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Coconut Oil Keto Diet Ketone Test – Better than MCT Oil?

One of my favorite discoveries when I went Keto was coconut oil!

Not only does it help us keep our fat ratio high enough for nutritional ketosis, it also has some pretty amazing health benefits.

I first became aware of coconut oil when I heard about ketones and their benefits for Alzheimers patients. My Mom is living with Alzheimers so of course this interested me.

From everything Ive studied, I dont believe that coconut oil is a cure for this horrible disease, but I do think it is very healthy and we should incorporate it into our keto plan of eating.

Coconut Oil For Teeth Whitening

The trend for bright white teeth has gained some serious momentum over the past few decades not that we didnt care about clean teeth before a lot of people just want their teeth as white as possible.

However, with this popularity comes cheap products claiming to whiten your teeth quickly and cheaply. Coconut oil may just be the natural teeth-whitening alternative people have been looking for.

Coconut oil is most commonly used in the practice of oil pulling, which is the process of swishing oil around the teeth and mouth for a prolonged period of time and spitting it out.

This process has been seen to help improve oral hygiene when practiced correctly and regularly and used alongside normal dental hygiene practices like brushing teeth and flossing.

There are several oils recommended for oil pulling, each with their own benefits. Coconut oil was seen to decrease plaque formation.8 Plaque is the most easily repaired cause of yellow teeth, and coconut oil could help you produce less of it.

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Can Help You Look After Your Nails

As mentioned previously, coconut oil can be a great way to enrich the skin with moisture, and the same goes for our delicate nail skin. Try massaging some into your cuticles before bed for newly moisturised nail skin come the morning.

Fungal nail infections are usually caused by the athletes foot fungi spreading to the nails, but they can also sometimes be caused by yeasts, like candida.5

In a 2015 study, published in the American Society for Microbiology, researchers reported that coconut oil has an anti-fungal effect, and that feeding mice a coconut oil-rich diet reduced the size of the population of candida in their guts.6

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Perfect Keto Mct Softgels

My second choice are the Perfect Keto MCT Softgels because:

It kickstarts ketosis quickly. Unlike the PK, you know that these softgels are made entirely with C8 Caprylic Acid, which is the fastest one to transform into ketones.

It fills you with energy. As your ketone levels rise quickly, you will feel a substantial energy increase, and, as a result, have increased resistance and focus for the day.

It can protect you from GI distress. Although PK Softgels doesnt have acacia fibers, C8 can also fightsome pathogens which could affect your digestive system.

It brings the world into focus and increases your attention span because your brain will benefit from a lot of energy too.

It helps you follow your macros because one serving contains 3g of fat and 0g of carbs.

It wont mess with your fat loss goals because one serving has just 25 calories.

The capsules are not oily

They are easy to swallow

You can take the capsules from the minute you wake up to the moment you go to sleep

The pills are portable and convenient


Some people experience diarrhea. This symptom can be a result of the keto flu because your body struggles hard to find new ways to digest MCTs. As the PK Softgels are made entirely with C8 Caprylic acid, your body will be confronted with a big influx of MCTs. Another reason could be that the people who experience diarrhea have taken the Softgels on an empty stomach.

Cant be mixed in smoothies or food

Earth Circle Organics Premium Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Best Keto

Earth Circle Organics presents 100% premium coconut goodness. It is extracted through cold-pressing high-quality organic coconuts and is certified kosher and gluten-free. This brand makes sure that their coconuts are grown and harvested sustainably, which I think is a pretty good cause. One of the things I love about this 1-gallon tub is that it clearly states that it is keto. As you know, shopping while on the keto diet can be a nightmare, especially when you have to google if a product is keto or not.

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Refined Vs Unrefined Coconut Oil Keto

Unrefined coconut oil, also known as virgin coconut oil, is the oil extracted from the fleshy white part found inside coconuts. There are two ways to make unrefined coconut oil dry and wet methods. For the dry process, the coconut flesh is dried then a machine is used to press the oil out. In the wet method, fresh coconuts are pressed to make coconut milk boiled and pressed to get the oil.

When making refined coconut oil, machines are employed for specific chemical processes. Some might include:

Degumming: In this process, a degumming agent is added to the oil to make the oil smoother and thinner.

Neutralizing: To neutralize the coconut oil, lye is added to it, and this forms soapy foam due to reacting with the fatty acids in the oil. The foam is then removed from the oil.

Bleaching: Coconut oil is passed through an activated clay filter to bleach.

Deodorizing: The final step in refining coconut oil is to use heat to remove the oils coconut smell.

Nutiva Organic Coconut Oil

This fractionated coconut oil is a good choice for people who want coconut oil to incorporate into their meals.

Nutiva Organic Oil is a good choice to maintain ketosis because:

Its an unrefined type of product with all the advantages I discussed earlier. This product strengthens your immune system, reduces your flu symptoms, and helps you get important nutrients.

It helps you reach your macros because it contains 14g of fat per serving, aka 70% of the total necessary intake of saturated fats!

Narrow packaging makes it difficult to pour it out without melting it first

It doesnt offer a significant energy boost

It doesnt kickstart ketosis on the spot

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Best Brands Of Coconut Oil Found On Amazon

  • Viva Naturals Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
  • This oil is cold-pressed from fresh, organic coconuts, and is rich in flavor and nutrients.

    You can use is for cooking frying, spreading and sautéing.

  • Garden of Life Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
  • This unrefined coconut oil is not hydrogenated, bleached, refined, or deodorized. It is cold-pressed, making it healthy to use for cooking and baking as is.

  • Nutiva Organic, Unrefined, Virgin Coconut Oil,
  • Nutiva is made by a cold press extraction process that results in a light-tasting, nutrient-rich oil containing 63% medium-chain triglycerides and 50% lauric acid.

  • Nutiva Organic, Steam-Refined Coconut Oil
  • This has been the number 1 selling coconut oil in the US for over 10 years. The oil is steam-refined using non-GMO, sustainably farmed coconuts. It has a neutral scent and flavour, which many people prefer. Its ideal for recipes that doesnt call for a coconut flavour.

    Mct Oil Vscoconut Oil For Keto

    Amazing Coconut Oil Benefits: MCTs Dr.Berg

    If youre unsure about coconut oil or just want the MCTs for your keto goals without any extra saturated fat, MCT oil might be a better solution. Pure MCT oil is made up of what is referred to as the capra fatty acids, namely:

    • C6 caproic acid or hexanoic acid
    • C8 caprylic acid or octanoic acid
    • C10 capric acid or decanoic acid

    While lauric acid is sometimes included on this list of MCT acids, experts will also argue that caproic, caprylic, and capric reflect the definition of medium-chain types of fatty acids more accurately than lauric does. However, C6 has a reputation for foul taste and smell and is normally left out of consumer MCT formulas.

    If lauric acid is whats needed, coconut oil is an excellent natural source for it. But if its MCTs youre after, you may want to limit your consumption to exactly what you need, and no extras .

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    Helps To Prevent Hair Damage

    With all the heat, hair dye and other styling we put our hair through in this modern age, one thing we need to do is try to keep hair damage at a minimum. Coconut oil may help you do just that.

    One study tested the effect of mineral oil, sunflower oil and coconut oil on the prevention of hair damage. Coconut oil was the only oil found to reduce protein loss remarkably for both undamaged and damaged hair when used in pre-washing and post-washing treatments.

    Researchers suspect that lauric acid plays a big part in this, as it is highly reactive with hair proteins and can penetrate inside the hair shaft due to its low molecular weight.13

    What Is The Best Coconut Oil For Keto

    Refined coconut oil is flavorless and more heat-stable, making it ideal for high-heat cooking and frying.

    Unrefined oil is best for low-to-medium heat cooking and baking, particularly for keto recipes that would benefit from a subtle coconut flavor. This is also the better option for topical use.

    If youre simply looking to boost ketosis, opt for a high-quality MCT oil instead.

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    What About Liquid Coconut Oil Fractionated Vs Mct Oil

    Youll also come across liquid versions of coconut oil. These products are made by filtering out the longer-chain saturated fats from coconut oil, which decreases its melting point so that it is liquid at room temperature.

    Fractionated coconut oil is the most common example of this. It is typically used topically for hair and skin health, as well as a massage lubricant.

    However, if youre looking for the purest source of medium-chain fatty acids to promote ketone production and ketosis, then MCT oil is the better option. Ideally, try to find an MCT oil or MCT oil powder that is highest in caprylic acid for optimal ketone production. For a closer look at what MCT oil to buy and how to use it, check out our complete guide to MCTs.

    Majestic Pure Fractionated Coconut Oil

    7 Best Coconut Oils for Keto Diet (2022 Upd.)

    Though coconut oil is a great supplement, its quite useful as a cosmetic product too. It works great for keeping your hair soft, your skin smooth, and as a massage lubricant.

    These are the uses that Majestic Pure is targeting with its fractionated coconut oil. It comes in a handy pump dispenser bottle, which makes dispensing the right amount a cinch.

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    Coconut Oil And Ketosis

    Coconut oil is one of the best oils to use in the ketogenic diet. It has a high-fat, low-carb content which is excellent for getting into the state of ketosis. It can be used as oil or butter to help you make your food taste great.

    However, that is not the only reason why people on the keto diet rush to buy it. Coconut oil has a certain compound called MCTs that is a secret ingredient to make you get into ketosis faster. Lets find out more below.

    Is Canola Oil Keto

    Canola oil is a key ingredient in the popular ketogenic diet or keto diet, which requires a large number of fats as an important part of your macro-nutrient intake. Many keto dieters are also fans of is canola oil is a key ingredient in the popular keto diet or keto diet, which requires a large number of fats as an important part of your macro-nutrient intake. Many keto dieters are also fans of coconut oil, but canola oil is similar to it and there are several clear benefits to using it. As a source of healthy fats, it can help control blood sugar and metabolism as well as promote weight loss.

    Why Canola Oil is a Good Choice for Keto-Counting. Keto-healthy fats can be an effective way to help control blood sugar and prevent spikes in insulin levels. In the ketogenic diet, the primary source of fats is coconut oil, and there are very few people who enjoy the taste of coconut oil. Many people like canola oil because its a more neutral taste. Canola oil is also a healthy choice because it is a simple and inexpensive oil to get. Its also non-GMO, which can be important when choosing a healthy, keto-friendly option. The keto diet requires people to consume about 25 grams of fats each day.

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    Is Coconut Oil Good For Your Hair Face And Skin Can You Use It For Cooking

    If you want to use coconut oil for your face, hair, and skin, its wiser to choose a refined type of coconut oil. Otherwise, studies show that it is good formoisturizing purposes it lowers the risk offeeble hair and can assistseveral skin issues.

    You can also use it for cooking but:

    Keep the temperature under 350F for refined oil and under 400F for unrefined coconut oil.

    Limit your intake to amaximum of 24g/ day if you want to follow the advice from WHO and AHA.

    Limit your intake to14.4g/ day if you have heart issues.

    The Keto Advantage Fats

    KETO CHOCOLATE FUDGE recipe | Coconut Oil Vegan Low Carb Paleo Recipe 4K

    While avoiding trans and saturated fats is an excellent way to prevent gaining weight, the keto diet goes to the next level: using up the body fat already stored in your body. Losing unnecessary fat off your frame benefits your heart, your joints, your fitness potential, and your physique, so how can the right fats help you get there?

    While long-chain fatty acids are usually the best for your health, when trying to achieve ketosis, its the medium-chain fatty acids that can be accessed more quickly. Medium-chain fatty acids dont have to be extensively broken down before they can be used. Glucose and sugar can be converted into energy quickly, but when your goal is to strike a balance that allows you to access fat stores without putting your body into crisis or starvation modethat is when these foods can best benefit your goals!

    Of all the foods and oils with natural amounts of MCTs, coconut oil has the highest amount at 15%, significantly more than palm kernel oil at 7.9% or yogurt at 6.6%.

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    Is Coconut Oil Bad For You

    Coconut oil is not a toxic supplement, although there are some mild side effects associated with it that Ive explained above.

    Keto Coconut Oil Can be Bad for You If:

    You dont respect the maximum intake restrictions

    If you start by taking your daily spoonful of coconut oil from day one instead of starting slow

    If you have pre-existing heart, liver or thyroid conditions

    Other popular oil products to use on the keto diet : cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, avocado oil,

    Native Forest Organic Coconut Milk Simple 135 Fl Oz Can

    • Product Type:Milk Substitute
    • Item Package Dimension:7.366 cm L X7.366 cm W X10.668 cm H
    • Item Package Weight:0.476 kg
    • Country Of Origin: Sri Lanka

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    Product Details

    Simple means it contains no guar, making it the perfect option for those with digestive sensitivities to the additive. Instead, this rich, creamy non-dairy alternative is made purely from organic coconut and purified water.

    Try Native Forest organic coconut milk in soups, stews, curries, smoothies, baked goods, and more! Certified gluten-free, certified Kosher, certified organic, certified vegan.

    High Fructose Corn Syrup Free
    Derived Nutrition Claim
    Ingredients ORGANIC COCONUT MILK .
    Nutrition Claim

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    Natural Force Organic Mct Oil Pure Glass Bottle Made From 100% Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil + Certified Keto Paleo Kosher Vegan & Non

    • MCT OIL FROM ORGANIC COCONUTS Made from cold-pressed virgin coconut oil, Natural Force Organic MCT Oil provides 14 grams of high quality, full-spectrum MCTs per 1 tbsp serving. With 0g sugar, 0g carbs, and only 125 calories per serving, it is the perfect source of healthy fats for keto and low carb coffee, smoothies, and cooking.
    • PURE GLASS BOTTLE AND ECO-FRIENDLY PACKAGING Natural Force Organic MCT Oil is packaged in an infinitely recyclable, non-toxic pure glass bottle. The product label is biodegradable and printed with plant-based inks and the cap is made from infinitely recyclable food-grade aluminum.
    • USDA ORGANIC, NON-GMO VERIFIED, KETO, PALEO FRIENDLY, KOSHER, & VEGAN We work with the industrys leading 3rd party certifiers to ensure that our Organic MCT Oil meets and exceeds their rigorous standards of quality and purity.
    • LAB TESTED FOR QUALITY AND PURITY Every batch of Natural Force Organic MCT Oil is produced in a cGMP certified facility and 3rd party lab tested for heavy metals, mold, gluten, and more. And, unlike other brands, we are happy to share our test results with you!
    • 100% HEALTH & HAPPINESS GUARANTEED We value our customers and want you to be healthy and happy. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, simply send us a message from your Amazon account and our world-class Customer Support team will make it right.

    Lard: Should You Use Bacon Fat Or Leaf Lard

    7 Best Coconut Oils for Keto Diet (2022 Upd.)

    Lard is one of the cheapest cooking fats for keto because you can make it yourself. Next time you make bacon, put those delicious slices of heaven in the oven as it is preheating. This will help you render out as much fat as possible from the bacon.

    Once the bacon is cooked to the desired level of crispness, simply remove it from the tray and filter the rendered lard through a fine-mesh strainer.

    Feel free to use your homemade lard for any of your cooking needs, especially when you want to add a bacon flavor to your keto meal. The leftover bacon fat will keep in the fridge for up to a year.

    On the other hand, if you are looking for a shortening or baking fat that doesnt turn your keto cupcakes into bacony bread, leaf lard will be the better option. Though it is much more expensive, this type of lard is ideal for making baked goods flaky and moist without adding any pork flavor to them.

    Both leaf lard and bacon fat are good for high-heat cooking. The healthiest option, for both types, will be derived from pasture-raised pork. Note: some store-bought options of lard will be hydrogenated you will want to avoid these.

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