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The BEST KETO PECAN PIE MUG CAKE EVER | Easy Keto Dessert Mug Cake Recipe

Keto Candied Pecans – This classic keto candied pecan recipe is easy to make with only 5 ingredients. These keto candied pecans make the perfect gift. It’s a simple recipe for keto desserts.

Keto Berry Smoothie – Packed with protein and antioxidants, this Keto Berry Smoothie is the perfect low carb breakfast or afternoon snack.

Keto Death By Chocolate Cake

No Flour

Just 7 Ingredients

Its almost too good to believe!

This exceptionally bold chocolate cake recipewithout any flour to get in the way of the soft texture and intense chocolatey flavorwill change everything you thought you knew about chocolate cake. Theres no oil required, and NO coconut flour either!

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The Right Way To Melt Chocolate

Which brings me to my second recommendation: Take your time melting the chocolate!

When you melt the butter and chocolate in the microwave, do so in 30 second bursts. Mine was mostly melted after 90 seconds in total. I then left the bowl on the kitchen counter and stirred it from time to time. This caused the rest of the chocolate to melt slowly.

If you don’t have a microwave, you can melt chocolate in a water bath. For this, you either place the bowl with your chocolate and butter in a heat proof bowl over a pot with boiling water. Once the chocolate is half-melted, remove the bowl and let it fully melt by stirring occasionally.

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Sex In A Pan Dessert Recipe

Learn how to make sex in a pan dessert – easy and sugar-free! And, this chocolate sex in a pan recipe is one of the best low carb desserts ever. If you’re looking for delicious keto desserts that everyone else will love too, this is for you.

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When I first heard about sex in a pan dessert, I thought the name was some kind of joke. Was this really a thing? Apparently, its been around for years, under many different names. Im not really sure what the origin is.

Intrigued by all the flavors in a chocolate layer dessert, I set out to find how to make sex in a pan my way. Of course, that meant low carb, gluten-free, and healthy

Most Popular Keto Desserts

Pumpkin Cheesecake Keto Fat Bombs  this is the best Keto Dessert ...

Here are the most popular low carb dessert recipes based on the ratings of KetoConnect readers like you.

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What Sweeteners Can I Use In Keto Desserts

There are so many keto sweeteners to choose from. You can use your sweetener of choice in most keto dessert recipes. Weve used granulated Swerve and Lakanto.

Just note that the flavor will be slightly different with each sweetener. Maple flavored syrup tends to be mild in flavor while still adding a touch of sweetness.

Some of the most commonly used sugar alcohols are: Erythritol, Sorbitol, Xylitol, Maltitol, Lactitol, and .Mannitol

Toppings For This Keto Cake

I’m a bit of a purist, so I simply dusted my cake with 100% unsweetened cocoa powder and served on a pretty cake stand.

You could also dust the low carb cake with powdered sweeter.

If you want to go the whole nine yards, make a cream cheese frosting or a buttercream frosting.

Or how about a quick chocolate ganache? Melt 1 bar of chocolate and stirring in 3 tablespoon of double / heavy cream and 4 tablespoon powdered sweetener.

You could serve this cake with a dollop of whipped cream or a scoop of sugar free vanilla ice cream.

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Working With Coconut Flour

Coconut Flour is NOT a 1-to-1 for other grain-free or gluten-free flours. It has a lot more protein and fat, and less starch, so it reacts differently in recipes.

Its best stored in the refrigerator or freezer if youre not going to use it right away.

Always bring coconut to room temperature before baking with it.

If you use it cold, itll absorb more of the liquid and your keto desserts batter will be thicker than it should be.

Did you make any of these keto dessert recipes? Please leave a comment below letting us know you thought.

Also, if there are specific keto desserts you’re looking for that you don’t’ see, please let us know.

Tips And Tricks For Making Low Carb Desserts

The BEST Keto Dessert Recipe EVER!!! Easy Keto Dessert Recipe
  • Be flexible. Not everything is going to taste IDENTICAL to your favorite sweet treat, but it will still be satisfying.
  • Don’t pinch pennies. The ingredients you need to make low carb desserts can be expensive, but they will last forever with how little you use to keep your sweet tooth satisfied.
  • Make ahead. To stay successful in your low carb lifestyle, always keep something within reach so you’re not tempted to grab something high in carbs on a whim.
  • Enjoy! As long as your favorite low carb dessert fits in your daily macros, there’s no need to feel guilty. Grab a bite and enjoy your journey!
  • Hide them. I’m just kidding. Sort of. Keto desserts made the right way will be so yummy your whole family will be fighting for a bite.

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The Trick With Keto Chocolate Layer Dessert

Now, I already fixed the majority of the first problem with layered low carb desserts the waiting! I say majority because I still recommend refrigerating it for an hour or two at the very end before serving. But, unlike other chocolate layer dessert recipes, at least you dont have to wait between layers.

So, the only slight challenge thats left with a treat like this? Apparently, a creamy six layer dessert can be tricky to remove from the pan. It always falls apart on me! The first piece definitely wont look pretty, so be prepared for that.

After that one piece, make sure youre cutting all the way through the crust layer and use a thin, sturdy spatula to remove each piece from the pan. I love this silicone cookie spatula, which is the perfect size.

Just remember, it will still taste delicious even if you mess up on the serving process. And if you love chocolate and whipped cream, it will be one of the best low carb desserts youve ever had.

The Best Homemade Keto Friendly Desserts And Simple No Bake Treats Ive Rounded Up A List Of My Favorite Low Carb Recipes That Only Require A Few Pantry Staples

A keto diet isnt easy to follow, especially if you have a sweet tooth like me. However, I have discovered that you can enjoy quite a few sweet treats even when youre watching your carbs. And, trust me, they DO NOT taste low carb! Ill seriously never miss sugar again thanks to these simple desserts.

I tried to only include the easiest of recipes that just require a few common ingredients. Most of these delicious keto desserts include pantry staples like almond flour, cream cheese, butter, sugar free chocolate chips, eggs, vanilla and the low carb sweetener of your choice.

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Can You Eat Desserts On A Keto Diet

For those following a keto diet, the goal is to keep your carbohydrates below a strict limit every day. This keeps the body in a state of ketosis where it burns fat for energy instead of breaking carbohydrates down into glucose.

That may make it seem like desserts are off limits to anyone following a keto way of eating. But I have some good news: with a few ingredient swaps, you can absolutely enjoy desserts and stay in ketosis!

In other words, you can have your keto cake and eat it, too!

Our 8 Best Keto Dessert Recipes

This will be your best keto dessert recipe ever. Pour and Bake keto ...

Words by: Family Farm Team

If you’re following a keto diet, chances are you’ve asked the same questions as your fellow low-carbers: what can I eat for dessert on the keto diet? Can I eat cake or ice cream on keto? Is chocolate keto-approved? Although everyone should shape their meals to fit their own unique nutritional needs, there’s always room for dessert on the keto diet. These keto desserts aren’t just sweet and satisfyingthey’re also low in carbs, high in fat, and range from effortlessly easy no-bake treats to complex and impressive cheesecakes. So whether you’re meticulous with your macros or just looking for something to satisfy your sweet tooth sans sugar, you’ve come to the right place.

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What Is Cheesecake Fluff

Cheesecake fluff is made with a handful of fat-heavy ingredients that are all staples of many of our keto baking recipes, such as cream cheese, heavy cream, and sour cream. But the best part about this cheesecake fluff is definitely how easy it is to prepare. You can have this decadent keto-friendly dessert ready to serve your dinner guests in under 20 minutes.

The Ultimate Flourless Chocolate Cake

Why should you make this chocolate cake?

Simply put, because it is quite possibly the best chocolate cake you will ever make, even if you arent on a keto diet.

The first time I made the recipe was for a friends birthday party, where not a single person in attendance aside from the host was on a low carb diet, and yet people went absolutely crazy for this ultra fudgy chocolate cake. In just a single night, I was already asked by three more friends to make cakes for their birthdays too!

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Easy Keto Raspberry Ice Cream

You wont believe how easy this frozen berry ice cream is to make! You just blend these 3 ingredients together in a food processor until you get the consistency of soft serve ice cream. Just make sure your heavy whipping cream is really cold! I place mine in the freezer for about 15 minutes before getting started.

One Of The Best Low Carb Desserts For Any Occasion

SUGAR FREE FUDGE | easy keto dessert | best fat bomb ever

Despite the conflict between the name and the fact that I had family coming for New Years, I made this sex in a pan dessert for the celebration. I wanted something that looked cool, tasted extra rich, and it had to be something I wouldnt make every day.

Fortunately, even with multiple steps, it turned out to be a lot easier than it looks! And, the rave reviews were worth the effort.

Ill admit, I couldnt bring myself to tell my family what this thing was called. And they did all ask, because it doesnt look like any other dessert people have seen before. I just said its chocolate layer dessert. Feel free to do the same if youre in the same boat!

You may be wondering why Im sharing this chocolate layer dessert recipe now, toward the end of January. Isnt this month supposed to be all about healthy eating for many people? Well, yes. But like I said, this low carb dessert is definitely healthier than traditional sex in a pan.

The other reason is, Valentines Day is coming up! What better time than that to make this sugar-free sex in a pan dessert? Its special, its chocolate, and you wont have to come up with an alternate name like I did.

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Keto Iced Caramel Macchiato

Tred of the same old bulletproof coffee recipe each morning? Looking for a way to add a little zip to your morning coffee? Love Caramel anything but trying to control the sugar? Looking for a tasty cold drink? Trying to save a little money by avoiding the local coffee shop each morning? Whatever the reason, this Iced Caramel Macchiato is your answer. And it’s Keto.

Keto Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Bars

What happens when rich and creamy cheesecake meets delectable chocolate chip cookie dough? It creates the most scrumptious Keto dessert bar you have ever tasted!

These Keto Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Bars are creamy, dreamy and low carb. At just less than 5 net carbs per bar, this sweet treat wont break your keto diet.

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How To Make Lemon Blueberry Cheesecake Bars

These are such easy keto cheesecake bars to make! Heres an overview of how theyre prepared:

  • Line an 8×8-inch baking dish with foil or parchment paper.
  • Make the crust: This recipe uses the same low carb almond flour shortbread crust that I use for these Keto Lemon Bars.
  • Stir together the melted butter, almond flour and sweetener together to form a soft buttery crust.
  • Lightly press the dough into an even layer in the bottom of the pan and bake for 7 minutes at 350 degrees F.
  • Prep the layers: The cheesecake layer is just cream cheese, an egg yolk, confectioners Swerve, lemon juice and lemon zest. You can use an electric mixer to beat the ingredients until they form a smooth consistency.
  • For the blueberry sauce, simply combine blueberries, water and confectioners Swerve in a saucepan and allow it to simmer until it reduces to a thick blueberry sauce.
  • Assemble the bars: After pre-baking the crust for 7 minutes, remove it from the oven and allow it to cool a few minutes. Top the crust with the cheesecake layer, then top with the low carb blueberry sauce.
  • Make the coconut crumble topping: For this add butter, almond flour and unsweetened coconut to a small blender or food processor and pulse until the mixture is course and butter has broken up.
  • Sprinkle the topping over the blueberry layer and bake 20 minutes.
  • Allow the bars to cool completely before slicing.
  • Creamy Keto Blueberry Ice Cream

    Tasty AND Healthy?? Today

    This Keto Blueberry Ice Cream is a delicious, sweet treat to keep you cool this summer without feeling guilty. This low carb, creamy delight is the perfect way to stick to your Keto lifestyle and still get in that sweet tooth craving.

    If you want a summer treat you don’t have to feel guilty about, these 3-ingredient Low Carb Creamsicle Popsicles are just the ticket! They are so easy and delicious that you won’t even notice they’re low carb.

    These Mixed Berry Popsicles are low carb, make great fat bombs and are perfect for summer. They’re simple, delicious and an excellent way to cool down in the summer.

    These delightfully light and refreshing Avocado Lime Popsicles are the perfect way to cool down this summer! As added bonuses, they’re dairy-free, kid-friendly, low carb and make a fantastic keto fat bomb.

    These Dairy-Free, Bulletproof-inspired Coffee Popsicles are a delicious way to stay cool while still enjoying that strong coffee flavor, for breakfast, snack, or just because you want ice cream for breakfast.

    These Keto Maple Pecan Blondies are the perfect sweet treat to satisfy your sweet tooth. They’re delightfully rich and surprisingly low carb.

    Keto Maple Pecan Frosting is a type of cream cheese frosting which is, personally, my favorite type of frosting. It’s got such a rich and creamy flavor with a thick texture that makes it perfect for topping anything you like.

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    Keto Caramel Mocha Cheesecake Bars

    These creamy low carb cheesecake bars are made with delicious flavors of salted caramel cheesecake and mocha. Theyre so heavenly you would never know its healthy too!

    They are perfect, creamy little bites that are great for the holidays, but also year around. These cheesecake bars are dairy free, gluten free and refined sugar free.

    How To Make Keto Chocolate Cake

    1.) Whisk the eggs with a hand mixer in a large mixing bowl until they have doubled in size and are frothy.

    You want to make sure that the eggs are ROOM TEMPERATURE. If you forgot to take them our 30 minutes before starting on the cake, you can always warm them up in a bowl with hot water.

    Keeping the eggs at room temperature prevents the mix from splitting and becoming lumpy once you add the warm chocolate and butter.

    2.) Add the powdered erythritol and whisk again until well-combined.

    Tip: If you only have granulated sweetener, blitz it in a food processor or with the attachment of a stick blender to turn it into a powder. You don’t want any crunchy bits in your gooey, moist chocolate cake!

    TASTE the cake batter and add more sweetener if necessary. I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, so you may prefer it a little sweeter than I do.

    3.) Melt butter and chocolate and stir until combined. You can do this in a microwave or on the stove – but slowly and gently. TAKE YOUR TIME!!! If the chocolate gets too hot too quickly, it can seize or separate.

    Then add the mix to the bowl and fold it in with a spatula or spoon.

    4.) See how it’s slowly coming together?

    5. And this is how it should look like – gooey, creamy goodness!

    6.) Lastly, you add the almond flour / ground almonds and stir until they are evenly distributed.

    Let the cake cool completely before cutting.

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    What Can You Eat For Dessert On The Keto Diet

    If you’re new to a low carb lifestyle, you may be under the assumption that keto and desserts might not go hand in hand. You’re only partially correct. While traditional sugar-filled desserts aren’t keto-friendly, there are plenty of keto dessert options to choose from.

    If you’re looking for some great keto dessert alternatives, check out my list of The Best Keto Desserts.

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