of Factor’s non-keto selections are sufficiently low-carb and can be made more “keto-friendly” by adding additional fat at home.

You can receive four, six, eight, 12, or 18 meals per week. Four meals per week will cost you $15 per serving. As you approach 18 meals per week, the price drops to $11 per serving. Factor is focused on lunch and dinner, but the menu typically features a couple of breakfast dishes as well.

The company delivers everywhere within the continental United States and uses packaging that is largely recyclable.

Best Keto Meal Delivery: Trifecta

Trifecta looks at the big picture of health by making sure each of these three areas are met: mind, body, and social. The health and fitness brand provides five meal plans for different types of eaters, including keto and paleo. All of them are approved by registered dietitians and physicians, so you can feel extra good about the food you’re putting in your body.

With a large emphasis on quality foods, its chefs use organic seasonal produce, gluten-free ingredients, and humanely raised protein in every recipe. The weekly rotating keto menu includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner options, such as turkey bacon cheddar frittata, beanless chili with grass-fed beef, and grilled pesto salmon. Just heat the dishes up in the microwave or oven and enjoy. Note: Each keto meal features an average of 41 grams of protein, 35 grams of fat, and 9 grams of net carbs.

To start the keto meal delivery, choose how many meals you want each day and whether you want a five- or seven-day meal plan. Because you don’t pick out your specific dishes, make sure to mark any allergies or foods to avoid before checkout. If you need to skip a delivery, update your account by the Friday before your next shipment.

Pricing: Trifecta’s weekly meal plans cost between $109 and $386 with free shipping.

Availability: Trifecta delivers to all 50 states.

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Keto Dieting Has Never Been So Easy

The ketogenic diet embraces all the best things in life, including low-carbs, healthy fats, generous helpings of proteins, and veggies galore. Eating a keto-friendly diet can help improve your health, build muscle, encourage weight loss, and curb your hunger cravings. And with the right ketogenic meal delivery service, it can even taste good! Check out some of the top-rated meal delivery services for keto dieters, and start eating healthier, happier, and more conveniently today.

*The information on this site is based on research, but should not be treated as medical advice. Before beginning any new diet plan, we recommend consulting with a physician or other professional healthcare provider. Results may vary based on various health factors, individual weight loss plans and adherence to the meal plan.

How To Choose A Keto Meal Delivery Service

Best ready-to-eat meal delivery services: No cooking required

The exact dietary requirements for staying in ketosis varies by person, and not every brand pays strict attention to the ratio of fat, protein, and carbohydrates in their recipes. Many brands will label a meal as keto if it’s low in carbs, while others follow a strict macros as part of their vetting process. Transparent nutrition labels are the easiest way to ensure your meal delivery service works for you.

Additional factors to consider are the price and number of meals you need delivered. Keto beginners can benefit from curated plans developed by dietitians to account for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, while longtime keto fans may just want to expand their recipe collection with a meal delivery kit. Regardless of your preference, it’s worth noting that most services offer cheaper pricing as you increase the number of meals ordered.

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Quick And Easy Meals Make Weeknight Dinners A Cinch

Snap Kitchen

  • Cost per serving: $10.50 and up
  • Meal type: Prepped meals

Snap Kitchens tasty, heat-and-eat keto meals will be a convenient addition to your keto lifestyle. While there are a limited amount of dishes available, the menu changes regularly, and there are other diet-compliant meals available if youre feeding others in your household.

Meals can be personalized to fit your dietary needs, so this is an excellent premade option for anyone following a specific dietary lifestyle, plus all the food is gluten-free. Each meal comes pre-portioned in microwave- and oven-safe containers, making them suitable for taking to work and eliminating most of your cleanup. Plan options include six meals for $76 a week and 12 meals for $126 a week, with the latter giving you the most bang for your buck. You can also snag more savings using code HABIT40, which shaves $10 off your first four orders.

Why Trust Our Expert Review

Our experts independently research and recommend products we believe provide value for our keto-curious readers. Weve spent more than 60 hours collectively conducting in-depth, independent research on keto meal delivery services. Throughout this process, we did the following:

  • Consulted with 19 dietitians and nutrition experts
  • Mystery shopped more than 20 brands
  • Fact-checked meal macros to confirm menu options as keto, modified keto or low-carb
  • Reviewed thousands of verified customer reviews from trusted third parties such as the Better Business Bureau , Trustpilot and Yelp

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Tips For Choosing The Best Keto Meal Delivery Service

Whether youre new to the keto diet and looking for an easy way to start or a keto-pro looking to broaden your horizons, theres a keto meal delivery service out there for you.Ill walk you through a few of the key factors to look out for.

  • Prepared meals vs. meal kits: If you want ultimate convenience and zero-prep, make sure youre looking at services with prepared meals. If youre looking to improve your cooking skills or want to customize your dishes, look for meal kits.

  • Variety: One of the hardest things about the keto diet is that it can become monotonous and make you not want to eat steak with a side of veggies ever again! A meal delivery service with a weekly-changing menu can help keep your meals fresh and interesting. For those with fixed menus, make sure theres enough variety that you wont get bored.

  • Flexibility: Easy cancellation, pausing your subscription, and changing the date of your delivery are all important for a high-quality meal delivery service, particularly if you decide to come off keto for a while.

  • Budget: It goes without saying that you should choose a meal delivery service that isnt going to blow your weekly grocery budget. Consider shipping costs, too, when totaling up whether or not a service is affordable for you.

Best Organic: Green Chef

The Top 5 Keto

With a keto- and paleo-friendly meal plan stocked with delicious meal kits, Green Chef is a great choice for busy home cooks.

  • Certified organic produce and eggs

  • Easy to prepare recipes

  • Max of only four meals per week

  • Not strictly keto some use of sugars

  • No free shipping

Headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, Green Chef was founded in 2014 with the distinction of being the first certified organic meal kit delivery service. In contrast to all the prepared meal providers on this list, Green Chef boasts a concise collection of keto-friendly meal kits. The menu rotates weekly, and all kits serve two, four, or six people. Green Chef only offers lunch and dinner options there are no sides, snacks, desserts, or other add-ons.

Learn More:Read Our Green Chef Review.

The company’s Keto+Paleo menu features meals like roasted fennel-cumin shrimp, grilled cheese with chimichurri and veggies, and beef tenderloin with truffle cream sauce. Besides the keto plan, Green Chef also has its Balanced Living and Plant-Powered plans. All plans deliver either two, three, or four kits per week. Pricing for the keto plan is as follows:

  • 2 servings, 3 meals per week: $13.49 per serving
  • 2 servings, 4 meals per week: $12.99 per serving
  • 4 servings, 2 meals per week: $12.99 per serving
  • 4 servings, 3 meals per week: $12.49 per serving
  • 4 servings, 4 meals per week: $11.99 per serving
  • 6 servings, 3 meals per week: $11.99 per serving
  • 6 servings, 4 meals per week: $11.99 per serving

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What Is The Keto Diet

Keto started as something of a fad diet decades ago, when it was commonly referred to as the Atkins Plan or the South Beach Diet. People are drawn to keto and other low-carb programs for many reasons, such as wanting to limit their total carb count for weight loss or upping their protein intake to help build muscle or for training purposes. And many delivery services now cater to the keto diet. In fact some of the most popular meal kit services, including Home Chef and Green Chef, have low-carb meal plans with as many as eight or nine keto menu options to choose from each week. If you don’t want to cook at all, there are more meal delivery services that will deliver ready-to-eat keto and paleo meals via weekly subscription or one-time order.

Are Keto Meal Delivery Services As Healthy As Cooking Your Own Keto Meals

Cooking your own meals tends to be a healthier choice than using a meal delivery service because it gives you more control over the ingredients and the freshness.

However, many of these meal delivery services particularly 518 Kitchen, Paleo on the Go, Sunbasket, and Green Chef are committed to using whole-food ingredients and avoiding processed additives.

Therefore, these services can be a great choice if you need a convenient option that is still minimally processed.

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Why Choose A Keto Meal Delivery Service

A keto meal delivery service is a great way to commit to the keto diet without having to put in much extra work. These services make eating healthy and staying on track with your diet straightforward and accessible. Although some people find these services expensive, the time saved on cooking can make the price worth it.

The Best Keto Meal Delivery Service


By clicking on the product links in this article, we may receive a commission fee at no cost to you, the reader. Sponsorships and affiliate commissions help support our research so we can help you find the best products. Read our full affiliate disclosure here.

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What Is The Best Meal Delivery Service For Keto

Weve shortlisted some of the best keto meal delivery services that could fit your needs, whether its dietary preferences, price-point or professional support. Overall, we found Factor checks off the most important things to consider: price, variety, macros and good reviews. Meal kit and meal delivery services like 518 Kitchen, Clean Eatz Kitchen, Diet-to-Go, Fresh n Lean, Freshly, GreenChef and Trifecta Nutrition offer something for every keto dieter.

The 13 Best Keto Meal Delivery Services Of 2022

Many people find that the low carb, high fat keto diet helps them reach their health goals, such as weight loss or improved blood sugar management .

Most people on keto aim for 2550 grams of net carbs each day. The phrase net carbs refers to total carbs minus fiber.

Sticking to the diet can require a lot of time cooking, meal planning, and meal prepping. Meal delivery services can ease some of the work of keto meal prep, providing you with meals or meal kits that meet your nutritional needs.

This can save you a lot of time in the kitchen and make it easier to follow the keto diet.

Here are the 13 best keto meal delivery services.

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